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    Happy belated birthday Bladesmith! Solo-birthdays really do suck, but at least clover was there.


    Posted By Ellie from The Netherlands on 6/04/2018 12:02 PM

    We’re all very fond of you ^_^ You’re a bit like the forum dad: always great stories and crazy anecdotes, and we love to see your workshop results. You can try and be grumpy all you like in your posts, be we all know you’re a big old softie

    Well there goes my reputation as a curmudgeon….

    And Onyx, I was laying on the floor that day when, for some known only to rabbits reason, Clover hopped over, stuck her nose in my right ear, and then her tongue.  I might have freaked out a bit at that.  Weird feeling.


    Hahaha, that’s so cute. Glad it was just your ear though ^_^

    Breintje once surprised me on a hot summer night when I slept au naturel. I woke up with a jump because he stuck his fluffy snoot into my buttcrack
    Bunnies in bedroom, dignity 0.


    Ahaha, i was laying down with Rosalie one day and for some reason she decided my hair was a good snack. I’m slowly learning bunnies are weird. and Breintje has no boundaries apparently! Lol


    Sorry if I’m stirring up trouble, but I would love to know why people systematically edit all of their posts to be blank instead of asking the mods to delete the threads.


    Posted By Ellie from The Netherlands on 6/05/2018 6:25 AM

    Hahaha, that’s so cute. Glad it was just your ear though ^_^

    Breintje once surprised me on a hot summer night when I slept au naturel. I woke up with a jump because he stuck his fluffy snoot into my buttcrack
    Bunnies in bedroom, dignity 0.

    Well that had to be…..interesting.  


    Oh man Ellie, I get ya, i once woke up to having my boobs dug at- painful and terrifying wake up call if ever I’ve had one ! Thought sone form of devil spawn creature was trying to kill me… Just a rabbit with zero concept of “no touch”zones :p


    Yikes Dface, zombie bunny attack in the middle of the night!

    Breintje really loves to groom me and my clothing. I often walk around with one wet sleeve/pant leg, just because he has been licking it for a long time. But there are some spots where I’d like to groom myself, mister… It is really cute if your bun is so kissy and cuddly, but I won’t have buns in the bedroom anymore! At Bas’ place he is free roam in the bedroom, and that’s where this happened. In my apartment he’s free roam in the sitting area, except when I’m not home or asleep.


    H&T While I can’t speak for those that have done that, some of the reasons is that we won’t normally delete posts unless their privacy issues were exposed, breaking rules, etc. It also depends on how much was responded to. For example in long threads like monthly chats, if we just delete posts that others have responded to, then it can cause a lot of confusion, as convos don’t make sense anymore. While not ideal, having a blank post as a placeholder at least explains that something was there that somebody responded to and can help prevent some confusion.


    Ahaha kissy buns are cute, but I totally get that!
    I think my puppy is the worst-face first into EVERYONES crotch. Hopefully he grows out of that phase soon lol

    I changed from a nightshift to a “day” shift, so from 9pm-6am to 2pm-11pm…rabbits didn’t get the memo -demanding food every morning by 6ish. Talk about feeling exhausted!


    Hahaha, bunnies are such sticklers for their schedules. Breintje gets downright offended and will throw a thumping hissyfit if I’m not on the couch by eleven. Cuddle time!

    Hope that the new schedule will work out for you


    Unfortunately it’s just a two week rotation, so two weeks nights two weeks “days”

    Yeah my pair hear me move and it’s a frenzy.. they’re like two furry pirhanas nipping at my ankles !

    I’m starting back applying for phds-hopefully I get at least an interview ! -my bunnies want to move out of this house.


    Hehehe, that mental image XD

    That’s the problem with nighttime visits to the toilet etc.: as soon as you’re awake, it’s breakfast time!

    I once woke up at 4:30 in the morning from the sound of tools rattling. Holy hell, burglary???!! Turned out that someone was doing maintenance on the electronic signage on the lamppost just in front of my house.
    I called the muncipalities in the morning: “Who on earth does lamppost repairs at this ungodly hour? My pet heard me rise, and kept making a racket thinking that it was breakfast time. Couldn’t get to sleep again…”. The person who answered the phone had to laugh a bit, even though he commiserated with me. “That sounds all too familiar milady, we have 4 dogs and 2 cats. If someone takes a nightly bathroom break all hell breaks loose.”.

