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    Ailis, Olaf, Apollo

    You know you’re a crazy bunny lady when “cleaning off the spare bed” means picking up piles of vine clippings  The bunnies are happy now because I’ve dumped them on top of their cage for now and they’re able to reach them, nibbling on them through the bars.

    October has been good so far, I’m on leave from work. Went to the beach yesterday with my friend, 2 kids and 2 dogs in tow. Had a great time. Positively exhausted today. Been doing some kitten prep, aka nesting  Bought some bowls, a placement, extra cat towels (for around litter trays and bowls), some new toys etc etc. My money goes to bills, food, pet stuff, and if there’s anything left, me stuff. 



    Tsk, tsk. Late! Oh well, I did keep up the side by saying “white rabbit, white rabbit, white rabbit!” – several times – to Panda and Fernando.

    I’m going off tomorrow for an American Civil War expedition to Gettysburg (PA), Antietam (MD) and Harper’s Ferry (WV). Rabbits don’t much care for cannon fire, I feel sure, so they’ll be sojourning in the “bunny hotel” at Friends of Rabbits (which, being in Columbia, MD, is right on my path north) for the weekend.


    Tony's Mum


    My favourite season. I’m so happy in my jumpers and boots again.



    I dropped Ophelia at the rescue so they could watch over her while we’re away on a trip. Last time I brought her on a trip, she was just a stressed mess. I expected her to be terrified and super frozen still, like she normally is in new situations… but I’m actually impressed with her! She did a few thumps when she first was put into the cage but then she went about exploring and was eating hay by the time I left. SUCH a relief, because I thought she was going to refuse to eat, and she’s just gotten over that little stasis episode… I wonder if being around all the other bunnies is actually calming for her? I was really surprised at her behavior. Hopefully they will be able to do some dating while we’re away!



    I’ve been loving this week – fall is my favourite season, and we’ve had crisp air, rain, fog, the smell of woodsmoke and crunchy orange leaves… and then today the weather peeps announced more snow west of us and a return to tropical weather for us.

    My friend and I went to a photography day (expo, seminars, etc) on Sunday. It was at the local pioneer village, which is located in a conservation area by a lake. They, too, do War of 1812 reenactments, and I thought of you, Joe, since you’ve mentioned similar before.



    Is a few days late for the new month’s thread, I guess nobody had anything really exciting to say

    Spring here! I’m loving it. Warmer weather, birds everywhere. The bird bath has been a flurry of activity lately. The other day I saw 8 different species use it, 2 introduced and 6 native. I suspect there’s at least another two species (probably more) that use it but haven’t actually seen them do so. Bird watching is a nice joint activity for Jasiri and myself, lol.

    TheDuchess, I hope you have a lovely time away. I’m sure Ophelia will do great while you’re away. Does that mean we can hope for an addition to the bunny family upon your return?

    Just spent the last 24 hours fighting with Google Photos. I’ve never used it properly before for phone back up and syncing. So copying over those 4000+ photos took forever, then the program is smarter than it should be with file deletion etc. Think I finally have it figured.



    Posted By Q8bunny on 10/03/2018 7:59 AM

    I’ve been loving this week – fall is my favourite season, and we’ve had crisp air, rain, fog, the smell of woodsmoke and crunchy orange leaves… and then today the weather peeps announced more snow west of us and a return to tropical weather for us.

    My friend and I went to a photography day (expo, seminars, etc) on Sunday. It was at the local pioneer village, which is located in a conservation area by a lake. They, too, do War of 1812 reenactments, and I thought of you, Joe, since you’ve mentioned similar before.

    Speaking of which, a number of living-history reenactments for both Union and Confederate units are being held every weekend at the Gettysburg NMP (National Military Park), as well as Antietam, through the end of October. This is the schedule, more or less:

    Thursday afternoon (I’m aiming to get up there in the early PM) – Eisenhower National Historic Site, where Ike lived off and on after World War II. His home is located to the southwest of town, behind Seminary Ridge.

