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The Maze Haven. A BinkyBunny original!

A small business with a big idea.

With so much out there on the market for animal companions, it can be challenging to find unique products for rabbits and small pets.  But creative innovative ideas can be endless…and sometimes, they hit the mark. That’s what happened with the Original Maze Haven (and the Haven Line).  When BinkyBunny was just getting started in 2006, the owners, Jennifer and Steve, started designing products based on research and from their own bunny companions’ interests.   Jennifer said, “Finding toys that actually hold a rabbit’s interest can be challenging. As prey animals, their method of play differs greatly from that of ...

New Store Improvements

Check out all the improvements!

WE HAVE MOVED OUR STORES AND MADE IT BETTER. The BinkyBunny & BusyBunny House Rabbit Stores are now one. All traffic going to with be redirected to the BinkyBunny Store. STREAMLINED CHECKOUT MOBILE FRIENDLY EASY RETURNS via a New Self Serve Portal. NEW “BINKY REWARDS” LOYALTY POINTS with more ways to earn points. HIGH QUALITY PRODUCT PHOTOS so you can take a better look at the product before you buy. MANY NEW PRODUCTS, Check them out! EASILY REORDER FROM YOUR PAST ORDERS AND MORE…   Visit the New Store.