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    Hi everyone,

    I’m relatively new here so I do apologize if this is not the right forum to put this, but I did look over the rules and as this is not my own bun (we’re keeping our Thumper for life) but just my attempt to spread the word on behalf of some shelter buns that desperately need help, so I hope it won’t be deleted. If it needs to be deleted/in the wrong forum, please let me know if there’s a better section of the forum to put this in.

    Anyway, there is this non-profit rabbit rescue in Ontario called, well, Rabbit Rescue. They help buns abandoned in the province mostly, but I’ve read of them helping buns from other provinces as well, thanks to their volunteers.

    Today, I came upon a call for help for this bun on their Facebook page.

    This little bun (sex to be determined) has his bone is sticking out of the tail  and bunny is currently not on any pain meds  The shelter can not do the surgery. Being full, Rabbit Rescue cannot take this bunny in UNLESS someone is able to foster long-term.

    Rabbit Rescue fosters are set up with all supplies! Pellets are donated when possible (pellets, hay and salad aren’t too expensive) and vet care is covered of course! We need a committed foster for this sweetie within the next 24 hours.

    We are located around the GTA, Ontario. Email if you can help.

    I’d love to help him/her, but I had to agree with my fiance that we’ve got no room. I’m posting this here in hope of getting the word out and that maybe, someone could give the bun the foster home. I’m not affiliated with the shelter in any way, I just wanted to help and figured this is a good place to get the word out.

    If you live in Ontario and have the time, here are some other urgent fosters they have. The rest can be found on their website.

    Here are Oreo and Electra, the bonded pair of brother and sister. When not running around exploring the house, they can be found snuggled together, possibly grooming each other. They both love their veggies, and will even take them out of your mouth! Electra immediately is very interested in whatever you’re doing, but Oreo will observe for a while first, then come over and nudge you for attention. They are very sneaky, and like to cause trouble, but they know if you’re calling their name they shouldn’t be doing that, and will stop and pretend like they weren’t doing anything! Oreo loves his tunnel, and will take naps in it and run in and out of it. Like any sibling pair, they have their ups and downs; sometimes they love to play together, but sometimes they will “fight” over the last bite of lettuce.  RR has had them both spayed/neutered, vet checked and they are in great health.

    Fosters wanted but if you can give them both a forever home, even better!

    Here are Autumn and Kramer, another bonded brother-sister pair. 

    Kramer and Autumn – are a bonded pair of Lion lops and are always with each other .  Kramer has an incredible disposition and is a real heart melter! He loves to explore and, is always on the lookout for more toys to play with. He  has no troubles hopping up onto the sofa to watch some TV. Don’t be surprised if he sneaks in a few kisses when you spend some time with him. Kramer is approximately  10 months old neutered male lion lop and is litter trained

    Autumn is as sweet as can be. She and her friend Kramer  love to lay around and snuggle with each other. They’re never far apart and are often seen grooming each other or cuddled up! Autumn will be the first to the food bowl and grunt at Kramer to remind him who’s boss. Autumn is a little shy at first with her humans but once she warms up this beautiful girl is a Gem. Autumn is approximately 1 year old , spayed female Lion Lop and is litter trained.

    They are bonded and MUST be adopted together. Fosters wanted but if you can give them both a forever home, even better!

    And here’s Hazel. Hazel was found dirty and disheveled, dumped in a laneway in downtown Toronto. Neighbors told us she’d been living there for about a week, hiding under parked cars and behind sheds, eating weeds in the alley and scraps from the restaurants of Queen West. Despite all that, she let her foster family approach her, pick her up and take her home. Within a day or two, she had settled in and groomed herself, her street urchin past nothing but a fading memory.

    It didn’t take long for Hazel’s personality to start flourishing. She’s healthy, strong and fearless. She’s a beautiful girl, medium sized (just under 8 pounds), white with distinctive brown-grey markings and nice big perky ears. She loves feeding time, and eats everything we give her. And if you come into her room with a slice of apple, or a treat, she will do a little dance with you. She loves people, and has no issues with handling – she enjoys petting and scratches, and doesn’t even mind being held (well, for a short time, anyway). 

    She was scheduled to be spay last week but the vet couldn’t tell she was pregnant (?) and she gave birth to a whole litter

    Not a single foster home yet for these cuties!

    Won’t you be the one to help? Weaned in 7.5 weeks now Rabbit Rescue needs fosters lined up for then. Fosters wanted but if you can give them both a forever home, even better!

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    This post is just fine.
    I hope that help will be found and these bunnies will find good homes. They are adorable!

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    Thank you for posting. RabbitRescue does amazing work.

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    Oh wow, check out Hazel’s babies now at Rabbit Rescue. Pecan, Pepper, Pogo, Pickles, Poptart, Pancake & Pinot. Irresistible!

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    Yes, they are adorable. I see them on Facebook every day.

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    Rabbit Rescue is such a wonderful organization, I adopted my Newt from there two years ago, if I didn’t have roommates who would mind I would be a foster mum as well!

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    i hope they can find fosters and forever home, they are all adorable and sweet bunnies and i wish i had the space for all of them but sadly i just have space for flopsy. ill pray for them all and i hope this post helps them. 

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