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BUNNY 911 – If your rabbit hasn’t eaten or pooped in 12-24 hours, call a vet immediately!  Don’t have a vet? Check out VET RESOURCES 

The subject of intentional breeding or meat rabbits is prohibited. The answers provided on this board are for general guideline purposes only. The information is not intended to diagnose or treat your pet.  It is your responsibility to assess the information being given and seek professional advice/second opinion from your veterinarian and/or qualified behaviorist.


Forum RAINBOW BRIDGE For my Jerry’s.

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    • Lintini
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      I recently lost my favorite guinea pig, Jerry. She died a terrible death and I haven’t been able to talk about it because of terrible guilt.

      I have had 3 guinea pigs named Jerry in my life so far. Only the most special piggies get named Jerry. They are female, completely sweet and loving, and have all fallen asleep in my lap.

      My first Jerry was my first piggy. She was a peruvian – you know the crazy hairy type where you can’t tell their head from their bum. She was so sweet. I will never forget her. One terrible day she was taken from my backyard. Yes….stolen from me. I was only about 7 years old and I did ask later on if my parents lied and she just passed on but no….she really just dissapeared from a hutch with 2 other pigs in it with her. We have always thought this girl that lived down the street—her brother was a druggy and his friends must have taken her and did god knows what. My poor love Jerry. The coolest piggy in the world.

      Jerry number 2 was a silky with a swirl on her head. A total sweet doll. She was my best friend in my Jr. High days. She passed on of old age. She also fell asleep on my lap and always coo’d me for pets.

      Jerry the third. Jerry was a present from my boyfriend. I did not have a name for her for months until she fell asleep on my lap. From then  on she was my Jerry girl. I know it seems odd to name them the same name but to me they were different ….I guess there was enough space in between but still…I wouldnt be able to name another dog Peaches after our late cocker spaniel…..I dont know why I am able to have multiple Jerry’s. I lost my Jerry the third-  a few months ago after leaving the aviary door open at night. A raccoon took her out of my life. Poor Chai witnessed the entire thing, after having a cage door smooshed backwards and water bottles and food dishes a mess….my parents thought the cat brought in dead dog parts, since my love Jerry was black and white.

      I’ve been living with lots of guilt since then, infact my poor mom has been caring for Chai for the past 2ish months because I cannot go out and face it. I almost put my rabbits out there…….and now look what happened. I killed her. I left the door open at night. I had no idea that would happen. I thought they were safe. I am so irresponsible and stupid. My poor poor Jerry. I now hate raccoons. I look at them out on our deck and just glare at them. If looks could kill they would all fry. They killed a very special family member to me and I hate them for it. I wish they would all just go away.


      Dearest Jerry love, I am so sorry for being the worst mom ever and letting you be taken from me in such a cruel way. Please forgive me.

    • Karla
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      I’m so, so sorry for you loss, Lintini.

      I am more than sure that Jerry III has forgiven you. Regardless of how she died, she has been taken well care of while she lived, which is not what you can say for most pets. So you have in fact given her all she could ask for in her life. If it is any consolation in any way, I have been told that prey animals don’t feel pain as such once the predator takes them, so it will have been a quick death to her.

      You got me all teared up with your post. I am really sorry. Especially because you now blame yourself. It is always so hard to loose a pet, and even more so, when you feel that you could have done something or anything else to have avoided it. I always try to harden myself and say that, if you have given that pet a good life for just a week or so, then you have already done so much for that pet, that regardless of its death, then you did make a valuable impact in its life. Death comes to us all, and we cannot choose how – Jerry got a quick death, it was better than a slow painful disease that you may not would have noticed for a good while before it was too late.

      RIP all you Jerry’s – you were deeply loved.

    • Lintini
      3329 posts Send Private Message

      I know I have been in tears all night, I just finally got up the courage to talk about it. Thank you for the your kind words. I don’t think I will ever be able to forgive myself though for leaving that door open that night.

    • Karla
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      I know…why was the door open? So they could run in or out?

      I hope you go out to Chai soon – she needs you as well. Especially if she has witnessed this. And she is used to you and all of a sudden both you and Jerry disappear. Please go out there. You need to face it. Is she on the picture above as well?

    • RabbitPam
      10992 posts Send Private Message

      Lintini, I’m so sorry to learn about Jerry III. It is awful to lose any beloved pet, and Jerry knows how much you miss her.

      Don’t be so certain that it was your fault. I know that raccoons are really extremely clever, and I believe they are able to open things you would never expect, which is why people who “lock” their garbage cans still find them broken into by racoons. They have nimble fingers, and might have opened the latch themselves. If I don’t close Sammy’s cage door a certain way, it looks latched, but she can push it open with her teeth. So unless you remember definitely leaving it open, it’s possible you didn’t. And if you did, it was a mistake, and you can’t help it by beating yourself up. You just have become more vigilant, which is good for your other pets.

