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    Raspberry cookies

    You will need:
    1/3 cup Frozen Raspberries, de-thawed
    1/2 Tbsp Dried mint
    1/3 cup Rabbit Pellets
    3 Tbsp Old Fashion Oats

    Preheat oven to 375 degrees
    With a fork, mash raspberries together
    Mix raspberries with mint. 
    Grind pellets (use a coffee grinder only used to make rabbit treats)

    OR you could mix with tiny bits of water slowly crushing it with a fork into a crushed pellet mixture (tiny drops of water at a time)
    Mix with oats. Slowly add dry mixture to raspberry, mint mixture until well blended together. Using a teaspoon measuring spoon, spoon out onto a cookie sheet covered in parchment paper (it prevents sticking and doesn’t add any grease)
    Flatten cookies with a fork to about 1/4″ thick
    Cook for 20 minutes or until brown on bottom. Let cool (For a crunchier treats, turn off oven and leave in until stove cools)
    Once cooled, place in sealed container or bag. Can be left out for about a week but to prevent spoiling, refrigerate or freeze treats!

    Makes about 18-20 cookies


    Dried fruit

    Take any rabbit safe fruit such as bananas, strawberries, or apples and cut it into thin slices. Try to keep them all the same width and know that the thinner the pieces, the quicker they will dry. At this point you may choose to glaze the pieces in honey for extra sweetness and as a preservative. You can either dry them in the oven for a few hours at the lowest temperature it will go (200 degrees farenheit and under), or you can sun dry them for three to four sunny days!


    Thanks for these I would love to try them out for Moshu soon. I have been looking for something like this. I have a question. Recently Moshu has not been too keen on the pellets. She gobbles on the rest of the rabbit food (wheat seeds and corn (recently I have been removing them as I realized grains are not good for bunnies), dried fruits and herbs) but leaves the pellets. I was wondering if I use these pellets in the cookies, she would know by their smell and refuse to eat the treat altogether. Has this ever happened with you ?


    usually they don’t care if their is pellets in them as long as they have something that they also love in the treats..this would be a good way to get your bunny to eat healthy and get what he needs too


    Cake for bunny

    You will need:
    1 Carrot
    2 Strawberries ( I leave the hull (leaf) part also: healthy for them)
    1 Raspberry
    1 Blackberry Leaf
    2 Dandelions
    1/2 tsp. Honey
    1-3 tsp. Papaya, mashed (not the skin or seed)

    *Wash the carrot and leave wet

    1. Put all the ingredients (excluding papaya and honey) in a grinder or blender and have it mixed until the results are chopped up in small, tiny pieces. Take the mixture out and place it into a bowl.

    2. Shape it into an even circle but make sure it’s still very loose, like dirt.

    3. Use your finger and make a hole halfway down that is the size of a ping pong ball (which is about 1 inch around) and add in the papaya then top it with honey. After doing so, scrunch everything up and tighten it to prevent it from falling apart. Serve and watch your rabbit eat in awe with the cake’s potpourri.


    Smack Snacks for Rabbits


    You will need:

    1 cup of rolled oats, finely ground (coffee grinder works best)
    1/4 cup of rabbit pellets, finely ground

    2 medium-sized bunches of parsley

    1/2 of a carrot
    1/2 of a banana
    1/4 cup + 1 tbsp. water

    Preheat oven to 325 degrees and line a baking sheet or stone with wax paper (baking stones actually work best). Grind pellets and oats down to a powder and set aside. Puree parsley, carrot, banana and water. This should become fairly liquefied, so you can add more or less water depending on the consistency. In a bowl, mix puree and dry ingredients. Knead until a stiff dough is formed. Dough will be somewhat sticky. Place ball of dough between 2 sheets of wax paper and roll to about 1/8 – 1/4 of an inch thick. Cut into small squares and place on baking sheet. Bake for about 30 minutes (don’t let them get too brown), then turn off the heat and let them sit in the warm oven for at least an hour. (The last step is really important because letting them sit in a warm oven is what dries them out so they’ll keep for a really long time and not grow mold!)


