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BUNNY 911 – If your rabbit hasn’t eaten or pooped in 12-24 hours, call a vet immediately!  Don’t have a vet? Check out VET RESOURCES 

The subject of intentional breeding or meat rabbits is prohibited. The answers provided on this board are for general guideline purposes only. The information is not intended to diagnose or treat your pet.  It is your responsibility to assess the information being given and seek professional advice/second opinion from your veterinarian and/or qualified behaviorist.


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    • RascalnBinks
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      Hi everyone! Well I am currenlty owned by two bunnies,Rascal and Binky .Rascal was spayed 3 weeks ago this thursday,and is doing very well. She is going through the getting rid of my hormones stage,what fun. She is a good girl though most of the time. Binky is currently staying at my sisters,until i got her spayed and healed. No real concerns for either bun,but I was reading up on flakey ears. I found an older post from someone whos bun had flakes on her ears but didnt have mites/fleas. Binky is going through that now,i had him at the vet friday, and she was concerned about the flakes. She tested for mites and fleas didnt see anything, just told me to watch him for the next week make sure it doesnt get worse. After reading that girls post ( i think it was a girl sorry if it wasnt) I think that he is just molting as well. My sister said this morning that she noticed a few small bald patches around his back area and he is shedding like mad. So I am hoping thats all it is! I cant wait to get Binky home already! I hope my girl will be nice and accept him lol. Im not sure how it will go. Both bunnies are friendly with our hamsters. Dont worry they arent together, cause i know bunnies could just  thump and no more hammy. I just think its funny, that such a small critter could like something that could stomp him. Guess they know the bunny is not gonna eat him lol,unlike my cats. I will search through the forum for other things im wondering about,as to not double post something already asked. Though i just kinda did, (flake thing). Sorry. Well while im at it lol,any bonding advice before i search? I am looking into getting a dog type pen for them. I found a great huge cage someone put out for trash in my area (i cleaned it really really good) so Binkster is in it now, so happy and doesnt know what to do with all the room! So i was gonna return the cage i bought,and maybe get a pen instead. Im gonna go make my profile on here now,so yall know more about me. Thanks for reading!

    • BinkyBunny
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      Welcome RascalnBinks!! And what a cute avatar! And of course, I love your male bunny’s name.

      You’ve done really well so far in knowing to keep them separate until their hormones die down. Did you check out the bonding page yet?

      Our forum "search" tool broke a few days ago, then seemed to work, and so we are working on that, but if it works for you, type in bonding and other’s people’s experiences and challenges will come up.

      Have Rascal and Binky ever met each other? And if so did they fight or what was their reaction?

      The most important things in regards to bonding, you already did – spay/neuter.

      Then to introduce them in a neutral territory.

      When they penned up just make sure they can’t bite each other through each other’s pen/cage. You can see what i did on the bonding page to allow them to sniff each other and hang out near each of if they wanted without hurting each other.

      Though there are some basics that everyone can try, each bonding is unique and what may work for one pair, may upset another pair, so there is never really a one and final answer….it usually is a combination of different things to make it work for each bonding experience. So I would suggest following the basics from the bonding page, and then if things don’t go quite as planned, post how it’s going and let us all help you find solutions.

      Again Welcome to BinkyBunny!! I’m sure others will stop by to tell you about what worked for them when bonding.

    • RascalnBinks
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      Thanks BinkyBunny. Yah i guess you would like his name lol! As for my two meeting, no they never have. I did do the rub a towel on him/her and give to him/her. I rubbed it on the other bun,and then left it there to see what they would do. Binkster didnt do much lol,sniffed it and continued to go on about his business. He did eventually come back and flop on the towel. As for Rascal,i rubbed the towel on her,let her sniff it etc. Well totally different reaction there! She took one sniff and went off on a binkying spree! Was doing the bunny 500 and jumping,running. Kept coming back to sniff and go run around again lol. Is that a good sign? My girl kept trying to be friendly with my cats,they wanted no part of it. Poor girl. All she wants is to be groomed! Baby just runs away, but Sweetie might give her one lick on the head and then run off. So i really do think she would like a friend! But he better comply with her demands lol. She is quite a demanding lil bunster. She is known as the queen around these parts. Binks seems to be more mellow,laid back. So i dunno,i hope its a good match. I read your page on bonding,very interesting and helpful. Ill have to keep that bookmarked for future use. Yup i just have another week for missy rascal to heal up and she should be ready for Binky. My room is gonna be packed lol,two bunnies oh my. My room already looks like a hay barn hehe. Its ok,good think im not allergic! Im heading out now,race is over mom wants to shop. Catch ya laters!

    • Lucy
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      hi rascainbinks!

      just letting you know i’m the girl that has the bunny with the flaking ears. I never had her tested or mites or anything, because i figured since I had two buns there should be something on the other bunny… anyway, I figured it out that for Patina it’s just a precurser to shedding. She hasn’t gone through any bad molts since that last post you read about. Does your bunny have thin ears? I think that’s why Patina’s ears flakes. Fujoe’s are much thicker than hers. I also know I might be one of the only people whose bunny does this.

      About the bonding -you can search Fujoe and Patina’s bonding journal in behavior i think to see mine. It was hard for me. I highly suggest every night to switch cages, so that way they get a really good smell and sense of the other’s territory. And I read that you used a towel with their scent on it? I would use two stuffed animal- one that smells like each bunny, and then switch. I did this and there was a lot of mounting. I think it helped. let us know if you need anything else!

      welcome to binky!

    • Gravehearted
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      hi RascalnBinks 🙂

      so glad you’ve joined! it’s great that you’ve gotten both bunnies spayed / neutered. I think one thing to keep in mind is that bonding takes some time and patience, it’s really different for every pair. There are the rare occasions of love at first site and the bunnies are living together within a week. Most of the time it takes several weeks or even months in more difficult bonding. I think the bonding page has lots of good advice and we’re all here when you get started.

      As far as the shedding goes, since you checked with your vet and it’s not mites – I’d recommend daily brushing and making sure your buns always have fresh water. Since bunnies like to groom, when they’re shedding they can ingest a lot of fur – which can lead to stasis.

    • RascalnBinks
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      Thanks everyone again. Binkys ears are quite thin,not much hair like your girls. Rascal ears are covered pretty good,so no flaking for her. She is complelety white just about so i dont think would be able to see them anyways. I will see if i can get into your bonding journal, i did read Binkybunnys. Yeah i tried a towel with scents lol,didnt think of the stuffed animal thing. I tried a stuffed carrot Binky couldve cared less haha. Guess ill see if i can find something more suitable for bunnies to cuddle with. Gravehearted-yup i know it can take time and lots of patience. I hope they do get along,but we shall see. Ok more brushing,sounds like plan. Neither bunny seems to mind it much. What kinda brush do you reccomend? Rascals fur is very short and soft. Binkster,well he is a lion. So might need something different for him? Or maybe just for his mane. I dunno. Ill see what i can find. They always have water,i make sure the bottles are filled. Both got tons of hay all the time. We checked the boy again,no sign of bugs of any sort, so i guess he is just molting and like fujoethebunny,short hair on the ears.

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