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    Kokanee died this morning. Dave found her, Kahlua was grooming her. That’s it I guess. I’ll post back later.



    Oh God, K&K!!! I am so sorry!!! My heart goes out to you. Just try to remember the great life you offered her!! I wish I could say something else to comfort you, but I guess there are times when we just have to cry… I will be thinking of you!!

    Binky free Kokanee…



    I just read this and am stunned. I’m so sorry. You guys must be beside yourselves.
    Please write again when you are able. {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{great hugs of deepest sympathy}}}}}}}}}}}



    Oh, I am so sorry. It’s so hard when you find them gone like this and have no explanation – well, I know it’s never ever easy. I am glad she was with her partner Kahlua and she had that comfort. I hope you find comfort very quickly too.

    I will light a candle for Kokanee to help her cross the Rainbow Bridge and be whole again.



    gosh just like that. oh my. awe so sorry.



    I’m so sorry for your loss. My thoughts are with you.



    omgosh… k&k… thats horrible.  i`m so so sorry you lost her.  what a terrible shock.  (((((((((big hugs & peace)))))))))


    Deleted User

    K&K, I can’t believe it! My thoughts are with you all, I am so sorry. (((((( HUGS ))))))



    I am so sorry K&K ((((((((((((((((Hugs)))))))))) what a bad week this has been for a few people. I will light a candle for her.



    I’m sorry to hear about Kokanee and it’s not easy for you or your family. You are a great bunny mom and don’t forget it. Taqke so time for yourself to let to tears flow and scream somtimes it helps and sometimes it scare’s your family. So try spending a little more time with Kahlua I know it won’t be easy being with her and missing Kokanee. I think it will be goos for both of you. All your family will be in my prayers tonight.  And I know that my sweet Princess Buster and Zoey Garcia will be at the bridge to meet Kokanee. Love and prayers to you and your family from all of mine.



    OMG K&K, I am just stunned by this.  I cannot imagine how shocked you must be.  We are always here for you if you need a shoulder to cry on, at least virtually.

    Binky free, Kokanee.




    Oh KK – I am also just stunned and shocked.  I am so so sorry. This is just so weird how they can go so quickly with no warning.  My thoughts are with you.  This has been a terrible week for so many of us. Take care of yourself and know you were the best bunny mom in the world to Kokanee.



    oh K&K that is just so sad! When I read the subject to Scooter he literally gasped and said “oh no!!!”. I wish I had something comforting and constructive to say. She knew love and the comforts of a wonderful home, had a fabulous and loving bunnymommy couldn’t have been happier I’m sure. Our thoughts are definitely with you. *hugs*
    – Annette & Scooter


    Alicia Conklin

    Oh no, I’m so sorry



    I can’t tell you what your words mean. Thank you. I’m so heartbroken



    O my goodness K&K I am so sorry. I am stunned as well. I know you were a fantastic bunny mom to Kokanee, and that you did all you could to give her a happy and fantastic life. She was an extremely lucky bunny to have had you as a mom. My prayers will be with you and your bunny family tonight.



    I am SO SORRY to hear such news! Please know if Kokanee could speak to you right now, she would whisper in your ear, “thank you for the wonderful life you gave me!” The Rainbow Bridge is that much brighter with her rays of light….

    …so sad….



    My thougnts and sympathies are with you.



    I”m sooo sorry K&K.



    I am soooo sorry KK. Boy, do I know how all too well, how devastating this is. I am sending you tons of hugs!!! I just wish I had the right words right now for you. I am just so sorry!!!!! I know this is so tough right now. {HUGS}



    Im so sorry….>>>HUGS<<<



    I guess I am ready to post now.


    Just under two years ago, my boyfriend and I were looking at trailblazers. He’d decided to trade his truck in. We were on the west side of the city. I saw a pet shop that had just opened up. I asked to stop there, to get a gift for my dog. I loved buying her new things. and she’d just been diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour and I wanted to buy her a gift. I picked out a toy for her, her favorite duck, and then took a peek around. There were bunnies there. I picked up some bunnies as you were allowed. I asked Dave what he would think if I got one. He thought that was fine. I phoned my parents to see if they would kill me. They said it was a bad idea since I was in school, but they wouldn’t kill me. So I said what they hey, I’m getting a bunny. I picked her because the other bunny super chomped my finger nails. She wasn’t as symmetric as him, but she didn’t bite. I picked her and then bought a cage so big I really couldn’t afford it. I bought everything i needed. I was practically sweating by the time I got to the counter. When the lady was ringing me in, she was attacking her box so bad, Dave said I had bought a really bad cardboard box. We put everything in his truck and carried her with us. She was making such a fuss, that I opened the box while we were driving. She popped out and was fascinated peering out the window. We  had to sneak all the supplies in, because i lived in a no pets building. I let her come out of the box herself. She wasn’t timid. She ran around the apartment scenting everything. I took a picture on my phone and sent it to my parents to announce I’d bought a bunny. She ran around like she owned the place and she sprawled on my couch to relax ( my top bunk with a mattress on it-college money right?).