    Friday – Museum and Cyclorama (a huge 360-degree painting; there’s another one in Atlanta, GA, commemorating the Battle of Atlanta on July 22, 1864) in the morning; guided tour of the battlefield in the afternoon.

    Saturday – Catching up on whatever wasn’t covered the previous days; living-history events between 11 am and 2 pm.

    Sunday – travel to Antietam in the morning, another guided tour of the battlefield plus the park museum

    Monday – Harper’s Ferry National Historic Site (the site of the John Brown raid on the arsenal), then back to pick up the buns and then home Gettysburg NMP Antietam NMP Harpers Ferry National Historic Park



    hi BB friends!!! I haven’t been on for a while but i’ve still been lurking — i’ve just started college in august!! I’m a freshman at a college in my town. I’ve decided to most likely move back home as it’s a lot cheaper, & I really miss my bunny boys. Glad to see it looks like everyone is doing pretty well. I love autumn so i’m LIVING for this weather here in michigan! [also I feel like most on here are older so you may be surprised to find out that a youngin like me actually really loves this forum and talking with you all!!] that sounded better in my head hah, but I sometimes do wonder how many people there are on here that aren’t middle aged or older?? anyway— that’s a bit of an update on me! I plan to be checking & posting more actively now!!


    That re-enactment trip sounds really cool Joe, do you play as well?

    @TheDuchess: That must be a real comfort to hear, happy dating to Ophelia ^_^

    @lindsey: yikes, I can imagine you missing your bunny boys. Luckily our local campus allows pets as long as they don’t cause a disturbance. I freak out when I’m away from Breintje for half a day, so I can’t imagine living apart…
    The age on the forum here varies a lot, we’ve got teens and people well into their senior years. I’m 34 myself.

    Happy that Breintje has made a full recovery: he got ill on Sunday just before midnight. He scared the wits out of me going limp and being ice cold. He also hid in the farthest corner he could find which rang all my alarm bells. Luckily it was just a gas episode and he was quite happy and active when he licked my hand to wake me in the morning. I had nodded off on the couch with simethicone in my hair, a stain in my sweater and a turd in my slipper. Ah, bunny owner life…

    Breintje also learned a new command in the last couple of days. I now know when to wrap him in a banket ^_^ He has this new way of sleeping where he wants to be wrapped in a blanket with my left arm around him. Then he leans into my arm and instantly drifts off into REM sleep. So cute!



    Q8bunny: was that upper canada village?! I went there so often as a kid, so great.

    @lindseybuns: Conrgratulations on starting college! I hope you have a great time and enjoy the school you’re at! All the crisis’s and panics will be worth it and will be surrounded by much better things even if it’s hard to see them sometimes, so remember to focus on the good things about it and why your’e there! (I just graduated from university in May, so I feel nostalgic about the start of school and feel obliged to pass on advice. And that being said, I too am a youngin here!)

    Ellie: very happy to hear that Breintje is well! That sounds terrifying o__o and oh my god, bunny burrito naps, sounds so adorable! I immediately want to try that with sully but I don’t think he would like that.



    A turd in your slipper XD always a riot to read your posts, Ellie! I’m glad he’s ok now! Ophelia had a bit of stasis last week requiring her to stay with the vet all day. I must have forgotten to knock on wood the last time I said she’s never had any issues like that…

    Azerane, best case scenario there will be TWO additions to the bunny family I had a chance to see some of the rabbits there, and it is obvious that the rescue is a true labor of love. The “bunny barn” is actually just an additional building on the owner’s property. They house about 30 rabbits there, and they have SO many more in fosters. She said that they have around 80 total now. Most of them were just so sweet, begging for nose rubs. I wished I could take them all!



    Rabbitpossm: no, it was Fanshawe Pioneer Village.


    Tony's Mum

    @lindseybuns: I hope you love college! I like to think I’m young? I’m 30. I’m also in grad school so when you young ‘uns are lamenting exam season, I will too!

