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    We had a bit of a problem with mice a while back and I put out some poison called “Just One Bite”… I thought I had picked it all up but my wife found Buster nibbling a little of it tonight… I don’t think he bit much maybe just a little…

    What do I need to do? I don’t have the money for the vet right at this moment… He seems fine, but I am watching him…

    Your help is appreciated!



    Well their is an ASPCA poison control center you can call at 888/426-4435 but they charge a $60 consultation fee so seeing your vet would be better.

    You might also call the Texas Poison Control Center at 1/800-222-1222 and see what they say.

    Also call and see if you can talk to your regular vet as well.

    If you can it would be good to try to save some money up for emergencies in the future as well.


    Well Sarita, at any other time I would have had the money to take him to the vet… This last few days I had to poke out ALOT of money on a car repair that was supposed to be minor but turned out to be MAJOR! Also, my wife and I are in an economic mess as she is not working her corporate Job anymore and we have taken a HUGE paycut… Things are tough right now and I hate that my little bunny buddy may have to suffer for it…

    Thanks for the info… I did google this question and found alot of answers…


    You can always start calling vets to ask over the phone what to do immediately in case of an emergency like this is.
    Even a dog/cat vet that’s open during the night will be able to give you first aide advice at the moment.



      If you even suspect that your bunny has eaten rat poison- it needs to see a vet.  Rat and Mouse poisons do not work immediately-  they attack the mouse/rat/rabbits internally causing them to bleed to death internally and this can take from a couple of days to a couple of weeks.  The animal loses the ability to clot their blood- so any external wound will not clot either.

      You are not going to find any other advice here other than to take your rabbit to the vet to seek the medical attention it needs- the longer you wait the more critical your rabbit can be.  Early treatment can be the difference between life and death.  Borrow money from a family member, apply for a credit card or Care Credit, ask your vet about payment plans- whatever it takes if you want to keep your rabbit.  If you can no longer afford your rabbit and the immediate care that it needs you can always see if there is a local shelter that is willing to assume responsibility for your pet.

      I would strongly suggest thoroughly researching all poisons, pesticides and chemicals that you consider using in your household- many are toxic and a high risk for pets.  If a cat or dog were to eat one of the mice that you poisoned- they will also be ingesting the poison via the mouse and can also bleed to death internally.  It is generally considered to be a slow, painful death.


    I don’t know if this helps but this list some signs & symptoms to look for under heading Poisoning.

    Hope he hasn’t eaten any and that you can get him seen.  ((((((Buster))))))


    definitely take him to a vet. if he ate enough it is very serious.


    If you catch rat and mouse poison ingestion early enough it can usually be treated without hospitalization, IV fluids, blood transfusion, etc.  Vitamin K is a prescription and comes orally and injectable and is not cheap- but it is probably 10 times cheaper than having to due the full blown treatment with guarded results.  Full treatment when the pet is ill will probably run a couple thousand- treating the pet before it is ill maybe a couple hundred depending on the testing, duration of meds, etc.

    But if you wait until the pet is ill and their blood can no longer clot- just using Vitamin K will not be enough.  And for a rabbit I would assume one of the uber expensive processed blood products would have to be used for the transfusion- as I cannot imagine that they have rabbit blood or donors available as you typically cannot take a lot of blood from them anyway.


    Thanks Jersey Girl… That is a great help and tool!

    KatnipCrzy: I posted here for some immediate help at that moment but for some reason I knew someone would come along and slam me! I would have never let my bunnies out if I had known there was any poison still out… It was in a far back room that the Bunnies are NOT allowed in ever! The door was left with a slight crack in it and he managed to get back there very quickly… My wife found him in that room next to the poison… We don’t know if he ate it, just assuming… Everything you said, we know! My wife and I read everything about Bunnies and Poisons till we went to sleep last night… Actually I stayed up all night reading and watching… Before I take any pet into my home it is researched over and over again so that we know all the ins and outs of that particular animal… I do not use any chemicals in my household that are toxic to animals… I have had pets since I was a little boy and having NO chemicals around Pets is common knowledge in my house… Actually I use organic cleaners JUST for that purpose…

    You spoke to me as if I were a mere novice, an uncaring pet owner… You obviously do not know me… I have enjoyed reading and using this forum but in the future I will keep my comments to myself and take my questions else where… Sorry if I offended anyone as that was not my intention…



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    Cajenboi -You said —- “my wife found Buster nibbling a little of it tonight…” And you said it was called “Just one bite”. Both those facts warrant a trip the to emergency VET only. Katnip’s advice about what could be happening even if your bunny may “seem” fine” is invaluable. You said you didn’t have the money to pay for the a vet, yet waiting could create suffering for your bunny and prevent survival. Katnip provided good suggestions regarding how to deal with the financial aspect.

    I know you are under stress,  but no one  was rude or demeaning.  The information that was given is something that many of us can learn from.  (I don’t know much about poisons myself), but at the same time we are not vets and when something like this happens, which is an emergency, you must see a vet, period 

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    I know that none of us here, including Katnip who is sincerely concerned-as are the rest of us, intends for you to feel slammed. If you reread your initial post, there is no way for us to know anything about what you just stated. All we really know is that you had poison in the house that your bunny got into, considered taking him to a vet and did not, due to finances. The situation suggests that a caution about pesticides and chemicals and their delayed effect was informative, plus serious consideration of your bunnies needs, both today in this situation and for the future, would be a good idea, however heartbreaking. Many are in financial difficulty right now and it is effecting their ability to care for their pets. It’s hard if you love them, but knowing the potential suffering some poisons can cause is worth examining your situation for the bunny’s sake. None of us mean to offend you. But most of us want to help you do what’s best for the bunny. Sometimes time is of the essence and several of us believe that is the case for you here.


    we can’t give you anyother advice, and no one slammed you. we are just all concerned! please take buster to the vet!


