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BUNNY 911 – If your rabbit hasn’t eaten or pooped in 12-24 hours, call a vet immediately!  Don’t have a vet? Check out VET RESOURCES 

The subject of intentional breeding or meat rabbits is prohibited. The answers provided on this board are for general guideline purposes only. The information is not intended to diagnose or treat your pet.  It is your responsibility to assess the information being given and seek professional advice/second opinion from your veterinarian and/or qualified behaviorist.


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    • flippersmom
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      As many of you know, I was here a week ago with the loss of my Angora, Lola.  Many of you posted and lit candles for her and words cannot express how much that meant to us!!  Sadly, I’m back today, to share the loss of her partner in crime, Rocky!!  He had seemed to be doing ok after losing his friend and we thought things were maybe getting back to normal!  Unfortunately we were wrong.  Today he became very lethargic and stopped eating in a matter of 3 hours – I rushed him to the vet and as they had him in the back for x-rays, he too appeared to have a seizure and pass in the techs arms!! 

      As much as I’m saddened by this, I’m also fearful for the other bunnies well being.  I would just die to find out we are harboring a mycotoxin of some sort!!!!  My bunny-savvy vet is doing a necropsy to try to get some answers, and all the other bunnies are heading in for wellness checks!!  If anyway has any thoughts, both myself and my vet would love to hear them as we are both flabbergasted!!!  Trust me, my buns live the life that many humans would be jealous of!!!

      But for now, I will find comfort that my two little lovebirds are together, stealing carrots from God’s garden!!!!!!!!

    • Monkeybun
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      Oh no! I am so so sorry to hear this! Hope theres nothing wrong with your other buns, I’ll keep you and them in my thoughts

      *hugs from me, Monkey, and “Max” *

    • kralspace
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      OMG!! Rocky! I can’t believe it flippersmom, that is just horrible. I can’t say the same thought didn’t cross my mind when I lost little Simba. (I had 6 bunnies total) I’m so glad your vet will do a necropsy, please let us know what happens. I don’t know what to say except God bless your poor heart you and Sarita have certainly been through the wringer.

      hugs and so many healing vibes for everyone,

    • Cassi&Charlie
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      I’m really sorry that you have to go through this again so soon. Poor Rocky, maybe it was just too much for him after Lola passed.

      (((binky free Rocky)))

      *hugs flippersmom*

    • MimzMum
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      flippersmom, words cannot express my dismay and sympathy at Rocky’s sudden passing and I am so sorry for your loss!!
      This definitely sounds like some kind of poisoning (which was what came to mind when I read Lola’s memorial, but it wasn’t the place to say that…now I wish I had!) Please do let us know how the necropsy comes out and in the meantime, I am so very saddened with you that the black rabbit came for Rocky, but hopeful too that he is with his beloved now.
      God bless you all and keep the rest of your bunnies safe from harm!

    • wendyzski
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      What type of feed do you use?  We’re getting updates from someone in the show world about some possible tainted feed in the Midwest.  Here is the most recent update:

      Jut got word that someone had their feed tested, and the results came back with black corn toxin in it. I am not entitled to say who or where it was found at, yet. Lets just say that something may be going on between the breeder and the company in question. Once I am able to share that info, I will. All I know it was found in blue seal rabbit feed. From what I am told the rabbits died from what everyone else has been seeing. 17 rabbits were lost to it. Seems the mold severely effects equines, and rabbits. This could be what is causing our rabbits to die on us. As far as I know the neocropsy and feed tests were just done. This could be why some areas are experiencing a lot of deaths, and others aren’t. Not trying to cause anyone to panic. But just thought I would pass it along.

      and a later update suggests that the 17 is the possible kind

    • flippersmom
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      Just an update from the vet….Rocky’s necropsy did show some small areas of his liver consistent with fatty liver or a toxin. Everything else appeared normal. We have gone over everything imaginable and are still at a loss. We feed Oxbox pellets and the 5 other buns have all been eating from the same bag (it’s over half gone and is stored indoors dumped into a rubbermaid container), we are actually on a different bag of hay from what was being used when Lola passed – all sharing (it too is kept indoors), and I buy their greens every Thursday, so they too would be a differnt batch since Lola passed, and again, they all eat from the same supply! We do not use any pine or cedar shavings. And neither us, nor any of the bunnies have been anywhere where we could have picked up the VHD virus!!!!! We also have had our air checked for any carbon monoxide issues!!!!! Please, please, if anyone has any other thoughts, let me know!!!!! I have sat most of the evening just staring at the others, freaking out if they haven’t moved in more than 5 seconds!!! I’m pretty sure they all think I’ve flipped my gourd!!!!!!!!!

    • mrmac
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      I am so sorry to hear about Rocky! I almos can’t believe it, and so soon too. Hugs to you and your family, I and my bunnies will be thinking and praying for you all! At leats Lola and Rocky have been reunited. Binky free Rocky! (((HUGS)))

    • jerseygirl
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       Oh Judi!  I am so sorry to hear this! How is your son dealing with the loss of both?

      The seizures may be just what happens before they die – it’s not uncommon, it’s called going agonal.  Though if seizures were a symptom of something and were occuring beforehand, this may have caused Rocky to be lethagic.  You did not notice anything out of the ordinary in both Rocky or Lola though – from what you have said.  Just as a precaution you could perhaps buy a small quantity of other hay and feed and have the current hay/feed tested.

      Being cage mates maybe it’s not a feed issue but something else?  Or maybe it is unrelated and a purely horrible coincidence, them both passing so close.  I hope you can get some answers and some closure. You are in my prayers.  {{{Health Vibes for your other bunnies}}}

      Binky Free with your Lola Rocky!

