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  • Reply To: Diarrhea in spayed bunny - steve.sidle 07/25/2019 10:42 PM
  • NEW FORUM! It’s gonna take time to get all the kinks out! - BB Administrator 07/25/2019 09:02 AM
    Hi Everyone — We finally have our forum back — It’s not official yet, so…..SHHHH!   We have lots of things to work on, so we are not announcing anything yet.   You can post but we are not fully ready so answers to your posts may be delayed.  We will make an announcement when it’s ready!…
  • RE: Not eating hay - DanaNM 04/05/2019 03:45 PM
    Hi there, How many pellets are you giving him? Also, celery and pears are not great for bunnies. Celery alone doesn’t have much nutrition, and pears are very high sugar and should only be an occasional treat. In the bunny’s mind, pellets are like ice cream to a kid, and the hay is healthy food.…
  • RE: Quick question for outside play area - Bam 04/05/2019 02:55 PM
    Commercially sold bagged soil is often based on peat and has additives like chalk and fertilizers. In some places you can get plain peat which is used for rhododendron and azaleas etc, I e plants that want a low pH and dont tolerate normal fertilizers. That could be a safe option. I used bark chips…
  • Great that it wasn’t true diarrhoea, just sticky poop! It is hard to have a pet away at the vets, the house does feel so empty. You seem to have really good vets though, hopefully you will worry a bit less now and maybe even get some well-needed rest 🙂 And like I said before,…
  • RE: Not eating hay - DwarfStorm<3 04/05/2019 12:46 PM
    I always try to give my bunny hay everyday, but he never ever eats it! I’m also feeding him celery, and pears weekly. He also eats pellets.
  • RE: I’m so incredibly sad caring for bun - borya 04/05/2019 12:21 PM
    hey guys, just got back from the vet. I feel a lot better. He mentioned it might not have been diarrhea, rather there are night poops that the rabbit injests and she probably wasn’t able to with the cone. They are keeping her the day for observation.They are going to give her more fluids if…
  • RE: I need help! - staceyyleexo 04/05/2019 12:08 PM
    Posted By LBJ10 on 4/04/2019 8:57 PM Looking at the measurements, I would say that litter box is too small. Go for a cat litter box instead. Young bunnies can have alfalfa. Or you can mix it with timothy. Or you can just give timothy. It won’t hurt your bunny. Yeah, just looking at it.…
  • RE: I need help! - staceyyleexo 04/05/2019 12:06 PM
    @Kiki Thank you so much for your comment because I am not going to lie I was a bit nervous of keeping him in a cage as soon as i got him. Even though he wont be in a cage locked up all day only when I am away. My thoughts were initially to just…
  • RE: Is something growing out of his eye? - EddieBunHalen 04/05/2019 12:00 PM
    Thank you for the response, you guys! It did start to look a little less tangled and softer after some water was applied, but not dissolved. I will keep an eye on it for a few more days and see if it’s just some fur growth…
  • RE: Swollen Feet – Advice Needed - Bam 04/05/2019 11:51 AM
    If you sprain your foot, you can get rather massive swelling and it will linger for quite some time. The swelling can actually be worse with soft tissue injury than with a broken bone. Soft tissue injury can be really bad if ligaments have been severed. Treatment of a broken foot vs a sprained foot…
  • RE: Bunny hit head on glass door - Brownie 04/05/2019 09:39 AM
    thank you for the reply is fine lil bunny now ….so relieved that nothing major happened to <g class="gr_ gr_98 gr-alert gr_gramm gr_inline_cards gr_run_anim Grammar only-ins doubleReplace replaceWithoutSep" id="98" data-gr-id="98">brownie</g>.</p>
  • RE: I need help! - Kiki 04/05/2019 09:32 AM
    Don’t make him free range at first, he/she needs time to settle in and get comfortable in a new space. Too much at once can be very overwhelming to them
  • You do have to take her back in if she is in such bad shape. Make sure you get painkillers for her. Rabbits need time out of the cone every day, with close supervision of course. The vet can give her fluids sub q, that will last a while. Keep her warm now and take…
  • RE: Vibes for Bombur - Bam 04/05/2019 09:23 AM
    Oh bother!!! Please Bombur, be strong! (((((Bombur)))))
  • RE: I’m so incredibly sad caring for bun - Kiki 04/05/2019 09:14 AM
    Take the cone off? I saw something were some one made a sleeve for their bun using an oversized sock, maybe something like that would work