    Rabbit Porridge 

    Perfect if you have to give your rabbit medicine! Just crush the medicine and add to the mixture!

    You will need:
    1/2 Fresh Carrot
    1/8 Apple
    3-4 Fresh Broccoli Spears
    1 Cup Fresh Spinach
    2 Tablespoons of sugar free applesauce or mashed banana (paste)
    1/2 Cup Uncooked Oatmeal

    Put the carrot, apple, broccoli, spinach, and paste in a blender. Puree ingredients until smooth (add water to get it going). Add oatmeal and continue to puree, adding water until you have the consistency of yogurt and it can be fed from a syringe. You may also use different vegetables, but make sure you use oatmeal. The porridge is ready for feeding. Store extra porridge covered in the refrigerator, and do not use after more than 12 hours.

    Syringe feed your bunny water too, in order to make sure he/she is not becoming dehydrated. For bunnies that have diarrhea, feed them a serving of bene-bac once per day.


    Carrot Cookies

    You will need:
    1/2 cup dry oatmeal
    1/2 cup wheat flour
    1/2 cup carrot, grind finely
    1/4 cup water

    Put oatmeal, wheat flour, carrot, then water in the bowl. Mix until smooth and somewhat creamy. On a cookie sheet, get a spoon and scoop the mixture and create make individual little balls until there are no more in the bowl. Bake 350º for 15 minutes or until golden brown. Give around 1 or 2 treats to your rabbit and refrigerate the rest for later uses.


    Snackin’ Around

    You will need:
    3 pieces of Apple, bite sized
    3 inch slice of Banana, mashed until soft
    1 inch slice of Strawberry
    1 raisin, cut in 1/2 (Best to find one that is not high in sugar or sugarless.)
    2 Baby Carrots, both cut half 2 times. (Should have 8 pieces as result)

    Put the apple, strawberry, and raisin in your serving dish. After the carrots are cut, top it in the dish. After that, put your banana in there over everything else. Give it to your rabbit and watch her/him devour in seconds.

    Note: If you’re wondering why the feeding amounts of the fruits are so small, it is because they are very sugary foods, especially if you give sugared raisins. They should only be given once or twice a week!


    Bunny Cookies

    You will need:
    1/4 cup of  a mashed Banana
    1 cup of your rabbit’s favorite fruits & vegetables
    Small amount of water 
    Be sure that everything you use is rabbit-friendly!!

    1. Cut up all the fruits and vegetables and put them into a bowl. 

    2. Mix water and banana until creamy. 
    Note: The mixture is named ‘paste’.

    3. Now take a bit of paste (the size you want your cookie to be) and put it on a plate.

    4. Put the same amount of fruits and vegetables onto the paste. Repeat until you’ve made enough or used up the ingredients.

    5. Put into the freezer for 30 min. 

    6. Serve to your rabbit and watch it munch it away! 

    Give only 1/2 to 1 cookie per day!!


    A couple of your recipes have yogurt and bunnies can’t have yogurt so I don’t know if those would be safe


    The ingredients I can see being problematic are honey, yogurt, wheat flower, and oats.
    These things aren’t really safe or healthy for bunnies so if you make these it would be best to use an alternative ingredient.
    Otherwise, great recipes KittenMuffinPie!


    oats are fine as long as it is a very small amount and they are crushed up well, and I’m sorry.. I took the yogurt off..didn’t know that rabbits couldn’t eat it O.O
    honey is fine as long as it’s a very small amount and people actually rub honey on water bottles when teaching their rabbit to drink from one..whole wheat flour is fine too as long as your don’t give them much.


    Actually oats and honey can be problematic and cause GI problems as they are sugar and carbohydrates but it is true that probably in very small amounts as a treat it is fine if you are into the DIY treats and your rabbits will actually eat them. Wheat flour, not so sure about this either…most of these recipes seem to be high in sugar with the fruits. It’s just like anything though, we love to treat our rabbits and as long as it’s in small amounts I think it would be okay.


