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Home Forums BONDING **update* Tonight is the night!! Winnie and Pepe’s Bonding adventures(when is it time?)

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    Hey alll

    Definetely has been a while since ive been on here, id like to update everone on The Bonding situation as of now and ask for some advice. I read through Vienna’s bonding story and it helped me loadsss(thanks vienna). From my experience now, I feel to that when bonding the bunnies they need space, plenty of space to run or do whatever they feel they need to do without feeling trapped. I was bonding them side by side but that was getting me nowhere because they werent getting any real interaction from each other. My bunnies do not fight when they are together, they will do little chase but it never ends in a fight. Right now Winnie is getting along with Pe pe, she interacts with her and grooms her. Pepe on the other hand, literally wants nothing to do with Winnie, will not even get near her. Winnie has never attacked Pepe either, Pepe will accept the grooming, thats it. If Pepe would react to Winnie they probably would be bonded right now. When i put them in the hallway together Winnie will hop around but pepe will literally sit and face the corner and does nothing. I try to push Pepe into the center, but she immediatly runs back to a corner.  As soon as Winnie is not around her she hops around and acts fine. Idk what to do right now. Ive been bonding everyday if not 2 times a day. and like i said If it weren’t for Pepes stubborness they would be bonded right now. This really sucks, I got rid of Josiah cause Winnie hated him, I got Pepe cause Winnnie actually likes him, and it seems Pepe does not like Winnie. Do you think there is anything i can do to stop Pepe from being like this?

    If Winnie trys to lick Pepe(being nice) Pepe freaaaks out. It would literally be like if i walked up and poked my fiance on the back and he turn around immediatly and punches me in the face(JUST AN EXAMPLE), and then Winnie is left feeling like she just got attacked. other then that they are good, cause Pepe doesnt do anything with Winnie. **both Bunnies are Spayed**


    i slow down my bonding also, my rabbit is really territorial, i put them side by side in my office( my rabbit live there) for 2 weeks, but my rabbit still doesn’t like it. so yesterday i moved them to living room, my rabbit calm down and seems indifferent.


    Yeah, it seems to work well with more space

    Wascally Wabbits

    That analogy of your husband and Pepe overreacting to Winnie’s actions is hilarious. How long have you been trying to bond them? Do they live in adjacent cages/pens?


    Hi Crashley *wave*

    Them not fighting is great ! Trust me….

    Have you tried a bit of banana mash on Winnie’s head to make Pepe interested in her ?
    Pepe reacting quickly may mean that she is not ready to be ‘bossed’ about ‘even if it is a lick….
    You maybe need make Winnie more… interesting…. LOL


    Wasically Wabbits..Pepe, lives in a cage and Winnie lives in the room the cage is in, they can nose bump in this room with no fighting. I do not bond in that room cause thats Winnie territory. I will try to smoosh some banana on Winnies head tonight..but Pepe will not give in, Pepe Will not even look in Winnies direction. I try to push Pepe near her or towards the center and Pepe will run to the corner again. I will update on how that goes, Pepe does favor the Banana no matter what her surroundings are.


    I don’t know what anyone else thinks but I think that living in the same room with Winnie free roam and Pepe in the cage has something to do with it. Although it’s her territory you must either make them live in neutral territory swapping ttheir cages around, or swap them round in thhe bun room. Maybe Winnie needs to stop being top bun for a bit. (This was Zou’s problem…)

    Wascally Wabbits

    Yea I agree with Vienna. I try to make my two bonding rabbits start on as equal footing as possible. There’s clearly an imbalance of “power” if one is caged while the other free roams in the same room. I don’t know how rabbits feel, but if I were Pepe I’d be jealous of Winnie and resent her a bit.


    I’m not very experienced with bonding but just need to point out how adorable they look together.


