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    Blue Moon

    Happy May Day to all binky bunnies and their hoomans

    poppy sterling Apollo

    i have a softball game today and Saturday and a cattle show on Friday through Sunday




    Happy May Day all!

    Fernando, Bindi, Sterling, Poppy, Apollo, all other WHITE RABBITS WHITE RABBITS WHITE RABBITS! (Plus all other buns’ white parts too, so nobody gets left out!)

    Upcoming: Panda and Fernando’s semiannual wellness checkup this Saturday morning. Which means another adventure in getting two recalcitrant, and nimble, little rabbits into their carrier. I was able to make things a lot simpler last time by making sure they were both in the X-pen, closing the condo door, and then chivvying them inside the carrier, though I ended up having to pick up Panda and deposit her inside alongside her boy, who kept trying to get out.



    Oscar Oscar Oscar! And Sterling! An all the other white(ish) buns! 

    The hubby got t-boned by a drunk driver the other night. Luckily he is fine, but the truck doesn’t look so nice anymore. Still seems to work fine, looks like the damage is just cosmetic. It’s an old crappy truck though, not sure yet what the insurance company is gonna want to do about it.

    So who’s getting pumped for the World Cup?? Probably just me, again. 

    joea64: Good luck with the vet trip!



    Bindi and Sterling, forever loved and never forgotten <3

    Bianca, Fernando, Peanut, Poppy, Ailis, Chewie, Podge, Olaf, Oscar and Wick’s nose and paw and all other white or partially white buns, for example Olivia.

    Hazel: World Cup, is that hockey? Thank goodness your hubby is fine!

    Joea: it’s always a pure joy to get buns into their carrier. I swear they feel it in the air before you’ve even brought out the carrier.

    Blue Moon: many vibes both for softball games and cattle show =)



    Bindi Bindi Bindi!!!! May is for you!



    Hazel (from April’s thread) – Snakes definitely respond to touch. I have had more luck with them than other reptiles. This particular snake didn’t seem to like anyone really. But he did tolerate people he was familiar with. My technique seemed to calm him down and he would allow me to pick him up. He really was all show and I think that may have been part of the problem (aside from being difficult to handle). People who were not familiar with him were intimidated by his puffing and hissing, but I never let it stop me. Never once did he bite me.



    Tried introducing puppy to rabbits earlier, he’s a pretty cool dog and he’s never chased the cat or the hens so I thought I’d try get it into him that the rabbits are also there to be ignored. He was disinterested in them for the most part, til Yumi went Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog on him and lunged boxed and bit him.
    Can’t say I saw that coming…!
    Everyone warns you to watch the dog around the rabbits…think we might have a reverse scenario!



    Oh no, poor pup! LOL My dog was pretty old when the buns came around. She still wanted to play with them and seemed upset when they really had no interest in her.



    Hey everyone, I’m back after a hiatus! In between quitting my job, applying for new ones & moving house all at the same time haha. It’s good to be back <3

    Interesting to read about pups + buns, my boyfriend is desperate for a dog but we weren’t sure how it would get along with Sam, or we’d ever be able to trust them alone together…maybe I don’t need to worry after all?!


    Deleted User

    Same as LBJ….. LOL!



    White rabbit, white rabbit, white rabbit. I’m being lazy this month

    Jasiri kitty and I just got back from the vet. I’d been noticing a little bit of mucous discharge from her lady parts lately. I had a chat with the breeder yesterday who told me it’s definitely not normal so off to the vet we went. She has a bacterial infection that requires antibiotics.
    Things I learned:
    -Jasiri has a great set of lungs. She howled every moment spent in the car.
    -She’s even more wiggly than I thought. Even their nurse best at dosing medicine could not get it in her mouth.
    -She’s still a cool, confident cat. In between being manhandled she strolled around the consult room like she owned the place and rolled around on the floor.
    Vet said tablets or liquid are the most effective for that sort of infection but because she couldn’t be dosed we’ve had to try the long-term injection and hope for the best. If in 10 days that has failed, we have to go back and get tablets or liquid form. Wish us luck!



