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    Looks like it is time to shift over from the May thread! Welcome to JUNE, oh my, how this year is flying! My last post from the last thread:

    Wheee, ran a half-marathon this morning! I was shooting for under 2 hours, and I did it in 1:56. So that was very awesome. Now hanging out with the bunnies and wishing Fíli wasn’t such a chewer. Sigh.


    Wow Nora, I could never imagine running any kind of marathon.

    Oh my gosh, June already. It feels like it was just April too. Where the heck did May go?

    I can’t say June is off to a very good start. My husband asked me to clean off this snake tool for cleaning out a drain. I took it outside to hose it off. Then I managed to take a chunk out of my thumb when trying to push the spring part through the tube part. And I literally mean a chunk. I have a crater in my thumb. It wouldn’t stop bleeding either, I had to put pressure on it and hold an ice cube there so the cold would constrict the blood vessels. =\


    LBJ, I’m sorry about your thumb =(

    May just disappeared here, we had like 6 hours of nice spring weather in total. But the buns get lots of fresh spring greens at least. Other than that, May this year was like a lost month.
    Nora, I’m in awe. Wow!


    Its Juuuune! Summer time, wahoo!

    LBJ – Ouch, hope you’re okay!

    So Fluffy Bunny

    I know the feeling that may went by way too fast. I broke a tooth at the tail end of may and am having it extracted this Wednesday so I’ve been sleeping in the bunny’s room so to not disturb my fiancee with my poor habit of getting up to go take a Excedrin or something to kill the pain.

    Laurana, however is loving this since it means she gets to get out of the x-pen overnight and explore or snuggle up with me. She’s also learned that circling me and my fiancee is a fun past time, even if neither of us have anything in our hand. I call it the love circles since she is spayed, but showing her affection like the couch diving she’s been doing lately whenever either of us sits down on it.


    I have been dreading tomorrow and June for weeks/months now. Tomorrow we have to take Blair to the heart specialist (what are they called again?) to check if the hole in his heart is still ok (all Down’s are born with heart issue’s) or if surgery is needed to close it? I always thought (and still do) that Blair is fit and healthy and I never worried once – I must be cause I even dreamt about it the night before last – that we were late for the appointment that we had to wait (no health cover – public!) months to get. Then we are going to the bridal hire shop to organise his suit for Den’s wedding and I just realised he will need ‘black’ shoes (can he wear white sneaker’s??? Lol!) and I know we can’t buy any formal shoes to fit his feet (they are short and wide) so am thinking we can buy him black sneaker’s – but at over $200… and I hate black sneaker’s, but if we have to – guess what Blair will be wearing to his day centre – *SIGH*! (YUCK!)

    I have heaps more to whinge about for the month of June, hahaha – so I’ll save you from it and say no more. Can we just skip to July??? I won’t tell anyone, hehehe……


    Nora congrats on running your marathon in good time!

    LBJ I hope your thumb is doing better today. I would hate to have that happen to me. I am cringing thinking about your poor thumb.

    So Fuffy Bunny I also hate to hear you broke a tooth and had to have it taken out. I did that last year and thank goodness I just needed a crown. Hope you get to feeling better soon.

    I too cant believe its June already. This year has flown by so fast. Its one of the fastest years I have ever experienced. Finally we are getting some sun and it sounds like we are going to have a few days in a row of no rain. I am going to have to go out and pick weeds out of planting beds and cut bushes. The bunnies are definitely benefitting from dandelions in my planting beds. Kilala loves the flowers.


    Sitting in the waiting room at the hospital & the hubby is letting me use his phone to post, how cool is that! But I am struggling to type, it’s taking me ages to find everything and I’m not good at using my finger, hahaha! And I was right, I didn’t sleep well last night thinking/worried about today and I’m so tired, especially just sitting here waiting. Just got called!!!


    Good luck AndHenry! Keeping my fingers crossed for Blair!


    Thanks, everyone! It felt really great. Already looking forward to my next race–think I might do a 4th of July 10k next month.

    I too am amazed that it is June already. I am getting close to the one year mark at this job, which means I am getting to the point where it isn’t crazy to leave. Not planning at the moment, as I am in a certificate program right now that I won’t finish until next summer, but it is nice to know I’ve made it this far.

    Fingers crossed for good news for you and Blair, AH!


    Wow half way through 2015. Crazy. I thought my binkybunny emails were going to my junk folder again since I hadn’t received one all day then I remembered new chat thread lol.
    LBJ I hope your finger heals fast, that made me cringe thinking about it!
    Nora I wish I could run any type of marathon. Good job!
    Andi I hope Blairs appt went well. I’ll be waiting for the update!


    AH – I remember you bringing this up about Blair in our conversations. I’m sure everything will be just fine. =)

    I just can’t grasp anything between my thumb and finger on that hand. Good thing it was my left hand (I’m right handed). I had to put a glove over my hand just a bit ago to take care of the dog’s poop problem. Yep, I don’t think dog poop on my thumb would be a good idea. I will be in the creek tomorrow for work. That should be interesting since there’s poop in the creek too. LOL


    I do not want to keep complaining to you guys about my thesis, but wow I am to the point where I don’t even know why I bother anymore. Seriously, I think everything that could go wrong, has gone wrong.


    Please complain away, LBJ. We are all rooting for you!

    Little Lion Head

    Andi–let us know how Blair’s appointment went! Thinking about you guys!!

    Nora–a half marathon! That is incredible! I’m trying to hype myself up for my 15k this weekend but I don’t think I’ll be able to run the whole thing. Is a Half-Marathon 13.1? Also, your buns in the sink is too freaking cute! How did they react? Could this be the method that works?

