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Home Forums BONDING Trio Bonding Thread (And some links to other threads for anyone hoping to do the same)

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    So as I was planning to start a bonding thread anyway to document the process, and seeing as I know that there are a few of you guys contemplating/ planning trio bonds, I figured that I would compile some of the threads I found while looking for stories of successful bonds.…fault.aspx

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    Trio bonding story success

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    Personally I am using a mix of different things in order to attempt to suit my particular weirdos.
    I have a vague plan laid out (you know, so that the rabbits can completely ignore it )

    Moink is a pasturella risk, so Im limiting contact until I’m more confident that he won’t get a flare up (so far so good though!)

    Yumi was very aggressive in her last bonding to Peep, and ended up getting ‘cage-rage’ where she was just blinded with aggression and would attack anything that came near her while watching Peep. I think it was mainly because her territory was being invaded, so instead of Moink being allowed into HER room, he is being kept in the adjoining room, blocked by a baby-gate, so they can still see him and hopefully get used to him, before they have to start sharing a space.
    This is almost pre-prebonding… As I am desperately trying to avoid a bond break with my current pair.

    There is currently a second barrier between them, so they actually are about a metre apart, but can still see each other (to try keep infection risks at an absolute minimum).

    Peep was humping Yumi a lot before the arrival of the new rabbit, but it seems to be escalated with his presence. This isnt something I had forseen, as I figured that being a shelter bunny he was used to sharing living space with strangers!
    Yumi is mostly chill about it all as she is well able to get away from Peep when she wants to , and despite not liking it is very calm about it. Im hoping it was just because Moink wasn’t neutered, and that he’ll calm down as the hormones drain from Moink, and as his Spring fever subsides…

    Currently the plan is

    Sat 9th:
    Double Gates at 1 meter distance (might introduce eating greens there)

    Sat 16th:
    Introduce Dumb Bunny to gauge aggression levels

    Sat 23rd:
    Remove metre gap, litter trays either side of gate so can eat together(double barrier so they can’t nip each other)

    Sat 30th:
    Spare week for adjustments in previous steps where needed

    **5th April : 6 weeks since Moink neuter, should be healed.

    Sat 6th:
    Move Moink into room with the others

    Sat 13th:
    Begin cage swapping (prepare for pee…so much pee…)

    Sat 20th:
    Begin actual bonding (depending on weather-outdoor bonding is something I have used with good success, and Moinks healing)

    Sat 27th:
    Continued bonding…

    I realise rabbits move at their own pace so the plan is subject to change as they require!
    I’d appreciate any feedback on glaring oversights that I might have made!
    I’ll be trying to update this thread as much as possible, in the hope that this will be helpful for me, and possibly for other people in general


    I am excited to hear more! I finally have two of my buns bonded and I am pre-bonding all three of them now.


    May the odds be ever in your favour! :p


    Just popping up as a trio bonder to say hi and good luck Sounds like a good plan!


    Well we left the dumb bunny in with Yumi and Peep to give it their scent and gave it to Moink today.
    He’s still hormonal so we are seeing the full affect of a males ‘affections’.
    Poor teddy isbthe subject to some violent affection. (he has also flopped on it and next to it which is hella cute, even if it is coincidence)
    Even in his hormone addled little brain I like the idea that hes getting used to smells, and even though hes dug it and nipped at it hes also groomed it so I’ll take my positives where I see them lol


    Moink moved the dumb bunny from his litter tray to the gate, which really upset Peep.

    Peep is really humpy, desperate to let us know hes the boss bun of the house… Yumi is really not concerned with the new comer. But im worried that Peeps incessant need to show dominance to Yumi is going to cause trouble if it doesn’t diminish soon.

    So far she just moves away and Ive been leaving food in places i know she can get to away from him, but I know its not an ideal situation. (and she just takes the food to where he is half the time.

    I thought Yumi was goingg to be the spanner in the works here, but turns out Peep is the culprit!


    We decided to take a prebonding break, to give Yumi some relief from the incessant humping.
    Moinks hemotoma came off mostly, so we also wanted to keep an eye on him separately to make sure theres no fall out over that. He is in great spirits, although my boyfriend left the teddy in with him and I think he may have… errrr.. humped himself raw…
    Although he was grooming it which was cute.


    So we’ve skipped ahead from pre-pre bonding to pre-bonding, and moved Moink into the room with Peep and Yumi. He is crazy happy to be in the main room, Peep is less happy..
    Their cages are side by side, but they can’t reach each other through the bars

    We ended up doing to this stage as I threw my back out and the divide into the kitchen was getting too much to manage.


    Small hiccup, we decided to go ahead and swap the cages, which was actually fine for most of the day, until their “witching” hour when Yumi lost the rag. She was watching Moink, and Peep went to hump her and her rabbit brain decided that it must be the new rabbit doing it. We didnt have to intervene, she immediately calmed down and began grooming Peep.
    We blocked the view of Moink off from them and I spent the night monitoring and there was no more issues.

    Pre-bonding was meant to be the easy part ?


    So, Yumi has gotten over her adorable crush on Moink, and has delved into unbridled rage, (frailty thy name is woman)
    Moinks still in the room, next to the pair, but their cage is now screened so they cant see him,which seems to ease Yumi.
    We’ve decided to try “musical cages’ with them instead, where we set up a temporary cage and seperate Yumi and Peep for Moink “viewings”. We do this for a while, and then swap their cages as well. This way we didn’t have to worry about all hell breaking loose between the pair. They still love each other when they cant see Moink, but if they are fixated watching him, they’ll often take the aggression out on what is near them (my hand, my foot, me in general, each other..)

    After we put Yumi and Peep back in their cage, put the screen up and give the room a hoover, which is stressful enough to calm everyone down and get rid of any lingering antsy-ness over the other rabbit, give them some cross pets and treats.

    We’ve contacted people to see if we cant get someone else to bond them for us in a completely nuetral place, because if this is pre bonding the next part is likely to be a nightmare-three buns who want to be in charge…
    They are a wilful bunch of potatoes


    SO we are still on prebonding, this is week four which would normally mean we would be able to start thinking about actual sessions, but Im noticing that prebonding for a pair-single trio should probably not be considered the same as bonding for a pair or trio of singles.

    The screening seems to be working though, and as long as Moink isnt visible during their giddy times, we have noticed a definite improvement, in that they are now more willing to pretend they are ignoring him. If I am in his pen they openly gawp and it does cause Yumi a level of distress. We are hoping to keep extending the amount of time they can see him til there is no need for a screen at all.

    We away in May as I have to go to the hospital back home, so I’m (hopefully) taking a huge shortcut by placing them into bootcamp with a bonder instead of just boarding them. I feel like its the best chance to establish if the bond will take or if we are fighting a losing battle- as it will be a neutral house, neutral person and a neutral point of view.


    I adopted two 2-year old female spayed rabbits two months ago. They grew up together, are bonded,
    litter trained and living cage free in the house. We also just adopted a baby rabbit that we pick up in two weeks. We purchased a used cage for him, washed it thoroughly and put it close to the current rabbits litters box in a small room and have noticed the two female rabbits have been peeing and pooping outside of their own cage/litter box alllllll around the new cage. I even moved the cage to a place in the apartment they never go, and then still ran to it and pooped around it. The new cage is open but they have not set foot inside. If they are not adjusting well to just an empty cage I am scared how they will adjust to a new rabbit. Any tips are greatly appreciated in the whole bonding process

    Thank you in advance!

    Soon-to-be bunny mom of three ?

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