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Home Forums THE LOUNGE Education and Legalization of Rabbits in Queensland (Pinned by LEL-10/19/14)

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    The official thread of Rabbits Are Pets Too (RAPT)

    Our goal is to educate Queenslanders about the potential benefits
    of desexed, microchipped and vaccinated pet rabbits and to fight for the legalization
    of such rabbits in QLD.

    Please see this news clip as reference for what we are
    campaigning for:

    Social Media/website links:








    Members as currently standing:


    -A Flying Brick








    -Qld bunny lover



    Website administrators as currently standing:








    To do

    -Improve social media/Website and begin posting

    -Establish roles/Jobs/days for admins

    -Establish roles for members

    -Write letter to Neil Degrass Tyson to request help

    -Contact HRS

    Please send all photo and video content to


    Please comment down below to request changes/updates to this section.


    Hmm links to get to the Facebook page you’ve setup and any other social media set up for this cause.

    I’m not super creative, but I think some of the education material should be simple memes that can be shared across social media. While some people like to go in depth, many simply want to peek at a picture to see the important facts and then move on to their candy crush or angry birds… you know what I mean. It should be broad enough information to be relevant all over the world (i.e. 3rd most popular pet, that it is not only possible to spay and neuter but also the importance of doing so, etc), so people will share it with all their friends.

    Also video clips designed for QLD specifically. I’m thinking, for example, a “this… … not this… ” QLD ones should probably be low/limited with young bunny pics/videos, to steer away from where babies come from. lol Hmm “This… …. Not this…. ”

    As a side note, I was trying to think about how to be methodical about contacting the House Rabbit societies. The list is gonna be HUGE. I mean.. it seems like every state and some major cities all have their own chapters here in the states alone. I guess social media (sorry I use facebook and am unfamiliar with others) has ways to link pages/groups? Not too familiar with groups, but if there was a way to “friend” groups/pages, or at least be able to share with them all at once?

    edit: DOH! used less than and greater than with my “this.. not this” blurb and it erased it all when posting.  Lesson learned.

    To convey the message!!!….

    This: insert bunny zooming in house, playing with family/other pets, bunny condo areas, etc etc

    Not this: neglected looking hutch in back yard


    This: iphonetextgenerator used…

    image of shaved bun belly being held up with text saying “fluffy’s spay went really well!” with responding text image -thumbs up-

    Not this: image of backyard breeder farm/ QLD over-run wild rabbit image (such as used on that newscast)


    We need to invite Allyson into the forum… I’ll try and hook up with her tonight.


    Whilst education is part of the equation it must be acknowledged that the Legalise Domestics Rabbits has spent many years doing just that. What needs to happen now is an eye opener and to create a platform whereby a political party can see benefit in backing the cause. By holding the situation up to the light and showing the PTB’s in Queensland that they look foolish in a global community that has already come to terms with and faced the same problems withut denying people the companionship of a domestic rabbit is the path that needs to be followed.


    If we go the education path then we need to focus on rabbits like Reggi Pani who is a therapy rabbits and visits nursing homes and full care facilities as part of a therapy program. We need to focus on rabbits as emotional support animals for people who do not have situations designed to deal with dogs and cats. We have to take an entirely new approach and hit the world with arguments that have been simmering silently that we as bunny owners know as valid but the naysayers have never encountered. My Father was in a nursing home for several years before his death, I wanted to take my buns in and he was desperate to meet and hold them but things were difficult to co ordinate and whilst many other animals visited he always wanted to meet my bunnies. It is my only regret that I could not give him the chance to hold them before he died.


    I believe that exactly! Idiot shaming, on a global scale. It definitely will have the desired impact and result, I’m sure of it.


    I just did a MAJOR copy and paste from the chat thread….

    Yep, I watched it (along with the hubby) – your friend was brilliant Roberta and so was Sally! Actually the whole article was me all over including buying Henry’s food from a local pet shop for my long haired guinea pig – how dumb! The only thing I didn’t do and my vet didn’t offer was for Henry to be microchipped. Why? He wouldn’t be returned to me – or do they just want to know where to send the fine??? Sorry guys, I am so frustrated, how can you compare the two? Henry looks and acts nothing like those wild rabbits they showed in amazing amounts – my hubby swears they are hares.  
    And I’m angry – did I just waste my time signing everyone I know up to the petition and bugged everyone to sign it??? And the Government aren’t considering it? A big SIGH…..

    By the way manic, that rabbit fence is a joke, we’ve all seen many articles on it’s poor state – fallen over, dirty big holes! And yet it costs us a fortune to maintain it – I’m appalled! Though I am super impressed with the Ipswich City Council (west of Brisbane), I was SURPRISED to see them support pet bunnies. If I could stand the colder winter’s and hotter summer’s I’d seriously consider moving there just cause they can see sense. Do you know when I got Henry, I knew he was illegal here, but I had no idea we were the ‘only’ state in this ‘whole wide world’??? Ridiculous!

