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BUNNY 911 – If your rabbit hasn’t eaten or pooped in 12-24 hours, call a vet immediately!  Don’t have a vet? Check out VET RESOURCES 

The subject of intentional breeding or meat rabbits is prohibited. The answers provided on this board are for general guideline purposes only. The information is not intended to diagnose or treat your pet.  It is your responsibility to assess the information being given and seek professional advice/second opinion from your veterinarian and/or qualified behaviorist.


Forum HOUSE RABBIT Q & A Experienced with leaving bunnies?

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    • LittlePuffyTail
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        Just looking to ask someone who has gone on vacation before and left there bunnies. I’m so nervous. I’m leaving on the 10th for a week and am very worried about my bunnies despite getting the best sitter possible.

        Did your bunnies get stressed while you were away? My buns are not used to strangers and Stormy is only comftorable with me. And also wondering how the bunnies reacted when you got back?

        I hate the fact that there routine will be disrupted while I’m away (less run time, etc) as I know rabbits like to have a steady schedule.

        I don’t wanna leave my buns   (but I am looking forward to getting out of this snow for a week!!!!)

      • RabbitPam
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          I’ve had good luck with vacations, though I took few during my 8 years with Spockie. While living in the same town for 5 years I found a co-worker who agreed to take him into her home for the week, with his cage, food, and toys. I put a worn sock with my smell on it tied to his cage. (He licked it alot.) Her husband was indifferent and tolerant when I left him. Her husband was in love with Spockie by the time I got home a week later! They kept the cage in their space adjoining the kitchen, let him out in that area to exercise and play, followed my feeding instructions, and generally visited with him. He was fine! He also was glad to see me when I came back – neither excited or aloof- and seemed glad to be back home. This bunny was very adaptable since we moved to several apartments, and then to Florida, all of which he handled quite well. I left him with my coworker several times over the 5 years. An excellent arrangement.

          In Florida, Spockie stayed with my parents, who he already knew, in the same way. Again, fine.

          This past October I went to MA for a short visit (5 days) and since he was disabled in his back legs and frail, I decided to let him board with my vet, who is an expert on bunnies, birds and exotics. She is set up for boarding birds and exotics, as well as providing hospital care. Her staff is very loving and knew Spockie well. I actually felt relieved that she would have an opportunity to see him daily in case some of the treatment I had him on was not enough, or if he needed some additional treatment. The gave him a great bath and provided me with a new shampoo that was better for him. He was fine, and again glad to be home.

        • Martie
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            I know how you feel, it’s only Jan. and I’m stressing already what to do with MoSimba while we are gone to the
            beach in May.

            I think I’m going to take him with us. What do you guys think? It’s a 2 1/2 hour drive, then I’d say another
            hour of checking in the beach house, etc. We’ll be there a week and I could take a x pen and set it up
            for him there. Take him in his big cage.

            I board my cats at work (I work at a vet) take the dog with us…my doc. doesnt do rabbits and it’s noisy
            there so I don’t want to leave him at work.

          • Kokaneeandkahlua
            12067 posts Send Private Message

              Yup, leaving bunnies (or any pet) is hard. You miss them and worry! I found it helped to bring pictures, and to be able to phone and check up. It’s also easier on the buns if they have a petsitter who sits at home, rather then moving them. My bunnies have always been fine, our sitter is either my mom or my boyfriends mom. Kokanee had a lot of attitude when I got back, because in terms of what she’s allowed to do-she was spoiled. Within two days, totally back to normal though

              Bringing bunny with you…Others may have more advise on this. Never done it, only with guinea pigs or my dog…I would advise you not to leave them in your car alone even for just a few minutes, b/c of heat/cold…Probably heat if you are going to the beach house. Is your rabbit laid back or the stressful type? If they’re more laid back I’m sure you could do this, but if car rides stress them out, maybe you want to consider a pet sitter?

            • Lion_Lop_Lover
              971 posts Send Private Message

                When I left my 4 for Xmas break week, I had a great sitter too. I was worried about them – but after the first day I stopped worrying. I knew my sitter would do a great job.