    Ohh, Pepe isnt caged all the time lol forgot to mention, Pepe is free roam in the evenings whilst Winnie is caged lol I switch them around through out the day, Winnie is free roam While im at work till 5 and PePe is free roam in the evenins till i go to bed around 1 or 2 am!
    Thank-you LPT


    Update on the bonding!!
    Tonight went really well, Pepe now approaches Winnie and moves around, his spaztastic behavior has also died down.
    I can now leave both bunnies in the hallway, whilst I stay near but busy(doing dishes, cleaning). Keeping a hawk eye on them is not necessary anymore(at least in the hallway lol) They dont fight at all though. They also munch on some romaine together!


    That sounds great!


    Here is my update on the bonding bunnies! They do so well!, no fights ever, Winnie consistantly grooms pepe and excessivly grooms his eyes. I did the banana on winnies head trick so Pepe would groom her and it worked. Pepe still does not voluntarily groom Winnie. This is my only stump. If Pepe was as comfortable around Winnie as Winn is with Pepe, they would probably be completely bonded by now. Im just at a road block with this. Its not declining just staying still and i need it to progress. How do i get over this road block? all winnie wants is for pepe to groom her. And im sure if Pepe showed as much affection as Winnie does with him then they would be golden.


    How many times did you bananahead Winnie? Try splodges all over her body too : side, back… see if he picks up on the game plan ! LOL


    Winnie and Pepe now spend every night together outside of the “bunny” room they spend 8-12 hours together, they dont even need to be supervised outside of the bunny room. They now cuddle each other, groom each other, eat out of the same bowl together and will share a litterbox together. no aggressive behavior at all from either one of them. When is it time to put them in the bunny room together?


    Hiya Crashley !! *wave*
    Well, to be honest – they look very happy on your sofa and probably don’t want to go back in bunny room!! LOL

    No, joking aside, it sounds and looks really very good. I’m so happy for you !

    Be sure to move everything about so they don’t remember it as being the bunny room…. you can add loads of carboard boxes or turn chairs upside down to make them disorientated if you can’t move furniture and stuff.

    I was VERY worried about putting Z&H back out into HER territory – but they were fine. I’d moved stuff around and introduced the toys back in one by one.

    Can you let them discover it together ? Like leaving the door open and they’ll wander in there together?

    It really does sound as if they’re bonded and so it really should be OK.

    I suggest disorientating Winnie by boxes and stuff, just in case.

    Well done you !!!!


    Yeah, I am very nervous to do so!
    I suppose if i just wipe everythinggg down with Vinager and water, and take out winnies castle for a couple days, and take everyhting else out, it should be okay. throw in a bunch of boxes. LOL dissorientating winnie haha! yeah, Ill probably let them wander in there together.
    Ohhh such a nervous move to make.

    Thanks Vienna for the helpful advice!


    I know. I held my breath for about five minutes!!! LOL

    But then it is Henry who is top bun here. Maybe that makes a difference…
    But make it ‘their’ place, all new to discover together….
    With a nice big pile of scrummy food and a few pellets scattered around everywhere for them to seek out….
    Let us know !! You can do it. Look how far you’ve come!!


    Tonight is the night I put both bunnies in the bunny room, I cleaned everything and took everything out. I scrubbed the floor and walls with vineger?water solution! I will be letting them go in thre themeselves. I am soo nervous! Hoping it goes well!


    I need some advice! I let the bunnies into the bunny room last night. I used nic grides to make a smaller area for them to roam. That didnt really work cause pepe is to spazzy. There is no fighting but they will chase eachother, until pepes on one side of the room and winnies on the other. No fighting, just chasing till they are away from each toher. And then i put them back on the couch and they just start loving each other. Put them back in the each other cause pepe is to spazzy. Winnie is calm and pepe freaks out. Do i need to make a smaller area in the room for them to bond? Ant help please?


    Im thinking Pepe is just excited to be out all the time now, and free with Winnie, cause they will binky around each other. Theyve been together all day in the room so far, no fights or aggressive behavior.


    Yay thats great news Crashley !!!!

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