    AND comparing a dirty old cane toad to my Henry??? IDIOTS! How on earth anyone can compare a cane toad/hare to a domesticated, toilet trained, pet bunny that will head butt you for a pat and spoon your dog is beyond me……

    I know EXACTLY ‘who’ you are talking about Roberta! Uuuggghhhh! Not that I want to start on politics, but trust me, the damage these idiots have done to our state and the people along with their ignorance – no wonder we don’t stand a chance!  
    I’m looking forward to our next election next year Roberta.  
    Tell your friend she did an amazing job! Please pass on my personal thanks and tell her I’m good at magic too – I hide my bunny well!  
    That’s ok Roberta, we are all planning to meet at your house, sorry your bathtub anyway…. ha ha ha!
    And I agree – I am appalled and ’embarrassed’ over their stupidity and ignorance! By the way, I originated from the Darling Down’s and I never saw the ‘fence’ and for the few times I heard about it, I thought it was a joke (non existing – a myth), I only knew it was real when this petition started. How crazy is that!
    I took for granted that I could buy Henry’s food and he has a vet that fell over himself to care for him – WOW! How ‘lucky’ am I???

    And don’t start me on the feral cats Amanda!!! Let alone those horrible cat owner’s who let their cats run loose 24/7……
    I think that’s my problem, it just DOESN’T make sense – the whole thing.

    By the way LBJ, our current Government, not just the bunny issue have destroyed our state – mass sacking’s, higher cost of living, I could go on and on. Like I said, next year……

    Sorry guys! I quickly went grocery shopping this morning and when I got home, my son was here – he just left.  
    I just wanted to throw in my honest opinion about whether it’s worth starting something just yet??? This current Government did mass sacking’s especially in aged cared and disability services leaving a lot of families devastated – are they really gonna care about someone’s pet bunny? And the Government is full of old ‘Joh’ supporter’s (Roberta will get that – what she was talking about in one of her previous posts, ‘pumpkin scones’) meaning we don’t stand a chance. I honestly think we’d have a better chance waiting till the election next year and hopefully they’ll lose power – I ‘think’ if the opposition got in, we might have a better chance??? I don’t believe after watching the article on the 7.30 Report that the current petition is even going to be presented??? And if it is – they made it clear it won’t be seriously considered?
    I hate to say this, but I honestly think it’s gonna be a waste of time…….
    BUT I do agree we need to educate people!!! God forbid if I bring up the conversation – I get verbally bashed! No one has any idea what a FANTASTIC pet Henry is. And I can’t show or tell anyone to educate them cause I’m too scared of getting caught. If only they could see Henry, understand how he lives within our home and family, I reckon I’d have people signing up for them everywhere. And the best part – he doesn’t bark!!! I hate that my neighbours leave their dog’s alone all day and I have to listen to them bark. I get that everyone wants a pet, but a bunny is perfect for so many reason’s when another pet just isn’t quite appropriate. SIGH……  
    Anyhow, tell me what you think of my thoughts? 
    Edit to ADD – and I HATE that as soon as you ‘mention’ bunny in QLD, everyone ‘thinks’ of all those wild bunnies/hares they showed in the article. So ignorant, but the truth is – NO ONE knows any different. How do you get it out there to tell everyone there is a difference??? A HUGE difference

    Not sure of the actual date yet, but before June next year…..  
    And what I meant about Joh supporter’s (from the 70’s/80’s and besides being crooks) they are all about the land. Why I said I don’t think we stand a chance…..

    Sounds good to me Roberta! I just wanted to put it out there what we are up against – it’s truly tragic bordering on ridiculous!  
    Amanda said she has made as start – YAY!!! Let’s make this huge! I’m in 110%!

    YES YES and YES! We need to start with…. EDUCATION!  
    People need to stop associating the word ‘pet’ BUNNY with wild rabbits/hares, especially in mass amounts.
    Show pet bunnies in a house/home environment. Just like an INDOOR cat and/or dog.
    Not only do they not bark like a dog, or poop/spray in other peoples yards like a cat that can roam freely and annoy your neighbours.
    And they interact with you like a cat or dog would, well Henry does, ha ha ha!

    YES! What a moneymaker! I pay registration for ALL my dog’s every year for two reason’s – morally and I’m scared of being caught. I’d pay a registration fee for Henry in a heartbeat!
    Here’s an idea….. If you want a pet bunny, do the right thing and get it desexed, microchipped, vaccinated and registered. If you don’t and get caught – HIT them with the $44,000 fine! Let the one’s who genuinely do the right thing have the opportunity to have a pet bunny if they can’t have a dog or cat due to working, living arrangements (small housing/no yard), etc.,
    And then the concern arises that those ignorant people (who shouldn’t own pets) will let them go??? I am telling you now, Henry would not make it out of my street, and any bushland we have left is forever away – and he can’t read a map, he’d have no idea how to get there! You need to throw some common sense into the equation as well.

