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BUNNY 911 – If your rabbit hasn’t eaten or pooped in 12-24 hours, call a vet immediately!  Don’t have a vet? Check out VET RESOURCES 

The subject of intentional breeding or meat rabbits is prohibited. The answers provided on this board are for general guideline purposes only. The information is not intended to diagnose or treat your pet.  It is your responsibility to assess the information being given and seek professional advice/second opinion from your veterinarian and/or qualified behaviorist.


Forum RAINBOW BRIDGE My beautiful Hershey has passed on.

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    • kralspace
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      I know this will be moved to the support area soon, but I wanted to thank everyone for their healing vibes, prayers and thoughts for my girl Hershey over the last 2 months.

      After coming back from Horners and then fighting headtilt, she finally quit eating and drinking all together last Wed. night. Wouldn’t even swallow forced feedings, just drop it out and she’d lost so much weight. She wasn’t sitting hunched or like she was in pain, she just didn’t want it. Her eyes were losing their spunk and you could tell she had pretty much made her own decision.

      We made our last trip together to the vet Friday where Dr. Erving agreed and we let her pass quietly. This is so very hard because Hershey was ‘my’ bunny and everything perfect about bunnydom. I will miss her bossy sassing and even the bites as she made her opinion quite clear. Her conquering of my house during the last two years is a highlight of my life.

      A strange thought crossed my mind during that time that she was passing, that she was slipping from my hands into the hands of my late husband, almost like I heard him say, it’s ok, I have her now. I say strange because Jim died in 2003 and I’ve lost other pets since then and not felt that, but there have been lots of weird things that have happened to make me think he’s watching over us.  So now I figure he’s at the Rainbow Bridge  playing with all our buns and watching out for Simba and his lovely Hershey once more.

      Bunnyslave vibes are the strongest kind, thanks for all you gave us.

      Binky Free my beautiful Hershey, Kathy

    • Monkeybun
      10479 posts Send Private Message

      Oh no! I started crying when I saw this thread… me and Monkey and Moose send tons of hugs and snuggles to you. it sounds wonderful, your husband taking care of her now… she had you in this world, now has him in the next.

      Binky free, beautiful Hershey. You’re back with your Simba again.

    • Barbie
      1581 posts Send Private Message

      Awwww… I started crying too when I read this! I’m so sorry to hear about Hershey’s passing. The bunnies and I send lots of hugs to you! Binky free, little Hershey.

    • Deleted User
      22064 posts Send Private Message

      How sad, I’m so sorry. Binky free Hershey!

    • KatnipCrzy
      2981 posts Send Private Message

      So sorry to hear about Hershey.  But you gave Hershey and Simba  a wonderful and loving home where many others would have overlooked them because of their age.  And in the end you pet Hershey’s needs before your own needs and did the kindest thing an owner can do- even though it is one of the hardest things to do.


    • Sarita
      18851 posts Send Private Message

      What a sweet tribute to Hershey. Hershey was so lucky to go into such a loving home. I think she was a special little rabbit.

      Hugs to you Kathy.

    • bunnyluvr
      409 posts Send Private Message

      I am so sad to read this news. I have been hoping that sweet Hershey would get well but it was not to be. She is whole now and with your hubby and Simba doing binkies over the bridge, happy again.

    • MirBear
      1412 posts Send Private Message


      ~I couldnt help but cry when i saw this thread. we were all hoping she would get better and now this, hershey and twix send lots of hugsbinkies and snuggles~

    • LucyTwoBunz
      153 posts Send Private Message

      OK, now I’m crying too.  I dread the day anything happens to my 2 bunz and cat.  I am very sorry for your loss and hope your other bun is doing OK.  My brother had a bunny, Phineaus that passed away at about 3 1/2 (cancer) and when I told my great niece Karley who was 4 at the time, she just looked up at me and said, “I think Phineaus is up in heaven sitting on Aunt Tami’s lap right next to the angels”!  Tami was my best friend that I knew since birth and she passed in 2004 of colon cancer and was Karley’s godmother.  She also left behind twin 7 year old boys…very sad.  Every time I walk past Phin’s grave in our back yard I picture him hangin’ out with Tami & it calms me.  I have to believe in things like that to get through tough times!  Binky free and remember to take care of yourself too.