    • Beka27
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      I am so sorry! I cannot believe this! I almost didn’t click on this post b/c I thought it was the same one from when you lost Lola in which I posted my condolences, but now I am just shocked!!! Hugs! I truly hope you can figure out what happened and that your other bunnies are safe!

      It could be possible his system was compromised somehow, and the added grief of losing his mate put him over the edge… :o(

      Binky free TOGETHER Rocky and Lola!

    • Barbie
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      Oh my gosh! I am so sorry to hear about Rocky! (((((HUGS!))))) Leroy and I will keep you and your other bunnies in our thoughts. Hopefully you can find out what happened so that all your other bunnies will be safe.

    • kralspace
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      How are you doing today, flippersmom?

    • Hedi
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      Im so sorry to hear this!

      Have you thought that maybe Rocky just couldnt bear to live w/out Lola? Maybe Lola was truely sick and Rocky was fine but just didnt want to be alone. We see it alot with older human couples-one dies and the other closely behind. The one to go last is pretty healthy and there is no reason for their death but i swear people can will themselves to die if they try hard enough.
      I know they say to keep an eye on a rabbits mate to make sure they are ok while they go thru the greaving but I know rabbits are just as much (if not more) headstrong than humans…

      Sometimes we just arent enough. Our bunnies have such amazing bonds maybe it goes beyond what we can understand?

    • flippersmom
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      Again – a BIG thanks to everyone for their kind words!! The rest of our other silly buns are doing great – all doing the normal bunny things!!! We are patiently waiting for the report from the histopathologist, but are trying to find comfort in that even though our vet did not see anything wrong with Rocky’s heart – it was truly broken by the loss of the love of his life!!!!!! We have, as a precaution, disposed of all remaining food and hay and scrubbed anything and everything that the buns come in contact with!! My luck, they’ll get sick from everything being too clean!!!!!!

    • LittlePuffyTail
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      Oh, I’m so sorry about the loss of Lola’s mate. How sad to lose another beloved bunny so suddenly. At least Rocky is no longer sad, bless his little heart.

      His love for Lola was too strong…they were meant to be together in life and death.

      Prayers for the continued health of all your other bunnies.

    • Kokaneeandkahlua
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      I’m so sorry for you loss And a double tragedy it is

      I know you asked for thoughts on what it could be. I would say, if you haven’t already-take all the food you have right now and throw it out (or put it aside to have tested, you may want to do that later) -pull all the rabbit stuff apart and sanitize. Use bleach on hard surfaces, use Virkon (you can buy it at the vet office-it’s better then bleach and can be sprayed on soft sufaces like carpet) on the rest
      Put all blankies and stuff in the wash. Disinfect the things you store food in and purchase all new food-if you can from a different source. You may also want to contact the feed companies and see if they want a sample for testing from your batch (in fact you may want to do your own independant testing on the feeds sources-talk to your vet about that).

      Again-I’m truly sorry for your devastating loss *HUGS*

      Binky Free Together Lola and Rocky

    • Lintini
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      Gosh, I am so sorry you lost dear Rocky. I really hope that it was just a terrible coincidence and nothing else is wrong. {{{best wishes & hugs}}}

      “In the Candle’s Glow”

      Warm light coming from far below,
      Twinkling, sparkling is the candle’s glow.
      All is well up on the ridge,
      The place we know as Rainbow Bridge.

      Furbabies sleeping in heaven’s light,
      Tended by candles in the night.
      Peaceful dreams be theirs to keep,
      As they slumber in this night so deep.

      Hearts on earth that miss them so,
      Take comfort in the candle’s glow.
      Watching for them in skies above,
      Bound eternally by a cord of love.

      Laura Hickman



      Binky Free Lola & Rocky

    • Sarita
      18851 posts Send Private Message

      Oh, Flippersmom – I’m so sorry! I cannot imagine what you are going through.

      Did you do a necropsy on Lola? I’m thinking you didn’t, but I don’t remember. That’s why I have to wonder and hope that perhaps this is just a very sad coincidence.

      The only thing I could think of is the mycotoxins and you would want to get your feed tested from an outside company – not Oxbow.

    • flippersmom
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      Again – thanks to everyone for all your support!!!

      Just wanted to update…..the five other buns all passed their wellness exams with flying colors yesterday!!! We did pull blood on the oldest (Gussie) and the youngest/newest addition (not sure if I had posted, but we had taken in a foster whom we quickly fell in love with and adopted about 6 weeks ago – oddly, she camed to us named Lola). Gussie, because she had had a bit of soft poops last week – probably strees related since it was the day after we lost Rocky and we were scrubbing everything from top to bottom!!! And the new girl, just to make sure she is not a carrier of something (even though she has had no contact with other bunnies yet) and also to serve as her pre-surgical blood work prior to her spay!!!!! I’m hoping to have those results by the end of today. The histopathology on Rocky should be back by then end of the week. Pending those, we will decided if we will send food and hay samples for testing (all has been tossed, except for enough to send off!!).

    • Carrot Lane Bunny
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      I sent you a pm flippersmom.

    • flippersmom
      213 posts Send Private Message

      Just another little update….. Rocky’s histopath results cam back right before all the Christmas festivities and did show a bacterial infection of some sort. They are trying to isolate a sample to determine what type of bacteria specifically, so that we may have some idea of the origin. We are assuming that Lola had the same infection since they were housed together and shared everything else!! Everybunny else is doing fine! I have to admit it was tough to have to take down 2 little stockings instead of filling them with bunny treats from Santa and I still find myself looking for their funny little faces when I head down to the family room!!!!! Thanks to all of you again for your kind and comforting words!

    • Barbie
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      Awww (((Hugs!))) I’m glad to hear that everybun else is doing fine!

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