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    She did use some sort of laser thing on Boonie, maybe that’s what it is
    I’ll ask about it anyway ?

    I wish Boonie would stop losing fur, she’s so naked around her butt. I wash her twice a day but it still keeps happening. Her skins not red but the fur still takes in most of her pee everytime it’s just so absorbent. Poor little girl


    So I freaked out big time looking at Boonie’s tail. It looks weird and I thought it was gangrene

    Today I have to go on holiday. I say have too bcos I feel bad about it cos of leaving her. And my mum pAid for holiday so I can’t be nasty to mum either

    Anyway thankfully there is a vet now looking after her for the week and he is great. And obviously as I was freaking out he looked at her b4 I left to see what’s up. And he says it’s not gangrene it’s like she’s perhaps snapped her tail ?
    Poor baby. And the bone is fine but the skin tissue is dying. But he says its treatable but may require surgery that’s the only scary part just bcos any surgery is scary

    So I’m relieved some but still a little worried but he is a wonderful vet and I’m so happy he’s personally looking after her and that it’s not gangrene. I cried so much last night and spent way too long looking at terrible gangrene photos on the net

    Gosh I love my Boonie. ❤️

    This vet is going to regularly message me on Facebook whilst I’m away so I can hopefully relax a bit.


    I hope you enjoy your holiday.

    ((((Boonie)))) It’s great that you have a vet looking after her while you are away.


    Boonie passed away

    It’s all back to a mystery again
    Something was killing her from the inside

    The suspected back injury was not a back injury more something was wearing down her bones and muscles
    She didn’t lose hind leg muscle from lack of movement, it was just being destroyed somehow in her body

    It kept getting worse so fast, her front legs started losing muscle and her face

    On Thursday morning vet rang me (I was overseas) he said she’s barely breathing
    He put her on oxygen

    I cried all day, I was hysterical

    That night he told me he didn’t think she’d make it threw the night, maybe a lung collapse, maybe cancer, don’t know. I had to say goodbye
    We had about a half hour video call, he let me talk to Boonie till the end
    Such a great person
    If ur in Perth, Western Australia, Dr Chris Martin from little paws rescue. Amazing guy, I would be so much worse if it wasn’t for him

    I cried so much that night but since then I think I’ve been avoiding dealing with it

    She looked happy and at peace afterwards tho.
    He preserved her and I came to pick her up and he had wrapped her up in her blankie so cutely

    I buried her in her favourite digging spot in the back yard with a banana

    I’ve been an absolute mess. I feel like nothing is real. I’ve been sleeping a lot, eating a lot but I feel like my body is burning food too fast. I feel like my heart is shaking constantly. My brain is foggy. Everything is weird
    I feel like I’ve had way too many red bulls but also I’m tired

    I loved her so much

    She’s got to jump around the banana plantation and chew on everything now. Go destroy stuff Boonie ❤️

    I’m lost


    So sorry to hear that You’ve done all you can and it was nice that you got to say goodbye to her through the video call. Take care of yourself too xx

    Binky free (((Boonie)))


    Oh no, I’m so sorry to hear of Boonie’s passing. I agree, you did all that you could. Don’t blame yourself. You were with her in the end and that’s what matters.


    I’m sorry you lost Boonie after all that. You certainly gave her all you could and more. And she had you with her at the end.

    Be kind to yourself, she is looking down at you and wants you to be happy. xx

    RIP Boonie. Binkie free.

    Gordo and Janice

    Oh Boonie, Boonie. So sad. So very sad. I was following your story closely. Similar, in a way, to our little girl. Her need to always stand. The regular bottom washing. The extra kisses. Even the hair loss was similar. And we watched her waste away. So frustrating. They are so innocent and helpless.

    You were wonderful with her. So patient and loving. She was lucky to have someone like you. You two were a fateful match. You did everything you could. Hold no guilt. And that doctor of hers seems absolutely wonderful. So considerate of you, your feelings, and your little baby.