                When I got back, they didn’t seem to stressed or perturbed. When I got back, no one really cared…haha, to be honest. They just were like “Oh, someone’s here!” and looked at me…but no joyful reunions!

                Don’t worry too much – as along as you have someone great, it’ll be fine

              • Martie
                82 posts Send Private Message

                  No I’d never leave him in the car, just like I’d not leave my lab in the car. Alllllll my friends have pets that aren’t rabbit friendly.
                  I don’t trust a sitter. I’m too paranoid of GI stasis. I guess I have time to look around seeing as it’s only Jan.

                  I’ve only had MoSimba since Nov. and he’s way calmer now than he was and by April or May I’m hoping he’ll even be calmer.
                  He’s not a cuddle bunny but loves pets and jaw rubs and comes when I call him. I wouldn’t say he is a panicy nervous type.

                  To be honest I’m kind of a control freak with my animals, I just don’t trust sitters unless they would be rabbit lovers like me.
                  Oh well like I said, I’ve got time to mull all this over.

                • Steve Parker
                  76 posts Send Private Message

                    We had to leave Buddy while we went on a trip for 4 days/3 nights. We had a neighbor stop in to check on him twice a day. For some reason, on the first day while the neighbor was petting Buddy, he tried to bite her. Actually, she said he bit her. He turned into a wererabbit when we left.

                    He had been around her before, so we don’t know why he did this. She was afraid from then on to try to pet him, so he didn’t get as much attention as we would have liked. She talked to him and made sure he had plenty of food and water on her twice daily visits.

                    Buddy was both happy to see us when we got back and angry that he had been left for a few days. He messed on the floor in a couple of spots which normally he never does.

                    But after a little while, he came over to us to be rubbed and to play.

                    So you may have a bit of a mixed reunion with your bunnies. You will probably be better off since yours have other buns to play with. Ours is by himself and very spoiled.

                    Hope you enjoy your vacation.

                  • Gravehearted
                    2428 posts Send Private Message

                      Can you ask your sitter to come over and visit with the bunnies before you go? If they don’t consider her a stranger, they may be more receptive to her. Maybe have her sit on the floor with them to play, and of course bribery with treats always helps win a bunny over.

                      I’ve gone on vacation plenty of times leaving the bunnies behind – and like to call and leave them phone messages. You could also make an arrangement to check in with the sitter every day if you’re really worried.

                      My guess is as long as she follows your dietary guidelines and gives them love and some play time they’ll be just fine.

                    • LittlePuffyTail
                      18092 posts Send Private Message

                        I plan on calling EVERY day we’re gone. I know she will take good care of my bunnies and cats, she’s a vet tech and has about 100 pets. The only reason I worry is because Stormy has had several bouts of GI Statis in the 3 years we’ve had him ranging from mild to severe. I worry he will be so stressed it will provoke an episode of statis. He is extremly stressed out by anyone touching him but me. That would be my luck if he got sick in the 1 week I’ve been away for like 5 years!!! I made her an extremely detailed list of what to do in case of GI Statis and I’m leaving her my credit card to take my babies to the vet if anyone gets sick.

                        Another thing I’m a bit worried about is she will only be staying at the house part of the time as she has her own pets and 6 horses to take care of plus she works full time. She promised to let them run as much as she can. I feel bad they will be mostly cooped up in their cages all week but it’s only for 1 week and I probably won’t get vacation again for about another 10 years! She came over last night to meet them all. Stormy did the usual growl and strike routine and Bindi just wanted her to cuddle him (he’s so sweet).

                        I’m so worried about leaving them behind I actually cancelled this trip but was sort of guilted into changing my mind by my family. You know you love your rabbits too much when you give up a free week trip to Disney because you don’t want to leave your buns (this was Mom’s Christmas present to the whole family). I know I will have fun but it will be tainted with a lot of worry too Not to mention my fear or flying!!!

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                    Forum HOUSE RABBIT Q & A Experienced with leaving bunnies?