    And in that article, for the ‘tiny’ bit we saw of Sally’s bunny, it in no way represents how a pet bunny can live in someone’s home within a family. Henry literally lives all over the house. Honestly, the vet told me to expect it’s like living with a cat – NOPE! He’s just another dog in our house (but NO barking! Bonus!) ha ha ha ha……
    It depends on how YOU chose to live with them!

    Someone famous to support this cause??? Well, Mel Gibson is from here (my town), I wonder if his family (parents) still live here? I must give them a call…. LOL! And the Bee Gee’s became famous in my town also, I must catch up with Barry…..  
    I just tried – they won’t take my call, how rude! LOL!
    At least I tried, ha ha ha ha…..  
    Seriously, how cool would it be to get someone with a high profile on board???
    I was happy just knowing 2 councillor’s from another council was on board and supporting the change – WOW!


    This is why……


    I have created a variety of social media accounts. Let me finish setting them up, then anyone interested in managing those with me should PM me and I will give you the login credentials.


    Andi-Do you have a straight-on picture of Henry that I could use for a “logo?”


    LEL — Henry’s “coke culprit” pic is adorable, but you might also consider doing a logo with 3 or 4 bunnies photoshopped into one pic so you have a variety of cute buns — maybe Henry, miss D’s Hannah, your Roxi, and maybe a broken colored lop, that look nothing like the rabbits/hares from naysayer pics. Just a thought.


    The Henry pics are adorable to say the least. Ricky Gervais would be a brilliant choice if we could get him to support this cause. Mel Gibson probably hates rabbits because they killed Jesus.


    I was originally going to use just Henry as the space I have for the piccie is pretty small, but I think you have a good point. Will do.
    Who has a broken/multicolored lop??? Looking….


    Neil DeGrasse Tyson has a house rabbit….that’s the one I was thinking of!


    Neil DeGrasse Tyson would be incredible to get involved with this. Clint Eastwood used to have them, not sure what kind of opinion the public would get from him these days though, with the talking to the chair thing….


    That’s what I thought…. Hmmm…. How do we go about contacting a celebrity?


    Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s Publisher:
    W. W. Norton & Company’s editorial offices are located in midtown Manhattan, across from the New York Public Library’s Humanities and Social Sciences Library and Bryant Park. Mail may be addressed to:

    W. W. Norton & Company, Inc.
    500 Fifth Avenue
    New York, New York 10110
    Tel: (212) 354-5500
    Fax: (212) 869-0856

    If you wish to send a letter to an author, please send it to the address given above and mark it ATTN: Author’s Name. We will kindly forward it on; we regret that we cannot forward email to authors nor can we give out author email addresses or other contact information.



    That is great MM!
    Once we get everything kind of organized we will contact him. Or do you reckon it would be best to do it in advance????
    That meme is so good!


    Once we have more of a direction of who and how we’re going to do the whole campaign (is this a campaign now?), a nice letter written up and sent to the publisher to be forwarded to him, as soon as possible. I have no idea how much mail he might be getting through this avenue, or how long his mail sits stacked before being read. The envelope should also be unique. Fluffy bunnies on the back seal or on the corner… something to grab his eye once it’s sitting in a pile of fan mail.

    Any letter requests geared toward famous people should be similar. They need to be noticed in a pile of plain white envelopes.


    We can call it a campaign. Speaking of that, I think we should give ourselves a name. We need to have a common name so people can recognize each social media account as us. Ideally something that we can easily make into an acronym. Ideas?

    What would we do without you, MM? Such good ideas! Of course I wouldn’t know, I have never written to any famous people…


     photo image_zpsd06f956b.jpg
    I just threw this together quickly MM but is this your general idea?


    LOL I don’t recall ever writing to any famous people before either.

    I’ve actually been trying to come up with an acronym since we started talking about this whole thing. I tend to get very linear with my thinking and once something gets stuck in my mind, it’s hard to expand away from that. So what I’ve been attempting to do is make the acronym be an actual word that reflects a positive understanding, and also be related to rabbits. So far I’ve only managed to come up with RAPT (Rabbits Are Pets Too) with rapt being defined as: completely fascinated by what one is seeing or hearing; indicating or characterized by a state of fascination; filled with an intense and pleasurable emotion; enraptured. I think that may be a bit obtuse for the masses though. But because it popped in my mind, I’m having trouble steering away from it. Looking forward to seeing what you guys come up with. The FIRST acronym I ended up with was so terrible that I don’t even remember it now.


    YES!! Exactly like that!

    I think we need to also get our famous Vloggers on board. Like -cough- BinkyBunny, BudgetBunny and 101rabbits!


    I can probably get budgetbunny on board, I know her via Instagram. 101 rabbits is a bb member, we could ask her here.
    I actually like RAPT. RAPT Queensland. I am like you, and since that is now in my head, I am stuck on it. I do need a definite name for it before I can really go any further on the social media.

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