    Wrap your thumb up good for work LBJ!!!

    Not sure if anyone saw my last post in May, but I got this 1.5 gallon shop vac for bunny poops and hay. AMAZING. Best purchase ever!!!


    AndHenry, i hope its decided that surgery isn’t needed for Blair, always a scary thing, how old is he? My brother had to have a very similar surgery,(he had two holes in his heart and his aorta was too narrow) he was actually one of the first in Aus to have it done, and is now 35years post op and you would never know. Good vibes for Blair.


    Andi, I just saw, I so hope he doesn’t need surgery. ((((((Blair)))))))

    The Law Bun

    AH- Hope all goes well for Blair.

    Nora-Thats an impressive feat! Major props for having the endurance for that length of race. I personally would just get to bored half way through the run and stop at like a mcdonalds to eat and get wifi .


    What June? Naw you’re all kidding aren’t you? JUNE erhg. LOL

    AH— I hope everything is going good with Blair.


    Gosh I did so badly keeping up with the May chat. Will post later.
    AH-sending calming vibes for you and Blair. Keep us updated.


    I hope Blair’s appointment goes well!

    I didn’t know that my phone gets emergency alerts, and it scared the bejesus out of me with a flash flood warning. First rain we’ve had in over a week, and it floods. At least I don’t have to water my garden today.
    Speaking of the garden… I’ve had visiting bunny friends lately. Babies, based on their size. I had one sit in my onions pretending like I couldn’t see him for like half an hour the other day while I watered every other plant in the garden. I’m afraid to weedwack around our beds, even though it desperately needs it for fear of hurting them.


    I hope Blair’s appointment went well! Surgery is such a big thing to have to think about.

    I’m not ready for June! I only have two weeks to do all the things that need doing before I go to Disney. I’ll be so excited when I get there, but this pre-vacation planning and stress is terrible. It’s also costly. Sheesh. I guess that’s what happens when you put off clothes shopping for years but don’t want to look frumpy for vacation. lol

    I did find a great deal on jeans; $7.90 for jeans with an amazing fit that makes my butt look good at Forever 21.


    I have been tagged on FB 4 separate times on posts related to Wally. It never gets old!

    Here’s the link to Wally’s instragram in case you haven’t seen it. He’s so cute. ♥


    THANK YOU to everyone for wishing Blair well – if only he knew??? LOL! Blair just enjoys the attention being centred on him and loved having his height & weight checked along with sticky things stuck on his hairy chest (that the nurse was worried wouldn’t stick and may have to shave him, lol!) to get a heart reading (???). You’ll have to excuse my ignorance, everything that was said and done went over my head (BAD mother! Lol!) and am finding the process a little bewildering…. the GP (who decided he would like it investigated) had to make the appointment with the specialist at the local hospital (which was yesterday) to be told he wants Blair to go to another hospital to go in the big machine for a better look at his heart. MY concern??? He has to stay perfectly still for up to half an hour – NO chance! For someone who can’t talk, he NEVER shuts up! And he can’t keep still, especially in new surroundings for fear of missing out or not being part of something, hahaha! If they can for this procedure, I reckon they will have to sedate him? So now I am back to waiting for another letter to arrive for his next appointment – *sigh*! I think this is going to be a long process before we get any answer’s???
    And again the same questions were asked – ‘is he out of breath, does he tire easily, is he active, has he ever passed out’??? No, no, yes and no! The Specialist was even surprised when I said Blair has never really been unwell, not even having a cold for years. But as my hubby said, the concern may not be for now but as he gets older AND better to deal with anything now while he is young, fit and healthy….. TRUE! I swear I am NOT overly concerned, maybe it’s the unknown about the process and procedures that are playing on mind? Cause I am really worried about HOW we are going to keep him still in that machine to get an accurate result. And the thought of going to the other hospital (which isn’t far away) and parking and finding our way around without being late is daunting to me – stupid the stuff we (I) worry about, lol!

    Steph…. are you an Aussie??? Thank you so much for your post – how awesome AND reassuring! And this is the other reason why I don’t believe I am too concerned (YET! Lol!) as we do have good medical here “IF” you can get through the waiting list, hahaha! BTW, Blair is 25 this August and has the energy and excitement of life like a 12yo, hehehehe……
    I too am on a waiting list to have my girly bits checked out – I’m category 2 and have been told I’ll have to wait up to 2 years. Bloody ‘public’ hospital’s!

    Sorry for not posting yesterday when we got home – I was wrecked! But boy did I sleep well last night. I think I had 3 nights of missed sleep to catch up on, hahaha! OH! And we organised Blair’s suit – I will do another post so I can include his photo (I gotta keep my post number’s up before Moxie overtakes me, LOL!). Give me a minute, I have to put the photo on the computer first…..


    I know – it’s an awful photo (sorry Blair!) but I wanted you guys to see how cool is he going to look . The guy bought out all these ‘boring’ looking ties and I said ‘do you have anything brighter’??? Lol! I love the ‘pop’ of orange! AND remember I said I didn’t want to buy Blair a suit cause the alterations would cost a fortune, haha! The hire suit guy had to take up the sleeve’s on the shirt, jacket and pant leg’s about a half a foot, ha ha ha ha! And guess what??? He had nice black dress shoes (it may have taken him 1/2 an hour to find them, hehe!) that fitted his foot – YAY! One less thing to worry about, lol! AND the ‘best part’??? everything for $110!  Bargain!

    PS – I know Blair’s hair and face look dreadful in the photo, but the hubby gave him a shave after his bath last night and we are waiting till the week of the wedding for Den to come over and give him a haircut, so his hair will look spot on for the wedding.  

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