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    Pippi, Pippi, Pippi (Half his nose, his chest and belly and front paws were a lovely snowy white as this pic with Rusty shows nicely <3 )


    Pippi. Sterling. Bindi, in loving memory.

    Apollo, Buttercup, Bianca, Olaf, Chewie, Podge, Nimbus, Wick’s nose and paw, Henry’s tummy. This is not a complete list.

    (This is a Binky Bunny “tradition” – On the first day of a new month, we name 3 or more white or partially white rabits in the chat thread. If you don’t know any white or partially white rabbits, “white rabbit” said three times is perfectly adequate. I think this custom comes from FL LittlePuffyTail’s mum, and it’s supposed to bring luck).


    Olaf, Buttercup & Nimbus <3

    How is everyone doing?

    The weather over in England has been awful the past week, reallyyyyy bad thunderstorms and heavy rainfall!
    Luckily Garf doesn’t seem to bothered by the thunder


    Nimbus, Buttercup, bits of Garfy

    My bunnies are also not bothered by the thunder either Garfy, but I am sick of the humidity!


    Fernando, Buttercup, Nimbus, Olaf, Chewie, Bianca!

    It’s been wet most of the past two weeks in Northern Virginia. Panda and Fernando, interestingly enough, seem not to be bothered too much by thunder and lightning (there was a storm last evening), though I attribute this to their being inside and safe and secure. It’s so humid in these parts that there was dense fog this morning covering the streets and I had to cut on the A/C to keep the car windows from fogging up, even though the absolute temperature wasn’t even much above 70 degrees F.


    Daisy, Daisy Daisy. :’) She was my first bunny and has long passed, she was white with brown and black spots. I’m sure she’s going “WHY do you feel the need to summon me, YOU WEIRD HUMAN” from bunny heaven, she was not very social haha.

    Same here! We went from heavy rain fall to very hot and sunny back to heavy rainfall within one day the whole past week, make up your mind weather gods. xD


    Oops, it’s June again! Wow, time flies! My birthday will be here soon, and I’m super curious about the presents ^_^ I asked for study books for tailoring techniques to prepare for my atelier.


    I’m a June birthday too Ellie

    So exciting that you’re starting to gather things for the atelier


    Storm, Storm, Storm (A storm’s a brewin)

    The rain used to bother Harley and he’d take off in a panic in the middle of the night. Thankfully he outgrew that.


    @S&L: yes, all that prep is making me very excited as well! One of the things I’ll need to practice is how to draft my own patterns just by measuring someone. There aren’t many good patterns for medieval/fantasy LARP clothing, so it’s a lot of DIY. Also, Dutch people really don’t fit the European standard industry sizes. In my circle of friends there’s exactly 1 girl who perfectly fits into a European size 38 (US 8), and no men who perfectly fit into any of the men’s sizes. The men are either too lean or way too broad everywhere. Many girls in NL have a large breast size and broad shoulders compared to other EU residents. I’d have to get a 42 (US 12) top and a size 38 (US 8) for my lower body, good luck on finding a dress which doesn’t look like a potato bag and totally hides your feminine waist and hip contours. Most Dutch people are also very tall with thick upper legs because of all the cycling. Couture suits and dresses from France or Italy always look wonderful in the window, but there are hardly any Dutchies who’ll fit them.

    So you can definitely forget about standard industry sizes if you want to personalise clothing because it’s easier to draft from scratch than to make 6 pattern alterations. I dislike fashion anyway, I’d rather make people look and feel good instead of telling them that they don’t fit into an idealised body shape. I hope that with some study books I’ll be able to draft for people with all sizes and shapes. 30% of our population is slightly overweight, and 10% is obese. These people often can’t find good clothes, let alone costumes.
    So I’m practicing on measuring people and drawing a sloper (super tight-fitting garment which perfectly follows body contours). This sloper can be used as a design starter, and you can work from there to create interesting shapes (special necklines, decorative sleeves). I’ve invited people of all sizes and shapes for free fitting sessions so I can work on my drafting skills.

    @H&T: awww, poor Harley. Happy to hear that he outgrew it. It can be so difficult to calm them down if they’re scared.


    Loki! (Most of him anyways)

    Garfy- Rain and thunderstorms are my favorite though! We haven’t had any here yet, but it has been super warm, so hopefully we’ll at least get some pretty heat lightning tonight. *fingers crossed*


    Pippi, Sterling, Bindi, Cali (honorary rabbit). ?

    When did June creep up on us? Oh well, the faster it goes the faster summer returns ?


    Noooooo mean Aussie person….slooowly. WE are in summer here…. kind of….


    I missed yesterday… Leopold’s tummy, Wooly’s blaze!


    Rosalies everything, Pumpkins feet, and Bensons tummy.

    Happy birthday month to all june b-days. ? I love June, the grass and plants/trees here get so green in June. Although I love the cold months more. ?

    I’ve been really hoping for a thunderstorm soon, the weathermen have been forecasting them but there’s been none so far.