    You will be lost at first. Everything in chaos, life and emotions both. Different people have different reactions. You sound so much like me. I shake like too much red bull. I clench my teeth. Brain fog. I feel sleepy all the time but I can’t really sleep good. And the weight loss. Just like you said, no matter how much I eat and drink, I lose weight precipitously like my body has gone into dangerous overburn. Basically you summed it up in that one three word sentence, “Everything is weird”.  Again, like nothing is real and you’re caught in a bad dream.

    Hang in there. It will get better. We all have to walk through the painful fire of loss. There is no way around it. It will be hard. But you will make it through. It’s an unfortunate fact of life, this grief that we have to go through when we lose someone so close, so special. It may seem like you aren’t going to be able to get better but it always does in time. And relief seems to never come fast enough, but come it will.

    Be grateful for your life with her. I am sure she is grateful for you. Like meridiian says, she wants you to be happy. She loves you. Be kind to yourself. You are in my thoughts, the both of you.

    Binky free {{{Boonie}}}


    Oh no, I’m so sorry to hear this after all the good care you’ve taken of her She must have felt your love and devotion. Binky free without pain now, Boonie!


    I’m so very sorry you lost her. You did so much for her. I hope she is bunstructing in bunny heaven now ?


    Thanks guys.

    I haven’t been such a mess in a long time

    @gordo and Janice, it all sounds so similar to what u experienced, I don’t know why she kept wasting away, no matter how much she ate. Whatever it was, it broke down her muscle, it wore into her bone, destroyed any fat stores and must have then gotten to her organs. But she had been eating so well, pooping well, everything. It was just so strange.
    I’m glad I didn’t have the money for that surgery they wanted to do, it wouldn’t of worked, and she probably wouldn’t of survived it and I’d be in serious debt.

    I don’t understand what happened to her
    She was always so healthy, then in a matter of maybe 2 months all this happened


    The very rapid wasting away does suggest cancer, because cancer cells have a very high metabolism rate and they find ways to get “first dibs” on all nutrients. When that isn’t enough, they start consuming the body itself.

    There are wasting diseases in many (most? all?) mammals, but I don’t know anything specific about rabbits. Mammal neuromuscular systems have big similarities between species. Neuromuscular wasting disorders in humans can progress fast, for example ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease), but I don’t know if there is a rabbit equivalent to ALS. It’s an incurable disease in humans, so there would be no cure for rabbits.

    You did all you could for her, I’m so sorry you couldn’t save her. Many things are outside of human control.


    Thanks bam

    I guess there is a high chance it was cancer.
    No one likes that word.

    7 years young my little angel ?


    Big hug to you! I hope it helps you with your grief to talk to others. It’s a very confusing time with emotions all over the place. We understand and we feel for you.


    I’m so very sorry. Saying goodbye is so hard. And it’s harder sometimes when we don’t know the reason. I’ve been through this too. (((Hugs))))

    (((((Binky Free Boonie)))))


    It does help to talk about it

    I have come to realise I am in a serious state of grief

    I can’t even see properly
    I feel like I’ve been drugged, my range of vision is smaller and tunnel like and things keep flowing across my vision

    When I’m out on my own it’s worse, and I’m sure I’ve freaked a few people out by talking loudly or just running for no reason. I’m scaring myself at times

    Some people I know get it and they understand that it’s just the same as losing a human loved one but others are like “get over it” which is annoying and hurtful and at the moment I feel like I could really get angry at people and I’m not normally an angry person

    Singing is helping me so I’m trying to sing a lot lately. Although Boonie loved it when I sung to her and sometimes that makes me cry thinking about it

    Thanks guys
    I’m battling on
    I can’t believe how much I loved her


    (((((((((Hugs))))))) I know it’s hard. I’m still mourning two of my buns right now. They passed away within months of each other. We all understand here at BB.

    Try to do something to honour her memory. I always put pictures and favorite memories, quotes, things you used to do together, etc in a special memory journal. Use coloured pencils or stamps and make it pretty. I find this helpful. To put my grief into something tangible. And/or, if you’re able, donate money to a rabbit shelter in her memory.

Viewing 17 posts - 26 through 42 (of 42 total)
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