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    Hello everyone!

    I was curious to hear from you all about the tricks or general behaviours you’ve taught your bun.

    Sam knows to stop doing something when I click my fingers, ‘come here’ and ‘lap’ (when I want him to sit on me to eat treats haha) & we have started getting more comfortable with me holding him. I usually sit on the floor & put treats on my shoulder, help him climb up to get them, pet him while he’s in my arms, then let him jump down.

    I’ve seen a lot of people have buns trained to “go home” (into the pet carrier or condo) on command so that might be my next one! Sam is free roam but you never know when that command might come in useful!

    Thought this might inspire others with the cool things bunnies can learn & above all teaching tricks is a great way to bond with your bun

    Daisy Layne

    Bunnies like to periscope (standup on hind legs) so we use the word up when she does it and then give her a treat (well so far we do this only in between feedings and use pellets) She is a 4 month Mini Rex. I like “lap” and will try rewarding that. So far we only use Come and Up. I either do a click with my tongue or ball point pen but just purchased the i-click at the Binku Bunny store to make it consistent for my 8 year old.


    Wick is a bit too him-oriented to learn tricks, haha. When convenient, he will come with two snaps, but if he’s occupied grooming himself or something, he won’t. Such a deviant fiend… I may pick it back up again and teach him some!


    @Wick, same with Rain! If I snap my fingers at him or tell him to come, he stares at me for a moment and starts grooming himself or just runs away. Unless I’m literally holding a treat in my hand, he won’t listen.

    You could teach your bunny tricks like running a circle around you. Or jumping over obstacles. Or teach them to jump on furniture, because it’s just funny with them sitting there in your lap and you watching a movie. It’s awesome. The best way to teach is with small treats, or like a tiny bit of pellets, or clicker training. I’ve heard that works a lot of the times. And just building trust with your bunny too, like what you’re already doing.


    Yes, the “go home” one is so convenient! Breintje used to make mock of me by turning bedtime into a chase game. I have a bad back and used to stumble after him while he binkied around the room. I’ve trained him with small pieces of treats (Hutch, Travel carrier, Kissy and Come here) or by nudging him away until he showed the desired behaviour (Enough and Go ahead).

    Here’s what Breintje knows:

    – “Hokje” (Hutch) To go to his hutch. Lately he even does this without the command, he has observed that I unplug certain appliances before I go to bed. When I get off the couch to unplug the lamp or the audiobook speaker, he’s often in the hutch before I can give the command. I was so stunned the first time he did this! Clever clever! ^_^

    – “Op reis” (Let’s travel) Go into his travel carrier.

    – *kissy sound* He’ll give me kisses on the nose. Breintje likes to lick us, and Bas and I both find nose kisses super adorable. We’re still working on this one.

    – “Kom maar” (Come join me) I use this to call him to sit on the couch next to me.

    – “Genoeg” (Enough) Quit begging, you’ve had enough! Still working on it, but it’s improving. We always share a bit of fruit with him, but sometimes he gets over-eager. If he listens to “Genoeg!” I pet him on the couch next to me, if not I repeat it and after the third warning I nudge him away gently. His reward is attention and pettings when he listens.

    – “Toe maar” (Go ahead) Permission to get to his food. We’ve had some food overexcitement issues in the past, so usually we put his pellets into a digging box with paper shreds. This way he can vent his energy and excitement. But sometimes you have an early appointment so you have to feed him in his hutch. Breintje used to lunge at hands holding the bowl, and I have trouble bending low so it takes a while for me to put the bowl down. We’ve trained him to keep his distance until I allow him to dig in. He knows that he should keep his distance while I put the bowl down, but patience is hard for a little bunny. Sometimes I have to nudge him back a couple of times, but I won’t allow food agression in my pets.


    I’ve trained Clover to train me to give her blueberries.


    Ellie, I’m so impressed!!! My and Bam’s training is much more on a Bladesmith-Clover level. Bam knows when to go into the bedroom in the evening, but he’s taught himself that :/


    I’ve taught Dasher to put a paper ball in a basket. It’s funny because when we are done with training she gets mad when I try to take the ball away and she keeps putting it in the basket until I take it.

    Dasher can also spin on command but she doesn’t understand voice commands for any of the other tricks. She will jump on her ikea bed if I point to it and she will high five me if I have a pellet for her. She comes everytime she sees or hears me so I can’t really teacher her her name.