    @duchess TWO!? That’s amazing! Bunny rescues are a dangerous place, I know the second I stepped foot in one I knew I’d be adopting more than just Mellie as soon as I could. There’s just so many deserving of love!


    Huge dilemma indeed: they all need loving homes… “Hey lady, what’s the deal with that wheelbarrow?!!”



    Rescue volunteer: Which bunny would you like to adopt today ma’am?
    Me: All of them
    Also me: walks out of the rescue with arms full of bunnies and no money for food!

    Duchess, that’s very exciting, I hope it goes well

    Had to take Jasiri to the vet this morning. She started acting off on Thursday then was doing some unusual poops and lots of mucous. Fine on Friday (yesterday) then early this morning started again with the poops and mucous. She threw up this morning and there was a piece of something (packing foam or ear bud type material) that came up. So I’m hoping that’s it. We have some meds from the vet to combat the poop mush and excess mucous and inflammation etc. I failed though because we couldn’t even give her her first dose. I got it in her mouth at least 12 times but could never get it far enough in or under the tongue and she always spat it back out. I tried hiding it in a treat, she got a tiny crumb amount from that then spat the treat out, then I crushed it up and put it in cheese but she refused to eat it. So we’ve already lost a dose. I’ve never had so much trouble dosing a cat in my life. I always knew she’d be a tough one to give meds to because she’s wriggly, but I’m confident enough with that sort of thing that I thought I’d handle it ok. But no, she’s too wiggly. She doesn’t scratch or bite at all, she just wriggles, she’s like a slippery eel, lol.


    Az. Jess is a powerful eel too!!!! Haven’t had to force feed yet, but clipping nails was a nightmare !!

    The way i do it now (with the vet nurse) is to hold scruff tight and cover her head in a bunny burrito….. without seeing she calms down (or has no choice) but it’s over in 30 secs as opposed to doing it ‘gently’ and her getting stressed over several minutes.

    I realise you’ll have a hard time feeding with her face covered but maybe you can cover her eyes ?

    Its definitely a 2-person job!!

    Good luck !



    @ellie — yes it’s been hard not to wake up and see them every morning, i’m very lucky that my mom voulenteered to take care of them and give them lots of love while i was gone!! i so wish that universities would allow pets, but I think that’s more of a UK/Europe thing sadly. I’m actually in the process of moving back to my parents house though, to save some money and it makes more sense because my university is literally 5 minutes away hah. Yay! i’m going to be back to seeing my boys everyday.

    @rabbitpossum — congrats on graduating!! it’s nice to know there’s some other youngins on BB! thanks for the wonderful advice!! i’ll be sure to keep you guys updated on big things that happen with me.

    @tonysmum— thank you very much!! ah yes exam season. that’s something i’m not looking forward to lol.

    @theduchess — lucky you!! and i agree with the others, I could never go into a rabbit shelter and come out empty handed!! probably a good thing the closest one to me is an hour away, a good buffer zone.

    @azerane — that sounds like not so much fun, i’ve never had a cat, but i would imagine it would be difficult to give meds to them, i hope all the best for you and her. i’ll cross my fingers that things get easier and she starts feeling more normal!!

    it’s been very very rainy where i am recently, finally starting to feel like autumn! fall is for sure my favorite season!! anyone else? in michigan we experience all the seasons and they’re all very very different and i guess your “stereotypical” ones. winter is coming so that’s something i’m not excited for, as i’m right on the coast of lake michigan (which is beautiful in the summer) but in the winter we get lots of lake effect snow, which basically means we get lots and lots of snow in very short periods of time. sounds fun right??


    Get well soon Jasiri! Cats are notoriously difficult to give meds to, especially when they’re still young, agile and wild. With some cats you can grab the scruff of their neck to calm them down. When that fails you can try to limit their wriggling. The cat I used to have was half feral and very difficult to contain. For his anti-flea drops I sat down on the floor my knees and gently held my cat in place with my butt and upper legs. For oral meds I had to wrap my cat up in a blanket, producing the most fearsome burrito this side of Texas.