    I can’t believe the year is pretty much half over?? It can stay summer here for as long as it wants as far as I am concerned. Our winters are always so harsh, I don’t like it! I love the beginning of fall though, when it is all colorful and beautiful. I however don’t really like the awkward beginning of November stage where everything is ugly and brown and dead, and we don’t have any snow yet to make it pretty (even though I don’t like the snow. I can still appreciate it’s beauty lol )


    I can’t believe the year is pretty much half over?? It can stay summer here for as long as it wants as far as I am concerned. Our winters are always so harsh, I don’t like it! I love the beginning of fall though, when it is all colorful and beautiful. I however don’t really like the awkward beginning of November stage where everything is ugly and brown and dead, and we don’t have any snow yet to make it pretty (even though I don’t like the snow. I can still appreciate it’s beauty lol )


    I know! Where is 2018 going?!


    Warning: Whingy, complaining, venting semi rant ahead.

    Yesterday was my birthday.  I’m now 56 years old. .  It wasn’t happy.  I spent it alone.  See, my ex wife’s birthday is June 2nd the day before mine. 

     I made sure my kids remembered to get her a gift (They insisted on paying themselves, so it wasn’t expensive, but it was thought out and heart felt.) My ex likes sapphires, so they got her a simulated sapphire (which means it’s lab grown not natural, I think), with simulated diamonds (Cubic Zirconium) necklace, and a nice card.  I even texted her a happy birthday message that morning.

    Her, my kids, her new husbands kids, and the son they had together, her mother,  all spent the day at Epcot, took her out to dinner, went home to cake and ice cream and presents.  All that great birthday stuff.

    I heard from my mother.  Couple people on Facebook sent facebook wishes.  Facebook sends you reminders, though.

    I heard and saw nothing from my kids. They had hinted they had something in the works, so I sat and waited.  All day.  No cards, no gifts, and no kids.   Not even a text or phone call.  I just sat here alone, until 9 pm last night.  My eldest texted me, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” .  Yeah.

    Turns out they had forgotten it was my birthday.  Their mom, my ex, didn’t remind them.  Nobody remembered.  I wasn’t worth the effort, evidently.  Now I know what I’m worth to everyone.  I clearly overestimated my value.

    This hurt.  Sorry for being a downer.


    (((Bladesmith))) I’m so sorry

    A happy belated birthday from me and lots of birthday nose bops from Gina, jennny, podge, snickers, mini and latte xxx


    Awww man, that s*cks so much It’s bad to find out how much you mean to others. I wouldn’t waste my energy on them anymore. I’d put my energy into meaningful friendships. Just because people are family doesn’t mean that they’re loving, sorry to say I have a little sign at home which I got from my friends: “Friends are the family you can choose for yourself!”. Hoping that you’ll meet some great people to develop a better bond with!

    Breintje went to the vet today for his routine check-up, he’s as fit as a fiddle. The vet always loves our visits, she seldom sees bunnies who are so well-cared for. She says that it’s special to see that a rabbit is so bonded to his humans. Breintje was such a hero, I had to put him in my vest  to keep him calm. There he sat, all zippered up snugly, with his head poked into my armpit. When I tried to give him some fresh air, he just poked his head in deeper. I tied a shawl around my waist to support his behind, and he sat perfectly comfy like a baby in a sling. I drove back home on my mobility scooter with him like this, no problems at all. He was so much calmer than when he was in the carrier on the luggage rack of Bas’ bicycle. 

    I often carry him around baby-sling style when he’s upset or cold from an illness. Friends always shake their heads and say: “It’s not a baby, you two have it all mixed up…”  Bluh, he’s our little fur-baby and I don’t care if they think it looks silly. Breintje loves being close to me during such times. 

    Deleted User

    Bladesmith how horrible! HAPPY BIRTHDAY from me and my boys <3 Don't change you big softie!


    Thank you all so very much. You made my day so much better. Turns out, the kids were “distracted” a trip to the beach on my birthday. Their mom didn’t remind them it was my birthday either.

    I’m not mad at my kids, Alyssa is 12, her step sisters are down for the summer, and my ex wifes house is chaos incarnate. But still. I made sure they didn’t forget her birthday, and drove them to the store to get their mom a present, and even kicked in a couple bucks of my own when the kid came up short.

    I was so bummed I just made a bed on the living room floor and cuddled with Clover all night. Bunnies make things better.


    We’re all very fond of you ^_^ You’re a bit like the forum dad: always great stories and crazy anecdotes, and we love to see your workshop results. You can try and be grumpy all you like in your posts, be we all know you’re a big old softie


    Bladesmith, make sure any future birthdays you are not alone. Anything. Go out for a walk, sit and have a coffee somewhere. Phone a friend.
    Solo birthdays suck. Hell, have a birthday BBQ and invite some friends round.

    If i may add that i missed Mothers Day once (once! Never again – lol) and I felt AWFUL (i was an adult!).
    Its much earlier in the UK and so no warning!!
    My mum didn’t want to remind me, to prevent me feeling bad (oh yeah a whole WEEK later i felt SO much better)
    Dad, ditto.
    Big bro was slightly smug about it all as i usually NEVER forget and he does….. hahaha

    Just because they got carried away with other stuff, DOESN’T mean you don’t count for your kids !!!
    Of course you do! You’re their Dad !!!

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