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    I have two rabbits. Lucy, I have had for over a year. And Thumper, I have had for about four months. I was one of those lucky rabbit owners that had two rabbits that bonded right away. Its amazing having them love each other. Cutest thing ever. 

    Often times when people find out I have rabbits, they ask me “how is that?” or “what do they do?”, Oh my gosh, and Im sure you can all agree. Having a house rabbit, or two, is great!  I describe them like this. I say their kind of like a mix between a cat and a dog. They can be playful and run around, but also like their own time and can be standoffish like a cat. Obviously- their behaviors are much more complex like that, but for the non-rabbit world, they just wouldn’t understand! Do you agree?

    When I first got Lucy, I was almost mad at her in a way because she would not cuddle with me, but I read somewhere that a bunny is not a cat. Seems simple enough right? But even though I knew a rabbit wasn’t a cat, I did not make that connection. I expected her to cuddle with me and let me hold her. Lots of people have those expectations, but once I let go of that expectation, she and I fell in love. Now she follows me around everywhere and likes me, NON STOP. I have to push her away a lot and she seems to get mad and offended that I would have the audacity to do that. HA. 

    Do you guys have similar stories?

    What do you tell people about your rabbits when they don’t understand? Its like a whole other world! Most people in the world understand dogs and cats and why those are great pets. But the majority of people do not understand how great a rabbit is as a pet either. I picture myself always having a house rabbit. Im 28 and single meow, but I assume as I grow up and get a family, a house, a dog and/or a cat, There will always be a floppy eared friend around too!


    Mostly people are surprised or make jokes about how delicious rabbits are, i prefer the first response I’m not easily offended by the second, but i do get tired of hearing it. Everybody thinks they’re original.

    I think when most people find out i have rabbits they don’t realise that they live indoors. When they do know and ask what it’s like i tell them that they’re a naughtier version of a cat that they love to be pet, but not to be held and that they’re terribly cute. Bunnies are wonderful when they behave, but you have to make sure they don’t eat your house otherwise i tell them it’s just like having any other pet, they want attention, they beg for treats etc.

    Apollo is affectionate and is greedy for attention, with fur so plush you can’t even imagine. Luna is shy but innately curious about everything and greedy for as much food as possible!


    I also get the comments about how delicious rabbits are and how I should make mine into stew  People are also really surprised to hear they are free roam, when I mention how they’re probably getting into mischief, people always say “oh you let them run around when you’re not there?” To me, it’s a no-brainer to do that so long as it’s safe but ‘normal pet’ people don’t understand. 

    I just describe my rabbits as cheeky little baby animals (even tho they’re 5 months now!) They’re affectionate, mischievous, playful and so fun to watch. Watching them run around and binky is one of the greatest sights you’ll ever see in my opinion! I truly think a happy rabbit is an absolute joy to watch! 

    More specifically, Peanut can be described as timid, shy, inquisitive and cheeky. Buttercup is an absolute monster who thrives on being told off lol she’s cheeky, playful and loves human attention. So much! Buttercup really brings out the confidence in Peanut (I’m in the process of bonding right now)

    Overall, I think people who don’t own rabbits don’t understand how wonderful they are. And unfortunately those people think rabbits are boring cage animals. They’ll never get the joy of having a pet rabbit, it’s their loss,

    I think that’s why people here are such advocates for keeping bunnies indoors – not only for their safety but because you can really see their personalities shine and they just thrive. Given the chance, rabbits are fun, funny, mischievous, cheeky little animals.


    I say they take the complex care of a puppy (with the house-proofing and destruction and such) but have the personality of a cat. My buns know their names, but if they’re irritated that I didn’t give them a treat they begged for, they’ll just totally ignore me, and if any cuddling/loving ever happens, it’s on *their* terms, definitely not mine:p
    People tend to think of them like guinea pigs or hamsters (which are different in their own right, but that’s another topic for another day!) They have the same reaction to them being free-roam and Eve sleeping in my bed that I imagine I would have if someone told me they did the same with their hamster or mouse– thinking it’s a little gross and definitely weird. I have to explain that rabbits are definitely more comparable to cats and dogs rather than guinea pigs or hamsters, both in their care requirements, intelligence, and bonding.


    Haha when people ask I always say he’s like an animated teddy bear that eats all the furniture

    Boston's Mama

    Hahaha I pictured the movie “Ted”

    Wascally Wabbits

    I was once told by a co-worker that he thinks something is wrong about the fact that I treat my rabbits like people treat their kids, and that I should spend money on helping people instead. My response was: if people only treat their kids as well as I treat my rabbits, they need to treat their kids better.

    All the “it’s just a rabbit” jokes get old quick.

    Most of the time I try to explain that they’re very independent animals and have zero inclination to please humans, to which my boyfriend would often chime in that sometimes they treat humans like they own us and we need to please them (true ?). But they can be very affectionate when we have earned their trust.

    I think most people would LOVE rabbits if they’re ever introduced to them properly. I am currently on my 3rd boyfriend since I got Lilo almost 6 years ago. Every single one of them (including the current bf) now speak very fondly of rabbits and understand they’re not small caged animals. One of my exes even adopted his own pair of rabbits and his current girlfriend has gotten to know them and agreed they’re wonderful companions.


    Posted By Wascally Wabbits on 1/21/2017 6:19 PM

    All the “it’s just a rabbit” jokes get old quick.

    I must admit, that one does get to me. For people who apparently say they love animals, they seem surprisingly ignorant that any animal besides a dog (most often) can make a great companion or is deserving of that level of love/family status. I can ignore the comments about rabbit stew, because I know people are just trying to be smart and get a rise out of me, but the “just a rabbit” comment is usually said with complete sincerity that it just bothers me.  


    I have never been in love with any animal like i am in love with my bun. Yes he can be exasperating at times, i.e., the current pee and poo situation with my sofa right now. But i agree with whoever said the best thing in the world is watching a bunny binky. When i got Theo i had never heard of a binky. I did a lot of research before getting him or so i thought but i didn’t come across the term binky until after.

    The first time he did it i googled and discovered it’s a good thing. The first time i saw his butt twitch when eating Greens i thought he had a neurological condition. Googled that too and again another good thing.

    My daughter and i just sit and watch him. Every thing he does is adorable. Grooming, binkies, bunny 500’s, flopping, eating!! We could just watch him for hours. He’s also the softest thing you could ever touch.

    Oh yes any affection shwn by him is always on his terms, he reminds me of a cat in that sense. And yes he flicks his little feet at me when i put him down after holding him. I love to kiss his little head. I have spoiled him with a very large fancy 2 level cage, buy the best food and provide tons of toys. I can’t imagine my life without a bun!

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