    @lb: yes, I love autumn! Best thing: to watch the mosquitoes looking for the last place of warmth…MUHAHAHAH payback! What I also love is that it’s a great season to spend your time in the kitchen. This is the start of the Dutch comfort food season. Nothing beats a stamppot or a thick pea soup on a cold and rainy day! Or boiled potatoes with hachee (spiced beef and onion stewed so long it nearly turns into gravy). Yum yum yum, time to keep a close eye on the beef sales in the supermarket! Plus side is that it’s often very cheap food you can cook in large batches. It also freezes well so you can stay indoors if the weather outside is too frightful ^_^

    BTW: anyone else having the moult blues? Breintje went into moult very late in the year: he just finished his winter->summer moult 4 weeks ago. He’s been complaining about being cold for the last couple of weeks, suddenly wanting blankets etc. This week we’ve seen a sudden gas episode, increased appetite, mushy poops and yesterday we spotted loose hair on the back of his neck. You guessed it: summer to winter moult! Great… I wish I had stocks in a lint roller company.



    @LindseyBuns, Spring/Summer are by far my favourite seasons. Autumn can be lovely, but I am a creature of the sun, lol.

    Thanks guys. She seems much better today already. I think vomiting up the object was the important part.

    Fortunately last night, I magically got her tablet down the very first go  Definitely needed that confidence boost to say, yes I actually can do this. I use the cat between the knees technique. This morning it took almost 10 goes but I got it down eventually Then right after she ate her whole breakfast straight away (which is amazing for her on any day). As a bunny forum I know I can say this without shame, I looking forward to seeing her next poop  In regards to nail clipping, I can actually manage that ok. I’ve never needed to do her back nails yet, but I cut the front ones when she’s in a deep sleep. It takes her a few minutes to wake up enough to protest so often I get enough time to clip a whole paw before I need to stop.

    I felt awful for the bunnies last night. I went to shut them away for the night and realised they had no water left. I felt so horrid. I filled it up straight away and put it right down where they were sitting and they drank and drank. They seemed much happier after that. This is why I used to keep two bowls for them at all times, just in case. I had to take the second out because they kept filling it with hay. I just can’t believe I did that. I always check water morning and night, must have forgotten yesterday morning.


    Also hoping for poops, it sounds like she’s improving!
    Don’t beat yourself up over the water, you found out in time before it got risky. We all know how immensely stressful it is to have a sick pet, whether it’s a cat or a bunny. No wonder that you are a bit scatterbrained at times!

    Hehehe, it’s tangerine season again and Breintje goes crazy when he notices me getting ready to eat one. Today he hopped across my lap several times and bit into the unpeeled tangerine. Yuck, bitter! He was getting a bit too excited, so I put him on the floor until I was done peeling.

    He sat at my feet looking up and started licking his lips. It was hilarious to see that little pink tongue darting out all the time. Yum yum, mlem mlem It’s just too stinking cute!



    No poops yet, which in the cat world is a good thing She has been worlds better today. She wanted her breakfast and ate it straight away (rare thing for her), then not even two hours later she wanted more food, so I gave her more. Then 2 hours after that she was asking for more food, so I gave her another full meal, lol. She spent about half an hour after that racing around the house like a mad thing, and I think she’s been in a food coma ever since, lol. So pleased to see her have an appetite though, she only ate 2 small chunks of food yesterday.

    Cleaned the bunny condo today, much nicer in here now without hay everywhere (for now). Apollo peed outside the litter tray on the fresh fleece that I’d put down not 5 minutes prior. He’s a pain. Happens almost every time I change the fleece.

    That’s so cute about Breintje trying to steal the tangerine



    With what’s going on in the USA of late, I could REALLY use a bunny boop. Oy.



    Azerane, do you have cardinals in Aussieland?  Every country should have cardinals.



    Ellie, that sounds incredibly comfy!  And spoiled!  And now I’m a little envious!   (Nobody ever wants to wrap me in a blanket except to shut me up…..wanders off grumbling…..)


    Tony's Mum

    What’s a cardinal?

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