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    Hello once again,

    I used to be active on this board years ago and have stopped by once or twice to make a few announcements.  Some people who were around during the time I was active got to know the rather opinionated bunny of mine, Maryann.  I’m just popping in here to let those who knew her know that I had to take her to Dr. Harvey to help her on her trip. She had basically lost the use of three of her legs and was just sitting in her litter box, only somewhat mentally here – having to be hand fed food and water to remember to eat and drink (only the rustling of the raisin bag got through).  When she no longer wanted her raisins, I knew it was time.  Below is a brief snippet from my facebook account. 

    As an FYI, I will probably not be coming back again after posting this.  Not because of anything wrong with the people here – it’s just the way I handle grief.  I grieve in private and then I move on.  But I will thank you in advance for all the well wishes.


    In August of 2002, I met Maryann in a large, cement dog kennel at the Alameda shelter. I sat down and asked her if she wanted to go home with me. She paused for a moment, looked around the place and then hopped into my lap.

    For the next 14 years, she had been my roommate and much more. There were only 5 days that I had been in this apartment during that time when she wasn’t around and it felt so desolate on those days.

    Today, I had to say goodbye to her. She had been with me for 28.9% of my life and was giving me love up to the very end.



    I remember you and Maryann, MarkBun! I don’t come on all the time and rarely post, but Maryann was one of those rabbits I don’t forget, even though I only knew her through your posts.

    I am so sorry- I know how sad it is to say goodbye, even when we know it is the right thing, the kindest thing to do. I had to help both my elderly bunnies over the bridge within the last 18 months. It’s hard to get used to them not being with us. There is never enough time. I hope you can take some comfort in the fact that you gave Maryann so many years of amazing care and love. Thank you for taking the time to tell us of her passing. While it saddens me, I’m grateful for the chance to hear from you, remember Maryann, and tell you how sorry I am.



    I just happened in here this evening, Mark. I’m not much of a regular here anymore either, but my heart fell at seeing your post. I have missed your presence here, and it is coupled with the sorrow that we may not see you here again.
    Maryann was very much one of a kind. 14 is an amazing age and a tribute to your exemplary care of her. Your stories of her still come to me, and my daughter also. We remember her partner bun, Dono too.

    I am so very sorry to hear that she has made the journey across the Bridge. My heart aches for you at this very sad time.

    Sleep well, dear Maryann. You will be deeply missed as you were deeply loved, by so many that you never knew, and even more by those you did. xx



    Oh gosh! I’ve often wondered after Maryann. 14 is a wonderful age for a rabbit to reach and I can’t say Im surprised that Maryann was one of those rabbits to reach it. She really was a special rabbit! Smart and intuitive. I am sorry you’ve had to say goodbye to your dear companion. I imagine home feels very strange at the moment. I do hope you still go in to the rescue and see to the rabbits. Perhaps they will help you instead, at this time.

    Binky Free Maryann! The other buns at the Rainbow Bridge won’t know what’s hit them now that she has arrived. Except Dono, of course.



    I’m very sorry about the loss of Maryann. It’s wonderful that you were able to share 14 years of love with her. I know that you miss her so much and how sad it is without her.



    I’m so very sorry for your loss. I remember her very well. She was very lucky to have you.

    (((((Binky Free Maryann))))))



    I’m very sorry for your loss, 14 is a wonderful age to have reached and it seems she spent all those years very much loved.



    I’m very sorry for your loss. I remember the bonding-quest thread very well.
    14 years is just so great.



    Thank you all for your words. It’s just so hard, walking past the bedroom door and habitually looking in to see what she’s up to only to see an empty bedroom.



    I can imagine.
    It’s a bit of a jolt that reminds you and the sadness sets in again…

    I don’t think the majority of people can understand what losing one of these companion rabbits is like.

    I suspect (& hope) you know plenty of “rabbit people” that get it though.

    I will remember Maryann fondly. She is legendary in my eyes.



    Oh, Mark, i am only seeing this now.
    I am so sorry to hear about Maryann.
    I remember her so well. It doesn’t seem that long ago that a bunch of us shared your stories of her, and watched as she and Dono finally bonded. She was a brilliant diva (earthquake predictor).
    I hope you find a way to stay in touch with us at times. Maybe visit on facebook if not here.
    Thank you for all your advice, input and caring for all the bunnies.