    • stacyblue
      98 posts Send Private Message

      ((((((((((Kathy))))))))))) I am so sorry to hear about your dear Hershey she did put up a brave fight I belive she is in heaven now with your late husband and Simba .At least she is no longer suffering. The loss of a pet is very hard as they are a part of your family and your heart. A year ago i lost my dear Otis the most wonderful beautiful dog ever, he was very special to me and my family and there are times when i still cry for him .Healing takes time but the hurt will go and be replaced with fond momeries. Take care of yourself and hang in there i know that is what Hershy would want for Mommy to be happy .

    • MirBear
      1412 posts Send Private Message

      wow stacy thats really really.. i cant even find the words to describe how touching that is… and im not even the one your saying it to!!

    • jerseygirl
      22264 posts Send Private Message

        Hershey certainly is special. I have a soft spot for her.  I’m so sad she’s gone and sad for you Kathy….yet I’m thankful too that you and your vet recognised the moment when she asked to go. From what you’ve posted lately, you and the vet certainly gave her the best of care.   Had you sort of been preparing for this since Simba passed?   Did your husband know Hershey and Simba when he was alive?  It’s must be comforting to feel his presence at this time.

      {{{HUGS}}}   *Binky Free Darling Hershey!*  Kathy, please continue to share pictures and stories of Hershey & Simba.

      edit: Kathy, I found a pic of her you once posted. Do you mind if I re-post it here?

    • Lintini
      3329 posts Send Private Message

      My thoughts go out to you , I was so hopeful that she would recover and be so strong. Lots of hugs and healing vibes to you. I know how hard it is losing someone you love.

      {{{{{{{Vibes}}}}}}} {{{HUGS}}}

    • wiseleyd
      236 posts Send Private Message

      I am so sad for you. Even though i am very new here, I was pulling for her and anxiously awaited updates. I will miss reading about her as I learned a lot about bunny health and care through your posts. Sweet, pretty, bunny. You did a fantastic job of observing and listening to her, too. (((hugs)))

    • TARM
      1253 posts Send Private Message

      I’m so sorry to hear this. I know I don’t post a whole lot these days but I do lurk and I’ve been sending vibes your way. I’m sorry they didn’t work. :0(

    • Bo Bunny
      65 posts Send Private Message

      I am so sorry for your loss. For the time I’ve been on here, I notice you’ve mentioned Hershey a lot. Shes gone to a better place now.

    • MimzMum
      8029 posts Send Private Message

      Kathy, I am so saddened to hear that Hershey has left for the Bridge. And yet, even with this heartbreak, to know that you could sense the passing of your dear bun into the waiting arms of your beloved, and that she is reunited with dear little Simba…I think that is a tremendous gift that you will always carry in your heart and no one can ever take it from you.
      I have felt, when losing some wonderful furry friends, their spirits pass through me on their way to the beauty of wherever this part of their journey takes them. It gives me hope that, although many ascribe that animals are deprived of a soul, that this is the joy that we will attend in our own time when we cross over…the waiting welcome of all our past loves in life.
      Bless you for being so loving to this dear little bunny. ((((((((((((((Kathy)))))))))))))) May the happier days of Hershey’s life come back to you to help wipe away the tears that must at this very moment be falling. Like the rain, may they wash away, one by one, the sadness you now feel, and leave peace and hope in their place.

      Binky free, dear Hershey! We will miss you, little one! (((((((((((((Hershey))))))))))))))))))))

    • kralspace
      2663 posts Send Private Message

      Thank you for your kind words, I can’t tell you how comforting it is to be able to share the loss of one of these little creatures with people that understand. Jim never met the bunnies, but he loved animals too. We got our first, Pringles, about 3 years after his death and they just kinda multiplied from there until we had 6. I am so very glad to have Dr. Ervin to take the bunnies too because she’s so into taking care of the whole bunny, body and spirit.

      I guess I love them because they remind me a lot of Jim, a kind and gentle soul himself. They teach us to love them for what individuals they are and for as long or short a time as we are allowed to have their company. I have been worried about her since I lost Simba, he was a bit younger than Hershey.

