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    For long time members, they’ll remember when I brought Dono into my home with Maryann. The constant bonding issues with that spoiled girl.  And then, thanks to SaveABunny, they finally became a couple.  That was seven years ago.

    About three months ago, Dono suffered what I can only call an ‘episode’ which left him with some weakness on his right hind leg.  he had some issues getting around and I had begun some therapy with Dr. Harvey.  When it wasn’t getting better, we tested him for e-cuniculi and he came back with a low positive, meaning he had lived with it for 7 years without any issue but can cause weakness in the hind legs.  So we treated him with Oxibendazole.  I noticed after a few days he seemed a little sluggish and his eating had dropped off a bit but the doctor said that it should be ok.  At 10 days (yesterday), I picked him up and really noticed how thin he was.  He had lost 5 ounces (for a 2pound 11 ounce bunny, that’s a lot).  I began critical care and was going to stop the medication today but whatever it was, it was too late. 

    The photo at thebottom of him that night.  I knew it was going to be the last one with him.  I stayed up with him all night and finally had to get a nap.  After all of his grumpiness towards me, he showed me one bit of kindness and left quietly while I slept.  Maryann did her duty by cleaning his face of all of the ‘missed’ critical care so when I found him, he looked his best.  If you want to see more of him and Maryann, and see how tough it was to bond them, go to Youtube and search for my name ‘markusdark’ and you’ll find various videos – including his first day out at home with me.

    Maryann is 12 years old.  I don’t see her finding another boyfriend nor do I think she’d want one and don’t think the stress of speed dating would do her any good.  I had gotten him so that she’d have a buddy while I was busy, little did I realize how attached I became of him as well – despite his contempt for me.  I should have trusted my instincts, Dono, but I hope you enjoyed your years with your girlfriend.



    I’m so sorry for your loss. They do have a way of stealing our hearts.

    Binky free Dono …..



    Although I appreciate all the sentiments and I do not mean this in any bad way, I would ask people to refrain from saying he’s in a better place/better off. He wasn’t suffering from a terrible disease in extreme pain. He basically had a limp when he walked and was fine when hopping. He was in no pain. Although one can never be certain, I believe that if I hadn’t tried to correct this minor issue, he’d still be with me. I feel that the medication did not sit well with him and basically wound up poisoning him.

    I hold no one to blame but myself for not trusting my instincts when I saw the change in his habits. It’s why we have to be ever vigilant for the slightest change in habits, personality or movements. If anyone can take something away from this it is to trust your gut. Professional medical advice and help is definitely needed but they’re not with your rabbit all the time nor know their quirks better than you.



    I’m so sorry, Mark. I’m one of the “oldies” who remembers Dono and your bonding struggles. He was certainly lucky to have a Dad that cared so much about him. Please give my love to Maryann.



    That makes me sad about little Dono – he was such a cutie. I love that Maryann finally gave into him…I do love me some Maryann.



    Mark I am so deeply sorry to read of Dono’s passing. :'( My daughter and I were just thinking about you and he and Maryann a week or so ago and commenting on how we missed your presence here at BB. (((((Huge hugs))))))
    I will light a candle in Dono’s memory and you and Maryann are in my thoughts and prayers. xx

    Candle group here for Dono for any who would like to add one:…mp;gi=Dono




    Binky free, Dono.

    I saw Mark with him in Dr Harvey’s waiting room just a few weeks ago it seems.  I still remember when you adopted him from The Rabbit Haven at the petsmart on River Street in Santa Cruz.  My daughters and I had just started volunteering with The Haven. That must have been 8 years ago or so? Dono (Donahue at the time) was adopted and had been returned, and was very sad and low energy, confused as to why he had lost his home again.

    We all share your loss Mark. As an “old timer” on BB, I remember well reading about your bonding struggles with your two opinionated buns.  I am thinking about you and Maryann.

    For the whole story on the adoption and bonding, you can read Mark’s story on The Rabbit Haven website here:



    Thank you all.  I can’t believe how much his passing has affected me.  I mean, he was never really friendly to me and was sort of just ‘the other rabbit’ with Maryann but when he had his episode, all of that changed.

    Maryann is doing well.  She doesn’t seem to miss him although (and I can’t be certain of this as I don’t know where things were a few days ago) but all of Dono’s toys are in his corner of the enclosure.  They were never there as it is where he’d sit and he’d always throw them out.  The only toy not there is Maryann’s carrot toy.  She has done ‘organizing’ of toys before and I can’t help but put more humanization with her thinking she put them there to remind herself of him.

    I used to sing a song of “Lollypop Lollypop” but instead it was “Dono Butt, Dono Butt” because of his buttheadedness.  I catch myself still singing it.  Just a silly thing I know but I have to remember what he meant and not what is now missing.



    Oh little Dono…. ***Binky Free little guy***

    Im sorry to hear of this Mark. Glad to read Maryann is coping well though.

    I can’t believe how much his passing has affected me. I mean, he was never really friendly to me and was sort of just ‘the other rabbit’ with Maryann but when he had his episode, all of that changed.

    I can believe it. Seven years with you and lets face it, they get into our hearts pretty darn quick! Nursing them when they’re ill most definitely increases a bond between us and them.



    Mark, I can’t say how sorry I am to have missed your post about Dono before now. I remember when you got him. So well. It’s hard to believe Maryanne is 12 already, though I feel like your spunky girl will live forever. I can’t see her with another bunny now. She has you, and that’s who she needs now.

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