    My other bunny would walk on his hind legs if I had a treat. I tried to teach this to Dasher but she was too smart for that.

    I usually use a pen as a clicker. It seems to really help and she learns faster if I use it. I love training my bunny and it is a great way to bond. It is so rewarding and has helped me cope with the loss of my other bun.


    Guinivere does figure-of-8around my feet for treats. It was surprisingly easy to teach her that. Now we have to watch out for Guin the attack bunny who shoots out from under the bed to circle our feet for treats… At 2am… When we get out of bed to go to the toilet room… So now I’m trying to teach her that she only gets treats in her own room, so she doesn’t trip us up at night!


    @bam: Thank you ^_^ It helps that Breintje and I spend so much time together, we have loads of time to train. He’s also super food-orientated, which makes it easy to get him to do things for treats. I have to give really clear commands though, because he’s easily confused. The words for “hutch” and “travel carrier” sound the same in Dutch (“hok” and “reishok”), and he can’t tell the two apart. After a lot of hutch-jumping and angry confused thumps I noticed that they were too alike. I really wonder how far their understanding or language goes, and which sounds and syllables catch their attention.

    @Dasher: awww, that’s such a cute trick! How did you teach her to put the ball in?

    @vanessa: That’s so cute and so inconvenient too

    Good question though: how do you un-learn certain behaviours in bunnies? Breintje has these moments where he sits in one corner of the room, and will sprint by right in front of your feet when you walk somewhere. I’ve tripped over him several times now, and he’s bumped into my painful leg frequently. Giving a squeal of pain or using an angry voice doesn’t seem to help.


    @Ellie I am so impressed! Definitely need to teach ‘op reis’ to Sam!

    Do you use a clicker with him? I’ve just been using a verbal command “good bun” in a particular tone, he seems to understand it well – but I’m wondering if a click would be more effective. Sometimes I don’t have hands free to hold something clicky though…perhaps a tongue click? Could I switch to a different reward sound after he is accustomed to one already?

    Also – how do you pronounce Breintje? I’ve always been curious ^-^

    @vanessa haha, the number of times I’ve accidentally kicked Sam when he’s started running around my feet! He seems to love it when I have slippers on, maybe those look like two pink fluffy rabbits to him


    Heaven, does Sam steal your slippers? I leave mine by my chair for the morning, and I come out to find she’s dragged them across the floor and has her nose buried in one of them. She’s not chewing them, she just seems to want to push them out of the way (She’s great at playing bulldozer) and sniff them.


    @Bladesmith oh yes! I thought he was chewing them at first too but he seems to just like having his nose in them or digging them a bit. I used to keep them out of his way but now I just leave them on the floor for him, I think it’s so cute
    Great comment on the blueberries by the way, made me giggle!


    Posted By Heaven on 2/12/2018 5:25 AM

    @Ellie I am so impressed! Definitely need to teach ‘op reis’ to Sam!

    Do you use a clicker with him? I’ve just been using a verbal command “good bun” in a particular tone, he seems to understand it well – but I’m wondering if a click would be more effective. Sometimes I don’t have hands free to hold something clicky though…perhaps a tongue click? Could I switch to a different reward sound after he is accustomed to one already?

    Also – how do you pronounce Breintje? I’ve always been curious ^-^

    Thank you ^_^ I’ve never used clickers, but I do use my tone of voice to indicate happiness or displeasure. If he doesn’t listen to the first “Genoeg” I make my voice go lower and louder each time to show that I’m not pleased by his behaviour. At the start of the training I also blocked his path to my food with my hand, but lately he’s learned to listen to the voice alone. Like many animals rabbits are sensitive to tone of voice. A good performance is followed immediately by a small treat and a happy voice. I’d keep the voice the same if I were you, because rabbits are creatures of habit.

    TBH we’ve never even tried clicker training because Breintje is so food-orientated. He uses treats as bargaining chips as well, so it seemed natural to go along with it. After I cut his nails and put him back on the couch he’ll throw a thumping hissyfit which instantly disappears when he gets a raisin. Stinker… 

    It can be hard to find a pronunciation bot online which sounds somewhat natural, but I think I found one here:

    These pronunciations are all recorded by people speaking western Dutch dialects, which use a very exaggerated rolling “r” IMO. I have an eastern dialect, so I pronounce it a bit gentler. “Breintje” means “Little brainy one”. He is the brains of the outfit at home, no doubt about it 

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