      I will miss my ferocious little dynamo but I know she’s glad to be with Simba

    • Cassi&Charlie
      1260 posts Send Private Message

      Binky free Hershey! I’m so sorry for your loss Kathy, Her antics will definitely be missed around BB! I wish I could say more but all I can do is agree with everything said above. It must be a very difficult time for you. (((Kathy)))

    • BinkyBunny
      8773 posts Send Private Message

      I’m so sorry for the loss of Hershey. What a loving life she had here and it sounds like love was also waiting for her on the other side. What a comforting thing to have happen. (even though I know the “missing” can still hurt) HUGS to you!

      Binky Free Hershey!

    • RabbitPam
      10992 posts Send Private Message

      I’m so sorry to learn about Hershey’s passing. I’m sure that Jim was there to help her and to comfort you. Your furbabies came into your life to be loved and give you an outlet for all your love in return, and I can’t help thinking that perhaps Jim brought Hershey to you in the first place.

      {{{{{{{{{{Binky free, sweet Hershey}}}}}}}}}

    • Dee
      704 posts Send Private Message

      I am so sorry about Hershey… she sounds like she was an amazing bunny! I’m glad that she went peacefully- that’s a real blessing. It’s terrible when our pets get old or sick and we just want to make it all better. And then it’s such a loss when they die, but at the same time, we know that they are free and at peace and forever young again.
      What you said about your late husband brought tears to my eyes. I lost the father of my chiildren in 2001, and sometimes I still feel his presence and hear his voice. I know that all of our loved ones, humans and non-humans, are up there in Heaven, watching over us and having a wonderful time with no more pain or worries. It’s such a comfort to believe that- I’m glad that you have that belief as well. It gives us the strength to get through times like this.
      Again, I’m sorry for your loss, and sending prayers and hugs your way.

    • Kokaneeandkahlua
      12067 posts Send Private Message

      I’m so sorry!! I know JUST what you mean by ‘your bunny’ ; Kokanee was mine, Kahlua was her’s and Rupert was Dave’s-even though I had two when she left me for the bridge-I felt like I didn’t even have one bunny *HUGS* I know what a hole they leave when they are gone-I won’t tell you what works and what doesn’t-it’s different for everyone and painful for all. I just hope you a speedy recovery where you can no longer cry when you think about Hershey and instead smile and think fondly of Hershey. *Binky Free Hershey*

    • wendyzski
      1312 posts Send Private Message

      I’m so sorry for your loss, but I’m sure Hershey was grateful for all you did for him.  It’s good to know he’s in good hands now.

    • Beka27
      16016 posts Send Private Message

      Hugs Kathy! She’s with her husbun now. They’re happy and healthy together.

      Binky Free beautiful girl, Hershey!

    • SukiBun
      74 posts Send Private Message

      My thoughts are with you. Suki and I send you lots of loving snuffles and hugs. This made me shed a little tear. I hope you don’t mind, considering I’m so new here, I don’t know any of you yet but I am certainly here for you x

      Binky free little Hershy girl <3

    • corpathina
      326 posts Send Private Message

      oh my goodness, endless hugs to you from MJ and me!! i’m so sorry, to hear hershey’s gone.. i’m glad she went peacefully and that she’s with your loved ones now. it’s a wonderful feeling to know someone is watching over you. i never really believed in an after life until i lost my best friend in 07 and the feelings i’ve gotten at times have been unmistakably from his spirit.

      we’re all here for you!

      (((((((((binky free, hershey bun!))))))))))))

    • bunnytowne
      7537 posts Send Private Message

      Oh no.   I am so sorry she left so soon.   Thats so nice your hubby is looking out and watching over you and Hershey.  I have to do something else now or I will cry.

    • kralspace
      2663 posts Send Private Message

      Thanks guys. It is comforting to think of little Hershey laying the law down Jim.

      awww, there was a Rainbow Bridge card in the mail today with notes from all 11 techs and Dr. Ervin. They are so sweet.

    • Monkeybun
      10479 posts Send Private Message

      Thats awesome that your vet sent that to you. I hope mine is as supportive when my babies go.

    • LittlePuffyTail
      18092 posts Send Private Message

      My sincere condolences on your loss. What a great life you gave that little bun.****Hugs****

      Binky Free Hershey

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Forum RAINBOW BRIDGE My beautiful Hershey has passed on.