    We soon learned that she was stroppy little devil. Tbere would be no denying her anything and she got her own way. She went under the couch where we didn’t want her, so we cut up cardboard and carefully taped it all around the bottom. She furiously dug her way under anyways. We tried spraying her-she would just squint her eyes and take it. A noisy pop can full of pennies taped shut…she’d behave so long as you had it in reach. Otherwise she did what she wanted. I remember the first time we played a movie-boy did she think that was scary-she ran around stomping for the whole lenght of the movie!! She chewed a one square foot patch all the way down to the baseboards in my old apartment because, hey, she was Kokanee and she could do whatever she wanted.

    We moved and she adjusted awesome to the new place. I finally talked Dave into another rabbit, a lionhead only-he decided they looked funny and that’s all he would want. I checked all the shelters withing 16 hours of driving. None. I picked Kahlua from a local breeder. She was gorgeous. We were only going to see her, but we brought her home. Dave paid for her, to be a gift. I was soo worried Kokanee would be jealous. I wanted to stop and buy a seperate cage so they wouldn’t have to meet; But the voice of reason, Dave, said let’s see how it goes. So we brought Kahlua home in a carrier, and put her on the ground. Let Kokanee out. Kokanee paid no attention, so we let Kahlua out and they ran right up to each other and kissed. They bonded immediately. I slept light that night so I could hear if the fought-I was so worried Kokanee might hurt her-Kahlua was so small. But they were find-best friends.

    That’s what really put me over, I bought all kinds of rabbit things and fell in love with rabbits. We finally got Rupert, after three months of finagaling and bargaining, I talked Dave into him. Rupert had been at the humane society for over six months, he needed a home. We gave it to him.

    Kokanee had an upset stomach and had been to the vets. I bought critical care by oxbox and followed up with vet visits. Kokanee never really got over it, and she started with poopy bum again about a week ago.

    Last night I bathed her, and instead of fighting, she rested her head in my hand. This rabbit normally drew blood when she didn’t like what was going on. I told Dave. I told him she was dying. I knew it, but didn’t admit it. I felt it. My heart felt it. I’d felt it before and she’d been fine. This morning Dave woke me up and said she had died, Are you joking. I wouldn’t joke about that. Then my world fell apart.


    Kokanee was the sweetest, stroppiest, most delicate little diva bunny out there. I can’t believe she’s gone. I’d looked foward to having her for the next ten plus years. She was sooo smart. She learned what the fridge was, and even transferred to know the fridge at my parent’s house. She knew stairs, even though we lived in an apartment. She knew when I was upset. She loved Kahlua soo much. I remember when we brought Kahlua home, Kokanne binkied all night and came up and literally thanked me. Thanked me for getting her a friend, a sister. When we brought Rupert home, he tried to charge Kahlua and Kokanee ran up and boxed him. She had a heart of gold and loved her sister soo much. I just can’t believe she’s gone. I’d give my left arm, or both of them, or anything, to see her binky or flop one more time.


    Kokanee I lvoe you so much. I will always look after Kahlua for you. She loved you so much. You are missed greatly, even by your daddy -he loved you. Binky free Kokanee. I’ll see you one day sweetie pie.



    This news has made me cry for you…. I am so sorry. Such a shame that she has gone at such a young age and she was so clearly loved. Your buns are some of my favourite on here and I just love reading about their latest antics. I know exactly what you are going through right now and I know that words don’t make it better…but with time you will be able to look back and smile when you think of Kokanee. What a lucky bunny she was to have someone like you love and take care of her. I’m sure she loved you very much and is looking down on you feeling very proud to have been part of your life. Sending vibes for little Kahlua too…. I hope she is ok. xxx


    My heart felt it. I’d felt it before and she’d been fine.

    omg this made tears fall..I totally know that feeling…. >>>sob<<<

    That last night before the inevitable…. I still have a photo of my

    lab/german dog Mimi…she lived until she was 13! Her photo

    is right by my side on the night stand. She was always following

    me around the house or sitting by the door waiting for me. Im so

    sorry, I know how much this sucks.



     I feel for you KK, I wish my Kai would come back, I miss him so much, just like all of us here that have loved our furry animals, may they all be roaming free over that rainbow bridge.

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