    In the case of a dog or cat eating rat/mouse poison the owner or the vet would generally induce vomiting immediately to get rid of the poison- but since rabbits cannot vomit the only way to rid the stomach of the poison would be sedation and to maybe pump/flush the stomach if that is even possible.  Dogs are often then given activated charcoal to help absorb any toxins- dogs are hard enough to pass a stomach tube when they are awake- so I think the rabbit would need sedation for that also otherwise the risk of aspiration the acitvated charcoal would be high which could result in aspiration pneumonia.  Pets need a huge amount for their weight.  But this type of initial treatment is only worth it if the poison was ingested within 45 minutes or less.

    I have never seen a cat treated for mouse/rat poisoning- but generally cats do not care for sweets like dogs and mice/rats do.  The poison is usually sweet flavored to entice the rats/mice to eat it.


    How is Buster doing today? My boyfriend lost a puppy this way before and it is extremely serious. Everyone here has said the same things I would, I just hope he is alright and didn’t eat any. Best wishes to you.


    Thanks Lintini! Buster is Fine… He is playing, eating and running around… Thanks for asking!


    That’s good to hear, but I would still get him to the vet ASAP though. Poison is not something to take lightly, even if it was just a little bit and even if the bun my seem fine. From what I understand it takes rat poison a few days to start showing signs of damage, and we all know how good bunnies are at hiding discomfort. You never know.


    Good to hear Buster is ok – hope he continues to be. Tone of advice can be misread and true we don’t know you personally and your level of care. It’s unfortunate you felt offended. I do agree with Binky Bunny though – the advice can be there as a resource for anyone in the future who may deal with poisoning.  It serves as a good reminder to everyone actually. There are so many risks in the home. Common things found in households such as baby oil and perfumes can prove deadly to children and animals.

    I do hope when the fear for Buster has past that you do feel you can again approach this community for advice or generally sharing about your rabbits.


    I’m so sorry you’ve had to go thru this with Buster. That is very scary. I am glad that he is doing okay now and I hope he continues to do alright. Like Katnip said, the effects of the poison can take time to become evident. I don’t know much about this topic, but please keep us posted.

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    Consumption of anticoagulant rodenticide is one of the scariest things that can happen to a pet. You will want to keep watching him very closely in case he has the poison in him. It might take a few days to become apparent if he has ingested any. The body is continually repairing and healing itself, it does this on the inside so Buster doesn’t need to have an actual injury to bleed; these poisons cause internal bleeding and you might see hemorrhage spots on his skin if he has light-colored skin. If you can’t take him to the vet to get treatment and you see these signs, you might just end up having to take him in to spare him suffering in the end. I am very sorry this happened to Buster. Please keep us posted. For real. I hope very much that Buster will come up in the clear, not having poison in him. He is beautiful, looks a lot like Roger!


    I’m glad to hear he is still doing OK – I hope that he continues to do well, I would keep a close eye on his eating and pooping habits because that is one of the first things to be disturbed if your bunny isn’t feeling well.

    My husband and I have several rabbits and something we do to try to make sure that we will always have money available for an emergency is put aside a certain amount into an ING savings account that we just labeled “Bunny Emergency Fund.” We also have Pet Insurance for our oldest rabbit since we think it is more likely that she would need to go to the vet than any of the others. In addition, our new policy on adopting a rabbit is that we don’t do it until we have a certain amount of money set aside in the Bunny Emergency fund for that rabbit. Consider doing even $10 or $20 per month – if you have an account that does automatic withdrawal each month it makes it much easier.


    No one was slamming you because of what happened-accidents can and do happen. We all understand that. What people are trying to get across is their isn’t some cure we can provide over the internet. Vet care is imperative-no questions.

    Vet care is costly and we can’t always be in a situation where we have thousands at our disposal. But your rabbit relies on you to keep him safe and healthy-you need to take him to a vet and work out a payment plan if you can’t pay upfront. Not having funds does not mean it’s ok to not go when it’s needed-and in the case of poisoning-it is.

    Please let us know how hes doing!!


    I know i’m posting a little late but here in the uk we have a free vet called blue cross i’m sure its for people on low or no income (im not sure as I dont use it just heard about it) is there no places like that near to you?
    or could you not make a deal with vet to pay later?
    in this days climate money is tight and every penny counts but weather it be for animal or human emergency treatment needs to be done I fully understand that if you havent got any money you carnt pay the bill. so at that point i’ld be looking for some other method to get the much needed treatment.
    I also agree that coming and asking a question doesnt justify getting slammed, accidents do happen and we learn by them,sometimes there more serious. lets hope alls well and ends well and you continue to share your experiance wether there good or bad with everyone on this forum,
    and im also sure that other people have ,since reading your post remeberd or thought of some dangerous substance left in a corner thats now been removed due to your misshapp.

    How is he now?


    Update… It is now four days since August may have eaten the poison… He is playing, running, eating, drinking Normal… His poop and urine have not changed… He is still the lovable bunny he always was… I know it sometimes takes weeks for any effects to show… I am watching constantly!


    *continued good vibes* Hope it keeps going well, let us know if anythign changes! *snuggles*

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