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BUNNY 911 – If your rabbit hasn’t eaten or pooped in 12-24 hours, call a vet immediately!  Don’t have a vet? Check out VET RESOURCES 

The subject of intentional breeding or meat rabbits is prohibited. The answers provided on this board are for general guideline purposes only. The information is not intended to diagnose or treat your pet.  It is your responsibility to assess the information being given and seek professional advice/second opinion from your veterinarian and/or qualified behaviorist.


Forum RESCUE EFFORTS FOR SHELTERS Rabbit rescue to foster/adopt/donate in Tampa

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    • Starla
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        I posted this information in a another post since I brought their name up, but I know the info would do better here. 

        Tampa Bay House Rescue is a rescue controlled by lovely partners who’s mission is to make sure all bunnies have a home and to keep domestic buns off the streets.

        If you live near Tampa please think about adopting/fostering from them, or even donating. I live at least an hour away and they brought everything to my house for me. You have to foster to adopt and they don’t just give a rabbit to anyone. Meaning, there is a form you have to fill out with some info, they just want to make sure that the bunny/bunnies you foster and adopt are in the right hands and won’t end up on the streets. When you decide to foster, they come to your house with a playpen (if needed) and help you set up the habitat, they also brought a really cool wood litter box pan holder with a hay rack. They brought me a bunch of hay, gave me litter, gave me the rabbit’s pellets, and gave me a presentation (although I knew most of it, they answered any questions I could have). Yes they must come to your house/apartment because they want to make sure that the setup is good for the bunny/bunnies and they technically don’t have a location. They keep their rabbits who aren’t being fostered or adopted at their own home. They make sure you know what rabbit’s really need, none of the myths are ever supported by them.  

        The best thing about it is you foster to adopt. I think you have to foster the rabbit for a minimum of 3 months before you can adopt. This is a good thing because it means if you can’t connect with your foster rabbit within a certain time frame then you can get a different one. Or if the bunny/bunnies are too much work for you then you can give them back (although they give you enough information so you should ,know what you are signing up for). And if you are bonding a bun from their rescue with a bun you already have and the pair doesn’t seem to match, then you can get a different bun. They seem to put a lot of thought on what rabbit would go best with the rabbit you already have. They gave me a gentle rabbit (Houdini) to foster to adopt that I’m bonding with my rabbit Sev. They matched the age range and size preference perfectly. Once you decide to adopt, there is a fee but since they give you so much to begin with, it’s like you are just paying them back for their hard work. Also, if you are fostering a rabbit to adopt, they won’t take away the bun to give to another person, meaning no one else can decide they want to adopt the bun that you are fostering to adopt.

        They’re in the TAMPA area, look them up before you decide to get another rabbit. Most of their rabbits have such a sad history but they defiantly don’t carry it with them to your home! They recently rescued two buns that had botflies, one who had so much but is now recovering. They have taken in so many rabbits this easter season and I know they can always use some help. You can simply just foster a bun, foster to adopt, or even donate. I know they are having a t-shirt fundraiser but I know it ends soon. If you would like to donate, look them up on facebook and see how you can. (I know the rules of the forum don’t allow links)

      • LongEaredLions
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          Thank you for posting! Sounds like a great rescue!

        • Chelle
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            I am interested in the idea of fostering bunnys but I want to make sure it’s a good idea first! I have 2 female buns (ones fixed, one is due once she is old enough this fall) of my own and they are both awesome and very sweet (bonded within 3 days). So I don’t know if fostering is a good idea when you already have 2 bunnys present in the house… also, how long do people usually foster these bunnys for? I have several cages, but was wondering if places like SPCA or Human Society helps provide you with necessities (food, toys, etc.)? Any other information, advice, and concerns is appreciated… thanks!!!

          • jerseygirl
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              Good for you, Chelle. Even if fostering doesn’t work out as best option, Im sure they will appreciate you wanting to help out.
              I’d contact the organisation with your specific questions. Here is the link: (Starla, please correct me if I’ve linked to wrong one!)

              Chelle, with one of your rabbits being spayed soon, I recommend waiting until she is well recovered and that the bond between the girls remains intact. She’ll need her hormones to level out.
              Bringing in other rabbits to the household can challenge the bond between rabbits, so you will want to ensure they are well settled after her spay. Some bonded rabbits wont have an issue at all, it really comes down to the individuals. You really won’t know until you bring a foster into the household. It would be best the foster rabbit is also desexed, of course. If me, I would set them up in an area well away from my existing rabbits and see how it all goes. Good idea to quarantine new comers anyway.
              After time, you could let the foster(s) be closer or even interact with your own rabbits… It might be a way the rescue can guage how that rabbit will get on going into a potential forever-home that already has a rabbit or 2. But I’d take the rescues advice on how to proceed with all that.

            • Starla
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                Sorry for the late response. Yes, their website is correct. I wasn’t sure if I was aloud to post it!

                If you want another bun, the best is to foster to adopt. They will supply you with stuff. I havent received any more other than the stuff that was given to me when he arrived but that may be b/c I live a hour away and I don’t really need it.

                I do have the x-pen and litter box they gave me. They also told me I was allowed to switch his pellets so I don’t have to buy 2 different types. I’m sure if you need more supplies they will. If the bun wasn’t being fostered by you, it most likely would still be in their home. They also did give me quite a few tips that saves me money. Like how much pellets you really should feed, tips in medical type questions, how to get the best deals on hay, and so forth. 

                I wouldn’t say you have to wait. Maybe, it just depends. They recommend to allow your foster bunny to settle in before trying to make any bonding efforts. If the bun doesn’t seem like a match for your family, fine! They will come with another bun that they think would be a better fit. The couple knows a lot about their rabbit’s personalities and the rabbits who aren’t being fostered all live in the same room (with different pens). Some are bonded already, some aren’t. They will try to meet your criteria too. Like I personally had a specific age I wanted to match my bun at home age. 

                They don’t really supply toys so much. They are more of diy type since what they are doing is so expensive as is. I don’t think that the Humane Society does it. I would check! I’m not sure if you live in the Tampa area but if you don’t I would recommend looking for more bunny oriented rescues. I say this because bunny oriented places aren’t just trying to get rid of their buns so they free up space. They want to make sure that the person adopting the rabbit is finding a home that they will do well at. I’m sure if they don’t have the whole “foster to adopt” in their info, you could talk to them about it. If they have fosters at all I’m sure they will. 

                I’ve had my foster bun for maybe 6 months now (wow doesn’t feel like it). I have yet to adopt him. My female reacted to bonding so different than I would of wanted. With me being so busy, I haven’t been able to keep up on it. But once I settle into my new job and college work I plan on make a schedule to make sure it is done. I feel in love with my Houdini, Severus better fall in love with him!! 

                However, I will say Houdini (my foster) has pretty much bonded to Severus. He wants to cuddle, he isn’t aggressive. Severus is the problem when it comes to the bonding scenario.


              • Lavanya
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                  Makes me so happy to see that such rescues exist and do such a wonderful work for bunny angels.

                  Thanks a lot for sharing this info

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              Forum RESCUE EFFORTS FOR SHELTERS Rabbit rescue to foster/adopt/donate in Tampa