    Ah, pet owner life… I always used to laugh at new parents in our office who walked in completely zombiefied after a short night. “Yeah, but you get so much in return!”.
    I realise now that we’ve become just the same, except with our little furbaby


    Posted By Dface on 6/05/2018 7:12 PM

    Oh man Ellie, I get ya, i once woke up to having my boobs dug at- painful and terrifying wake up call if ever I’ve had one ! Thought sone form of devil spawn creature was trying to kill me… Just a rabbit with zero concept of “no touch”zones :p

    Hah!   I can picture it now.  Night of the Lepus Redux: Zombie killer bunnies creep into the bedroom….”Grooooan….arggh…..Bewbs…..Bewbs….snarfle…nom nom nom.”

    P.S.  If you’re a bunny slave, and you’ve never seen “Night of the Lepus”, you owe it to yourself to see the most ridiculous horror movie ever.


    That movie reminds me of a silly “scary” rabbit book that was popular when i was younger. Its called Bunnicula. Its about a vampire rabbit, who sucks the “blood” out of vegetables. Lol


    Bladesmith: Gonna have to check that movie out. Horror comedies are more or less my favorite genre!

    Ellie: Men…  Tell Breintje that’s a good way to get pepper sprayed. 

    Dface: I had something similar happen to me. Although he wasn’t digging at me, just sat there on my chest, very creepy to wake up to… Puppies and crotches go together, don’t they? Ours is 15 months old now, still going strong in that department. 

    I was sooo looking forward to Red Dead Redemption 2 coming out (still am, I guess), but they just announced the different game editions, and it’s just, bad. Two editions with only in-game extras. And then the collectors box, or the box of sh*t as it has been aptly named. It’s literally a box full of junk. I mean, I can be a sucker for stuff, but even I don’t want that. It doesn’t even include the actual game…  And the worst thing, NO STATUE! I’ll happily buy a collector’s edition if there’s a statue included, I got a pretty nice collection going at this point. This is a huge game, there should have been something. Sad. But I guess that means I’ll save a bit of money. 

    Does anyone have experience with sling tv? We’re thinking about getting it to watch the world cup. I’m kinda worried that our internet is too slow, though.


    That’s just weird Hazel, most “Special editions” contain the game, some nice extras, a poster, a figurine etc. Not including the game feels like merch scamming your audience

    I love the fact that Bas and me are both gamers, it’s so easy to give gifts. Bas got me Oblivion as a birthday present, a few days early but that’s still fine ^_^ Oh, and having nice gaming nights in the house. Bas with something with a lot of action, and I’m often playing Skyrim or some other large open world RPG. Of course every cave has to be explored while Bas is looking on grinding his teeth with impatience.

    It’s going to be a very crazy week next week, not sure how much I can be online. Tomorrow I’ve got people coming over for my tailoring practice (I really need to practice my measuring skills, so I’ve invited people of all shapes and sizes).
    On Tuesday my uncle will be cremated, he passed away suddenly last Tuesday I’m so very happy that I visited my aunt and uncle recently and that I still saw him when he was alive. We don’t see eachother often, and I was going through a bad phase physically, but I dropped by for a quick visit after a physio session 3 weeks ago. He was ill and had recently left the hospital for an infection of his heart valves, but he was getting better by the day. They were on the way to the hospital for a scheduled check-up. Suddenly he turned blue and was dead instantly, it was probably something like a heart attack. Everybody in the family is really shocked, because he showed so much improvement. The doctors also ordered a post-mortem inspection of his body to see what went wrong, if they missed something when they made the decision to send him home.
    Wednesday is my birthday, but I’m totally not in a birthday mood right now My dad will drop by in the evening for a piece of vlaai, and that will be that. Probably we’ll invite some friends later on in the week, but I’m not exactly having my party hat on now.
    And Thursday there’s another heavy physio session. Crazy week…


    Ellie, I’m sorry about your uncle. So very sad, especially when he was showing improvement. I hope you’ll still have a nice birthday. I remember the vlaai recipe! With the home-made pearl sugar!


    Posted By Ellie from The Netherlands on 6/10/2018 7:16 AM

    Not including the game feels like merch scamming your audience  

    Yeah, it totally is. I loved the first RDR, really disappointed with Rockstar, I didn’t expect them to pull some crap like this. And like I said, the other two editions just have in-game extras, most of which are “pay to win” advantages for multiplayer. There’s of course the standard version (just the game) and you get a bonus for preordering. I guess that’s what I’m gonna do. I really wish I was strong enough to just not play it at all after this mess, but I’m weak. It’s still going to be an amazing game. I don’t buy a lot of games, this is one that I have been looking forward to for a long time so I’ll still get it.

