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    Bam posting for Manda:

    Hi, I had to put down my sweet girl Cinni om Monday. She was 12 years old and we had been through SO MUCH together that this is the hardest bun to ever lose. I have had rabbits my entire adult life and miss Cinni represented my entire 20s. She was such a beautiful girl and my heart is absolutely broken. Over Cinni’s life she outlived 3 mates! Thumper, Jaxx and Sophia. I miss her terribly and this ache in my heart is almost unbearable. Usually when I lose a bun I jump into getting another as it A: distracts me from the pain of losing a bun, B: I do not want my other bun (My Buns) to be sad and lonely, and C: I prefer to keep my pets in pairs. As awesome a fur mom I am I do believe animals thrive and do better with friends. I kind of think that is how I managed to get Cinni to make it to 12- she would have been 13 this spring. This is so hard for me as she was always just a special presence in my life- with her “whatever” laidback attitude and her love of treats and veggies. She was even eating and drinking and took treats the day I had to put her down. She knew how to put away a pile of leafy greens- especially kale! Naturally old habits have kickd into action and I started to look for a new buns but this time my heart is wavering. I know I will never have a special girl like Cinni- and what if I get a bun who doesnt like me? Her firend Sophia (who I did everything wrong when it came to finding her) HATED me no matter what I did she never warmed up to me. I cannot have that happen again. I guess I need time but I worry for Mr. Buns- I want him to be in love again and he really loved Cinni. I miss you Cinni and wish that 

    I could get a sign you are okay. 

    Gordo and Janice

    You are in my thoughts…

    That is a long long time to be with a bunny. I relate to how hard it is to realize there might not ever be another human-bunny relationship as deep as the one you had. And it does cause hesitation about getting another. It has me in a definite holding pattern.

    Do have a pic or some pics of Cinni? Would love to put a face with such a cool little rabbit.

    We lost our little girl a little over a month ago. Will forever miss her. We talk about her all the time. Again my heart goes out to you.

    Binky free (((Cinni)))


    I’m so sorry Manda. I can’t imagine how hard it must be without her after having her in your life all this time. It must have been amazingly fun spending your 20’s with her . I hope all the wonderful memories you made with her helps shave some edge off the grief and pain. 

    Binky free Cinni


    So sorry. 12 years is amazing.
    Binky free


    Thank you so much for your kind words. I know she is out there somewhere enjoying herself with all her friends waiting at Rainbow bridge and I believe she has visited. I will miss her though


    Thank you so much for your kind words- it has been difficult but I guess I should be grateful I got all that time with her. She brought a lot of joy. I did end up getting another bun because I just couldn’t stand the thought of Mr Buns being lonely and sad and I wanted to start from scratch, so I guess we will see how it goes…. I have somehow managed to direct my grief into paranoia and anxiety towards the new little one, is she breathing too fast? Is her nose wet? Is she grooming too much? I am driving myself crazy! Mr Buns is happier though and I haven’t even started the bonding process as I have only had her for 5 days and have her quarantined until we can get to the vets for a professional health check. I would like to think that since I did my research I did pick a healthy one but I still get anxious even thought she shows all signs of being healthy.

    I have attached some photos of my precious Cinni


    Thank you she was such a special buns!


    Oh Bam.   Oh no.  Its so hard to lose a bun that you have that special bond with.  I could have gotten another bun and passed it off as Cotton and I kind of now wish I did.  As we are no longer allowed bunnies guinea pigs hamsters etc .  Stupid housing.  It would not have been Cotton and I was afraid I would compare and have expectations that the new bun couldnt live up to so to play it safe I got a cat from humane society a 4 year old cat.  I know everyone wants kittens etc.  Figured I would give her a chance and the humane society no longer has bunnies.  

    Plus neighbors may have reported me and turned me in to the office and I couldnt stand the heartbreak of parting with another bun so soon.  

    I am happy for you that you can get more buns.  

    I understand your fears about her health.  She will be fine with a bun parent like you believe me. If she really became ill you would be on it in a second.  Please take deep breathes. Relax and know that all will be well.  

    Yes I hear Cotton chewing his box and thumping from time to time. Not as much as before but  still sometimes.  lol.  

    Others tell me when their cat was put down she feels her rubbing against her.  Sometimes our grief is so deep that we dont hear or feel their presence for a while.  Its ok.  Know that Cinni is looking over you knowing you saved another bun bun who was preloved and needed a home.  With someone as vigilent as you all will be well.  Things happen and this bun will be fine.  You are so vigilent in their health its all going to be ok.  Relax.  If she gets sick or becomes ill you will really definitely knwo right away.   I believe in you.  


    Thank you so much bunnytowne- your words have made me feel SO MUCH BETTER. I am sorry that you cannot get a new buns but am glad you rescued a life. Our animals are all the same, cat, dog, bunny, fish- they all bring joy and comfort. 

    The little one has settled right in and I truly believe our animals know more than what we give them credit for. I have a very special cat named Sadie who has been my rock through this whole ordeal and I could not have gotten through this without her. It is so hard to lose anyone or anything that we have a special bond with but unfortunately we have more to learn here than they do so they do not live as long as we do sadly.

    Your words have affected me greatly and I cannot thank you enough for that. I feel more at ease about things than I ever have been and I know our buns are in a much better place than we are but are close by. I actually saw Cinni hop across our yard the morning I was going to pickup the new buns. I couldn’t believe it- but it was a sign that she is okay and she wants me to move on and that she is not as far away as I think she is and she is healthy and happy. That is all I could ask for.

    Thank you for believing in me


    I fixed your photo.

    She was a gorgeous bun.


    Cinnamin was beautiful!

    I can very much relate to the feelings of paranoia and anxiety. I felt that when I got a new puppy after my beloved GSD Nala died. It feels odd now, 9 years later, but I know I was paranoid about her health when she was little and I also remember not daring to want to really bond with her. It changed, of course. But the loss of Nala was so painful that I felt like it was too risky to bond with another dog.

    I think your new bun will be fine, and I also think it’s pretty natural to be paranoid after you lose someone very special.


    Thanks Bam- when I upload them they don’t come up


    Thank you- she was and she knew it lol! 

    I think that is exactly what it was- I am afraid to be attached but she has really proven so far so good. I went to the vets today to get her checked out as I’ve been super paranoid about a wet nose(not wet wet but how wet should a buns nose be) and apparently a little bit of moisture is normal but milky discharge ect indicates snuffles. She got the ALL CLEAR and is a healthy bun so I’m so relieved and feel I can start to move on but I still miss my Cinni and sometimes I sit in the bunny room and cry because not having her here is so weird to me. Mr Buns is taking it better than I am but Petunia and Mr Buns make me feel better and I cannot WAIT to have them bonded.


    About picture: You can upload from a phone or tablet but the pix wont show unless you edit from a PC or if someone else presses the quote-button (I think that must be done from a PC too but I’m not sure). Then the pix magically appear. If you have pix you want to go up on the forums, please PM me or another leader. We would of course love more Cinni pix, and we’d also love to see mr Buns and Petunia.

    You can otherwise upload pix to an external source like Flickr or imgur or Google Drive etc and then past the link to the pix here. That’s currently the easiest way if you’re using a phone/tablet.


    Thanks Bam!

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