Photo/Video Extras

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    Bunny builds Blanket Mound
  • Jack is on a mission to get some snuggles in. But Vivian isn’t always willing. Will Jack finally convince her to share some snuggle time or will he be denied?
    Bunny Snuggle Seeker
  • My bunny VIvian doesn’t trust people very easily. She’s sweet once you get to know her, but if you don’t take the time to earn her trust, then watch out! My husban doesn’t spend as much time with her and so he gets the wrath of VIvian. That is why we started Project Stink Eye - so he can gain her trust and find out how sweet she really is underneath.
    Project Stink Eye
  • Making improvements, but still challenges to work out.
    Bonding Day 23
  • Somethin’ weird is going on in our house. A very odd sound kept happening and I didn’t know what to make of it. I finally did get to the bottom of it... wanna know what it was? You’ll have to watch the video. The source of the sound is sound effects!
    What's that sound?!
  • Bunny relationships have issues too. They have differing opinions about stuff and have to work things out. See if Jack and Vivian work through their differences.
    Bunnies: All's Well That Ends Well
  • Jack and Vivian are bonded and spend some sweet moments together,however with as with any relationship, they have their quirks. Jack is bossy and Vivian can be stubborn, but usually they figure out how to make it work...even when they want the same things at the same time. Which is what happens in the video. Both Jack and Vivian were adopted (at separate times) from If you are thinking of getting a bunny, consider adopting instead of buying, and give bunnies like Jack and Vivian a second chance at life.
    Jack & Viv Moment 1: I love you....but MOVE!
  • A short cute clip of Vivian enjoying her greens in her "forever" home after waiting for over two years to be adopted.
    Nom Nom Station
  • This was one of Rucy’s favorite playtime activities. It made a mess, but it was worth it to watch her having so much fun. (RIP 4/09)
    Bunny Diggy Box
  • Things are getting better. Jack is less humpy for just humpy reasons, and now just humpy for dominance reasons. Now, they can work on the hierarchy stuff.
    Jack&Vivian Bonding Part 2, Session 2
  • We had to take a little over a month off of bonding. Jack was getting crazy, and he also had to have surgery to remove a large bladder stone. So we had to start over. (Sorry for any gross poop shots. They are both actually perfect with their habits - but during bonding sessions, the territorial poopwars are in full force.
    Bonding Part 2 Day 1
  • We’re getting baffled about what to do with this new increasing problem of Jack’s excessive need to mount still.
    Rabbit Bonding 1 month in
  • Yesterday’s developments seemed to have positive affects on today. Vivian was a bit of a prankster today, but Jack was fine with it.
    Bonding Jack & Vivian Day 26
  • With these two - either Jack had to stop trying to mount, or Vivian would give in a bit. or the other happened. You’ll have to watch to find out.
    Bonding Day 25
  • Lots pf pursuit today, and these two scuffles.
    Jack & Vivian Bonding Scuffles (day 15)
  • Have been bonding Jack and Vivian for two weeks so far. Jack and Vivian slowly coming to an understanding. There may be hope for them yet! Sorry for the low quality video. Just used my video off my regular camera instead of using my video camera.
    Bonding Jack & Vivian
  • Two rabbits go bonkers over a grass ball! Sniffer Agent Jack and Fling Agent Rucy know how to search and destroy!
    Funny Bunny Rabbits go bonkers!
  • Jack & Rucy really bonded pretty easily. Not all pairs put together get along. There is bonding process that usually must be done. Check out the bonding section at
    Bunny Love
  • These two bunnies bonded really easily. But not all rabbits get along so well, so quickly. Check out how to bond your bunnies at
    Bunny Kiss
  • Finally after tearing up the place, he plops down and enjoys a bunny massage.
    Bunny Massage
  • Every time I come around the corner, he’s making a mess and then when he sees me, he’s like "I’m innocent, I’ve done nothing, I’m leaving!" ... all » To find out how to rabbit proof your home, check out
    Jack Tears up the Place! Part 2
  • Jack loves to get in the closet and get into things he shouldn’t. So I put phone books and paper in there that he could rip up. But when I ... all » came around the corner to check on him, I never guessed that he would’ve made SUCH a mess. Silly Rabbit! To learn how to bunnyproof your home visit:
    Jack Tears Up the Place! Part 1