    Are you and Bas PC gamers? I haven’t played Oblivion, but I have Skyrim. Sadly my Ps3 died a few hours into the game and the cd has been stuck in there ever since…  The hubby isn’t much of a gamer, if I’m lucky I can get him to at least watch while I play. He did enjoy the Portal games a lot though.

    I’m so sorry to hear about your uncle, that’s very sad after he seemed to be getting better.  Sending lots of healing vibes to you and your family.


    I’m sorry to hear about your uncle as well Ellie, sending my best wishes to you and your family. I hope you can still enjoy your birthday somewhat, i know it must be hard.


    I’m sorry Ellie. So sad.

    I can’t comment on the video games. My husband plays them. That’s all I know. LOL


    Sorry to hear that Ellie. Must have been a horrible shock for you all.

    I enjoyed all the stories about being woken up by bunnies!

    I’ve just been told we need to move out of our rented flat in August, despite the landlord asking if we wanted to stay last month, he’s now changed his mind. So now the hunt is on to find another affordable flat that will accept three bunnies… Not looking forward to that at all.


    @Ellie, my condoleances – what a shock that must have been. :C

    Reading all your stories makes me happy my buns are in their pens at night, haha. The only time they woke me was when I heard paws on wooden floors (there is no wooden floor in their pen), ran to the living room and found Muffin next to a eaten and ruined plant outside the pen. Or when I heard a loud bang, ran to the living room and again saw Muffin sitting there. OUTSIDE. THE PEN. Then the hours and nights after that you’re constantly listening if Muffin is out and about again, so annoying. I think I have upped the locking up game thus far that she won’t escape anymore, but we shall see haha.

    I used to be into videogames when I was in uni, but don’t have as much time on my hands anymore, sadly. That and the games that come out all seem so blah? Maybe I’m just getting old, sigh. If anyone has an openworld RPG (preferably multiplayer) to recommend let me know. I used to be into Guild Wars 2 but I’ve been there, done that so many times now. xD I’ve also been into Tera but the community was quite toxic.

    @Sirius&Luna: Wow what a downer! :C Indeed, finding a place is a pain in the ass and it sucks to be forced to leave your current home like that.


    Thank you for your kind words everyone, they are really appreciated. It hits me harder than I would have expected. My uncle was the last person I was in touch with on mother’s side of the family, the rest ignores me because I don’t share the family’s religion. I’m going to visit my aunt a bit more often after all this has passed, think she’ll need it.
    Tomorrow’s going to be awkward, I think I’ll just join my dad somewhere in a quiet spot and leave it at that. I hope the rest of the family can keep their hellfire&brimstone speeches to themselves for once. (ICE I could always reply that I finally have a favourite bible verse: Matthew 7: 1-5 *evil snigger*)

    @Daisy: Escapee bunnies are hilarious At least to read the stories, not to have one of your own. I remember someone on the forum who just couldn’t believe that their bun actually jumped the fence, but it really happened.
    I love open world RPG’s too, but I’m only interested in single player games. Need to be able to quit instantly whenever my body says “NO”!
    Fallout 76 was announced lately, and it’ll be online. So maybe that’s something for you  Oh, and there’s also Elder Scrolls online! The one Elder Scrolls game I didn’t buy because I want single player.

    @S&L: that stinks I hope you can find a new place soon!


    @Ellie Love the verse, its now become one of my favorites! I’m not religious, most of my family is though. So i know what its like to have religious family who don’t agree with your personal beliefs.

    @S&L I hope the process isn’t too frustrating and you find a place soon. It sucks that the landlord changed their mind suddenly.

    @Daisy I’ve had to deal with a similar issue with the pair we have, talk about double trouble.

    I used to be all into video games. Lately i haven’t been but I really enjoy Skyrim, I tried elder scrolls online but i just didn’t get into it. I love the Fable series and Assassins Creed series as well, can’t go wrong with either of them.

    I heard they announced that Elder Scrolls 6 is in pre-production, I can’t wait for it to actually be here. I hope its like skyrim, but much improved and better lol

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