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Is Your Bunny Getting a Healthy Diet?

Check out the House Rabbit Diet Recommendations. Plus, see our alternative diets for bunnies with special issues.

Life is a Bunny

Do you see bunny images in everything? Then you just might be bunny nutty enough to enjoy our “Life is a Bunny” Album. (Located in our Photo Gallery)


What our Customers are saying.

Yuki from MA says about Cran-Rose Mix, "This is the number one all time favorite!!"
Customer from Maine says about Full Foliage Wreaths: "This is an absolute favorite of all my buns. The leaves are devoured immediately and the wreath is enjoyed for days. They should sell these things by the case!"
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Cooling Tips (Heat Stroke Prevention)

How Hot is Too Hot and How to Beat the Heat

Domestic Rabbits don’t handle heat very well, (especially babies and seniors).  Find out how hot is too hot and what you can take to protect your bunny from heat stroke.

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