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The Maze Haven. A BinkyBunny original!

A small business with a big idea.

With so much out there on the market for animal companions, it can be challenging to find unique products for rabbits and small pets.  But creative innovative ideas can be endless…and sometimes, they hit the mark. That’s what happened with the Original Maze Haven (and the Haven Line).  When BinkyBunny was just getting started in 2006, the owners, Jennifer and Steve, started designing products based on research and from their own bunny companions’ interests.


Jennifer said, “Finding toys that actually hold a rabbit’s interest can be challenging. As prey animals, their method of play differs greatly from that of cats and dogs.”  The Original Maze Haven, by, was developed especially for the bunny brain in mind. However, customers have found that their chinchillas and guinea pigs love it too.


When the Maze Haven was in the development stage, many prototypes were given to chinchilla rescues and rabbit rescues like, to test it out.  Jennifer said, “As any rabbit owner knows, if there is a weakness, a rabbit will find it!”  It took many months of modifying before the final version was ready for sale.  Steve, an Architect, used his expertise to make sure it was strong, sturdy and structurally sound.  How it was designed and with what specific paper type and strength was key.

The Maze Haven has quickly grown in popularity over the years, selling in stores throughout the U.S, Canada, UK, Denmark and Singapore. Steve was even featured in Pet Product News when the product first came out.  An exciting moment for a new entrepreneur!


Being original can sometimes have consequences though. Other businesses have tried to copy it over the years and of course, that can hurt a small business. “Small businesses need to stick together in a way that can compliment and not hurt each other. Integrity is important,” Jennifer says.


The Maze Haven is one of BinkyBunny’s first original products. “We take pride in Maze Haven because it offers enrichment like no other.  Rabbits’ need to map out their territory.  It is a survival behavior.  Just as cats’ and dogs’ survival instincts drive them to hunt and chase, rabbits like to develop escape routes and seek hideouts.”  The Maze Haven’s interchangeable panels create a vertical and horizontal labyrinth of pathways and cubbies that keep bunnies interested and on the move.  This makes bunnies happy  – a real “Binky Bunny.”


Featured below are just some examples of how just one Maze Haven can be made into a single story or double story. The inner structure can also be made rearranged in many ways.  Many options can be created from just one Maze Haven!


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