    Good luck Azerane & Jasiri! Crossing our paws for you <3



    JustHenry – That’s one of the best things about BB. Bunny owners coming together to help each other. Not everyone has the same level of knowledge or experience and that’s OK. We all contribute in our own way.



    I am happy to report that Leopold is healthy as a horse and Wooly doesn’t have an active infection. I am a bit worried about Wooly though. I’ll have to post a thread about it to get some ideas.

    In other news… Leopold was an absolute terror at the vet’s office.



    Welcome back Heaven! I was wondering where you disappeared to.

    Azerane – I hope the antibiotic shot works. I don’t think it’s easy to medicate any cat. Almost like medicating some bunnies. LOL



    LBJ10-None of my pets know how to behave in a vets office, Yumi once made a holy show of me, throwing a syringe of the table, then biting the vet for putting her on the floor

    Az-We had a Tom cat that the vets broke a needle on trying to stitch his face! He was also wiggly as a worm… they really arent about the vet life! Hopefully she feels better because it sounds like medicating her will be a losing battle!



    Thanks LBJ!

    Haha yeah, Sam despises the vet too. I think it’s more about being up on the table though xD as soon as you put him down on the floor and let him hop about for a bit, he relaxes a LOT.



    Don’t get me wrong she was well behaved at the vet clinic, she’s simply just wriggly. She’s always been a wriggle bum and I expect she always will be, lol. She’s just a wiggly wormy kitty

    Apart from the car ride and the waiting room, she enjoyed the vet. She loved exploring the consult room, and getting petted and cuddled and she even played a bit while we were waiting for the swab to be examined. She just didn’t want anyone putting anything in her mouth, haha.


    Ooo yes Jess is a wiggly wriggly wormy kitty too!!! Cali absolutely not, but Jess is the cat equivalent of liquid mercury !!


    Hope that Jasiri will get well soon!

    Hahaha, those poor vets… One of Bas’ former roommates used to be a vet assistant. He developed a deep respect for rabbit teeth during his time there. They had reinforced gloves to handle the really feisty ones, and some bit straight through!

    I’m taking a little break from my rehabilitation therapy. There’s always a sudden relapse when you are in such a programme, and it started last week with severe nerve and muscle pains. My doctor gave me new pain meds and the physio put me on a small break to recover.
    In the meantime I’ve been working on my biggest costume project thus far, and I finished it today! Bas will definitely have one of the best costumes at the LARP this weekend
    Didn’t want to foul up this thread so I posted them here:



    There simply can’t be a LARPer with a better costume. I’m so amazed by your work, Ellie. It seems like you needed a break from the rehab therapy, from what I’ve understood you’ve been at it very hard for quite some time now.

    Bam has never been a fan of going to the vet, but it’s different now when we’re going to a bunny specialist clinic. When I took him for his jabs in October he sat in his carrier on the vet’s table and munched on fresh grass like he was in his own home.



    I’m happy to report that Leopold did not bite anyone. He was just difficult to handle. Plus he was OBSESSED with the blanket in the carrier. I’ve never seen a bun literally wear themselves out digging at a blanket meant to line the bottom of a carrier before. He was to the point he was panting. o_O He had poor Wooly smashed up against the side too. I guess that’s just his way of handling the stress? Wooly is usually pretty quiet at the vet. I’m sure he gets stressed, but he doesn’t act out.



    Aww poor Wooly

    Yumi has started this new habit of sitting on Peep on the way to the vet, so I arrive with a double decker bunny. He seems relativley okay with this arrangement



    Trying to burrow his way out LBJ! Hahah


    @bam: Thank you ^_^ It’s been great practicing new sewing techniques again. And yes, my body needed a break. There’s always a relapse to be expected somewhere in such a programme, and now it’s here. We’ve been at it for several weeks now, pushing the limits and exercising 7 times a week. Hopefully we can pick it up within the next week.

    @LBJ: Aww, Wooly must be like: “Get this maniac away from me!”. Glad though that Leopold didn’t lash out.

    @dface: haha, that was the funniest thing I’ve read this week Bonded bunny-ship isn’t always happy bliss it seems.

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