    Sniff Snuff, ACHOO:

    Brrr, it’s cold in here, there must be some snuffles in the atmosphere! Okay, maybe that was cheesy, but anytime you have a case of the colds, try feeding these as they are expectorants. Echinacea (coneflower) helps the stimulate the immune system as Dandelion also helps as a herb.


    1/2 Yarrow

    1/2 Comfrey

    1 Coltsfoot

    1 Dandelion

    1 Echinacea


    Put all foliage into a grinder and ground it until it is in very small pieces. If you do not have one, cut it in semi-small pieces with a knife. After you are done, serve.

    Note: Coltsfoot is the very useful for rabbits who have coughs and mucous. 


    Thanks for all the treat recipes.

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    The Calming Trio:

    Comfrey, lavender, and rosemary are great herbs. Comfrey fed in large quantities can pose a risk, so don’t feed too much. Rosemary and lavender are herbs we use, too. Lavender as an aromatherapy, and rosemary as spice or tea. The carrot is just ummm… a side dish, we’ll say.

    (Can be used to help stressed rabbits!)


    1 Comfrey leaf, ground up

    1/4 1 Lavender, ground up
    1/4 c. Rosemary , ground up

    1/2 Carrot, cut in small pieces


    Take out the grounded plants and put it a plate. Add your carrots and mix altogether. Serve.


    Okay, so you’ve just found out your rabbit LOVES berries! Who wouldn’t? It’s tasty, juicy, zesty, and oh so sweeet! (Usually..) This one’s a junkie-junkie but berries are partially considered herbal treats, if not herbs..and the leaves are especially healthy. Corny name, but hey, it explains it all.



    1 Strawberry

    2 Strawberry Leaves

    1 Blackberry Leaf

    1 Blackberries

    1 Bilberry

    1/2 tsp. of Honey


    Put all ingredients (EXCLUDING honey) in a coffee grinder. The results should not be too fine or too bulky. Take it out and put it in a bowl. Add the honey over the berries and mix until through. Serve to your rabbit!

    Bunny Trail Mix:

    What’s with all these recipes starting with bunny? Ohh well. For those who love something you can make in 30 seconds, like throwing this and that into a bag, this one’s for you.

    Raisins are best for your rabbit when low in sugar or sugarless!


    1 Cup Cheerios
     1 Cup Shredded Wheat
    3 raisins
    1 Cup oats
     1 Cup dried apple bits
    1 Cup dried/fresh strawberries
     1 Cup dried pineapple 
    1 Cup dried/fresh carrots

    Mix all and store in airtight container. (any combination of dried fruits & vegetables will do as long as they are safe for your rabbit.)


    Papaya & Pineapple Cookie:

    Okay, so maybe you really did want to bake something after all. You have the oven, the plate, the kitchen, and the super scrubber in case of spills. Gee, are you ready or what? This cookie is great, as papaya can help prevent hairballs, as well as pineapple cookie. Instead of baking, you can always freeze it and serve.


    1/4 c. Papaya, mashed evenly

    1 spoonful Pineapple, mashed evenly

    1/4 c. Rabbit pellets

    3 tsp. Old Fashion Oats


    Preheat your oven to 350 degrees. Mix pineapple and papaya together until it looks pureed and blended altogether. Grind pellets finely and mix with oats. Add mixture to the puree and mix until well blended. Using a tsp. measuring spoon, spoon out onto a cookie sheet covered in parchment paper. It prevents sticking and doesn’t add any grease at the same time. Flatten your cookies until about 1/4″ thick and bake for about 30 minutes or until brown on the bottom. For a crunchier treat, turn off oven when they’re done and leave it in until it cools or just take it out and let cool. Serve to your rabbits and store leftovers but not for more than 5 days in a refrigerator. 


    I am in love with these! I can’t wait to try out some

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