      Many of us have House pets because we can’t think of another way to remove them from the dangers of natural selection outdoors. Karla’s right about their having a lower pain response if caught by a predator. It’s sort of a numbness. That’s what trance really is – a fake playing dead so they can sometimes fool an attacker. So Jerry probably went very, very fast. She is over the bridge with other sweet piggies and knows you love her. She forgives you for any part in what happened. She was a well-loved pig.

    • Lintini
      3329 posts Send Private Message

      Thanks Jerry is the long hair black/white piggy, Chai is the lemon agouti the “pigloo” and that’s Thai, the orange piggy. I lost Thai to mange mites ( THANK YOU PETCO) awhile ago, I don’t know if you remember my posts asking how to treat them. She started losing hair and the vet prescribed this tube of stuff used on cattle and horses, I am so tired right now I can’t remember what it was called but she just didn’t pull through. Oh…Ivermectrin. I’m not having great luck in the piggy world these days it seems.


      I opened the door to let in more sun and fresh air.

      They would have never ended up in the aviary with the door open if I didn’t get Indy as my second rabbit. I couldnt handle 3 guinea pigs and 2 rabbits in my room at that time and had to change something. My boyfriend will not let me live this down, he tells me that I moved them into the “ghetto” and that I killed them.


      I think when I stay up too late I get all weird and emotional and write weird posts. Blah.

    • Karla
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      If you only have Chai, perhaps you can bring her inside? I don’t know much about guinea pigs, but aren’t they addicted to company, so she would greatly benefit? Although I don’t know if you can do that with you living situation.

      I really hope that you and Chai together can get over this.

      I think RP made some good points – in reality, there probably wasn’t much you could have done otherwise.

    • kralspace
      2663 posts Send Private Message

      I ditto everyone’s sentiments on here, I am so sorry about Jerry III, but he was so loved and lucky to have you. Chai will need company, she would probably get along very well in your room for now until you feel like getting her a friend. I have piggies too and they have such sweet souls.

      Please don’t beat yourself up, Chai needs your support now and you can help comfort each other.

      Popcorn Free, Jerry,

      ((((((soft bunny hugs)))))) Kathy

    • LittlePuffyTail
      18092 posts Send Private Message

      Sorry to hear about the recent loss of your Jerry. And all of your other Jerry’s. I know it must be very hard but judging from the pic above, she lived the best life a piggy could have. And I’m sure she forgives you. That’s one of the things I love most about animals…they are so forgiving of our faults and flaws and they love us unconditionnaly.

      {{{{{RIP Jerry}}}}}}

    • Beka27
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      I’m so sorry about your guinea pig. How upsetting…


    • Deleted User
      22064 posts Send Private Message

      I am sorry about Jerry’s death. I agree with Pam above, and would like to ask, are you certain that you left the door open?
      A friend of mine owned a restaurant before he retired, this was downeast by the ocean, and in the winter he would leave lobsters sitting by the window overnight. Then, one night he had to stay late and saw a racoon opening the closed window to steal some lobster meat! It was an old window but it took dexterity to unlatch it.

      I had a racoon visiting too when i still lived in a town. One would come at night, push off the lid on my aluminum trash can, select the scraps he wanted, drag them onto the porch, and then proceed to eat them in front of my screen door with my dog barking at him all the while.

    • Monkeybun
      10479 posts Send Private Message

      *hugs* I know just how mean raccoons can be.. lost my Neko to one. So I’m on the hate raccoon bandwagon with you! Don’t beat yourself up about it, little Jerry had a great life with you.

      Oh, and tell your BF he’s an ass. And that Monkey is gonna kick his for him.

    • MimzMum
      8029 posts Send Private Message

      Oh Lin, I’m so sorry about Jerry! *tears* I will ditto what Pam and Petzy said, raccoons are way too smart for their own good. It is entirely possible one could’ve gotten in at your piggy without anything being left open. It is unfortunate that these scavengers have the ability, and the cheek, to be such a nuisance in city like this. >.<
      I have a bit of empathy with how you feel…Kitty apparently got a beautiful grouse or pheasant chick today. I found it out in the arctic entry. She didn’t need to eat it, or kill it, but she still hunts stuff. It hacks me off, but I can’t fault her…it’s her nature.

      Your Jerry was a beautiful piggy. I have thought perhaps my daughter might like one someday. And I am sorry to hear that Thai had passed, I do remember the thread about you treating him, but not that he hadn’t made it.

      *sigh* The Black Rabbit’s presence in our community is being felt far too much lately for my liking.

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Forum RAINBOW BRIDGE For my Jerry’s.