    I am late in seeing this as well. I am so sorry! I fully understand the grief and walking by the area or room that our loved bunny once was. It feels so oppressive for a while to go by that area. So painful. It takes time. My heart goes out to you. Sending healing vibes your way.



    Has it really been less than 6 months? It feels like a couple of years.

    I don’t mean to come here again and reopen this wound of mine but it’s just amazing how slow things are going. I have thought about adopting another rabbit but my life is still so disorganized, I want to wait until I get things settled. Actually get my bedroom back and have my new bunny(s) have the living room instead so I can sleep on a real bed instead of on my couch like I have for the last decade (amazing what you do for your bunnies).

    I’m also torn about where to adopt from. For reasons that I feel not comfortable expanding upon, I don’t feel SaveABunny is an option for me. I have thought about HRS but also feel that perhaps I should try the smaller shelters such as Berkeley where they often have a rabbit or two. It’s just so confusing.

    And I’ve still not decided what to do with the ashes. They sit on my bookshelf and I feel like they should go somewhere but I’m not sure where. I don’t think I can bury them with Dono and my backyard doesn’t feel right either. I had thought about taking them to Alameda Beach where she was originally found but she was always an indoor bunny.

    Sorry, it’s been a long and emotional couple of days. I promise I’ll come back here from time to time for happier chats. Just not too often.



    I’m glad I came in here tonight, Mark. It is good to see you have posted on the forum. I have wondered how you were doing.

    In June it will be 5 months since we lost Pip, and yet it seems like an eternity that she’s been gone. I empathize. These strong ladies really take hold of your heart and don’t let go. (And sometimes appendages that wander too close.)

    I still have Pip’s ashes in my room. I can’t imagine burying them, or even scattering them, but that’s me. It’s a bit early on yet to make a decision about them, and it is a very personal one I wouldn’t dream of interpreting for you.
    I’m glad to see though that you’re thinking of opening your heart to another bunny/bunnies. I agree that them having their own space so you can have yours is essential. I know my fluffs have taken over my life from day one. It’s what they do and they’re good at it.

    Looking forward to seeing your post some more when you feel you can. In the meantime, be well and take care.



    There are some pretty creative ideas around for memorial objects, like the glass or resin that incoporates some of the cremains. But it’s only a small portion. A very simple idea I saw was to have an area for ashes in the back of a photo frame. I really liked this idea. To be able to look at a favourite photo of them but know their remains are right there too. By the way, were you ever able to recover the photos you lost.

    Like MM, Im also pleased you’re thinking to adopt again. It can really help. Hopefully the ducks will line up and the right bun will be there when you’re ready. Im sorry you’re feeling her loss so much right now. I find grief continues to come around long after you think it’s dealt with. Maybe less intense, but it’s still grief.

    Regarding were to adopt from, you’d be more famililar with local places then me! But these 2 sites might be worth checking in on for listings from shelters that don’t typically have rabbits. Or to see all that is local and if you’re drawn to any particular rabbit.

    There is also a facebook page Ive seen that promotes rabbits country wide. Sometimes they’re rehoming appeals, or getting rabbits at risk out of shelters. Sometimes even a call to help with a rabbit round up. You may see something come up in your area that isn’t on the known rabbit rescue pages.

    I hope the way is clear for you soon, Mark. I have a feeling a bun will come along and the situation will have Maryann’s paw prints all over it.



    I truly know what you feel MarkBun. I recently lost my Whitesnowy too. But don’t forget to look it on the bright side – 14 years together is time that not many bunny lovers spend with their rabbits. 

    “And I’ve still not decided what to do with the ashes.”

    I think ashes must go into a running water – like a river or a stream. That way they would go around the world and the energy (which never dies) of your beloved rabbit would be everywhere around you (e.g water vapour is constantly present in the air). So with every breath you will be together again. Furthermore, every time you drink water, you will be reminded of him (consciously or subconsciously).



    Hi MarkBun

    I just saw this FB post that made me think of you. HRS in Bay area are looking for foster carers for 1 month or 4 month fosters. I believe it is short term care for rabbits taken out directly from kill-shelters.  Not sure how you feel about fostering or if in a position to do it but just wanted to alert you to this in case you hadn’t come across it yourself

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