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BUNNY 911 – If your rabbit hasn’t eaten or pooped in 12-24 hours, call a vet immediately!  Don’t have a vet? Check out VET RESOURCES 

The subject of intentional breeding or meat rabbits is prohibited. The answers provided on this board are for general guideline purposes only. The information is not intended to diagnose or treat your pet.  It is your responsibility to assess the information being given and seek professional advice/second opinion from your veterinarian and/or qualified behaviorist.


Forum HOUSE RABBIT Q & A Are you a bunny slave?

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        This made me giggle!

        The 100 Question Bunny Slave Test, Version 1.1


        There are bunny owners and there are bunny slaves. Slaves differ from owners in that they are extraordinarily devoted to their bunnies, to the point where some people think that they are insane.

        How much of a bunny slave are you? Here’s a test to check. Scoring is one point for every yes answer. Subtract that from 100% to get your percentage. The lower your score is, the bigger a bunny slave you are.

        I will eventually do this using forms. For now, plain old pencil and paper will have to do. This test assumes that you have one bunny by default. If you have more, the questions apply to all bunnies under your care.

        You can check your bunny’s naughtiness:

        1. Do you own a bunny?
        2. Do you own two or more bunnies?
        3. Does your bunny get at least one gourmet veggie (ex. radicchio, frisee, other stuff that you would not normally find in Safeway.) a week?
        4. Does your bunny get at least gourmet veggie a day?
        5. Does your bunny get more gourmet veggies than you do?

        6. Have you ever confused a checkout person with a gourmet veggie that you bought for your bunny?
        7. Do you spend more on your bunny’s food than on your veggies?
        8. Do you spend 5 times as much?

        9. Had your SO complain about the fact that the bunny’s veggies are better than theirs?
        10. Have you ever gone out after 9 pm to buy veggies for your bunny?
        11. After midnight?
        12. Did you go only because a favorite type of veggie had run out? (i.e. You have plenty of other veggies, just not that particular one.)
        13. Served your bunny food on the best plates in your house?

        14. Bought a furry toy for your unneutered male?
        15. Shopped for just the right furry toy?
        16. Been late to class or work because your bunny demanded attention?
        17. Been more than an hour late because of the above?
        18. Left your radio on during the day so bunny won’t get bored?

        19. Left your TV on?
        20. Stopped a particular piece of music because it upset your bunny?
        21. Left your TV on a particular show because changing channels upset your bunny?
        22. Called home during the day to make sure that your bunny was okay?
        23. Called home more than 3 times a day?

        24. Called home and left a message for your bunny?
        25. Called several times and left multiple messages?
        26. Visited your bunny during the day?
        27. Came home early from a trip because your bunny missed you?
        28. Cancelled your vacation because you were worried about your bunny?
        29. Set up a video camera to record your bunny’s movements during the day? (bunny-cam)

        30. Had a bunny cam print photos to your web page? (bunny cam live!)
        31. Recorded noises your bunny made?
        32. Sampled noises and put them up on a web page?
        33. Have a picture of your bunny on your desk at work?
        34. Have more pictures of your bunny than your SO on your desk?

        35. Carry bunny pictures in your wallet?
        36. Have bunny pictures on your web page?
        37. Have so many pictures on your web page that people have complained about how long it takes to load?
        38. Have subscribed to the PetBunny mailing list?
        39. to Housebun?

        40. to Etherbun?
        41. Posted to any of the above lists?
        42. Posted so often to a list that people know you by name?
        43. Had people on the list only remember your bunny’s name, but not yours?
        44. Can only remember other bunny’s names on the list, but not the slave’s name?

        45. Posted to a list as your bunny?
        46. Posted so much that other people on the list know your bunny’s personality better than they know yours?
        47. Have seen other posters refer other people to you? (ex. "Go ask Laura Tessmer about it, she knows the most about the subject.&quot
        48. Stayed up til the wee hours of the night to read/reply to list mail?
        49. Missed a deadline because you were reading and/or replying to one of the lists?
        50. Missed a date?

        51. Engaged in a discussion with other list members about bunny poop?
        52. Discussed how proud you were of your bunny’s poop or pooping habits?
        53. Know by heart every food that influences your bunny’s pooping habits?
        54. Could identify your bunny’s poop from another bunny’s poop under normal conditions?

        55. Have you been oblivious to the bunny poop scattered about on your floor?
        56. Know exactly what your bunny’s pee smells like when they’re healthy?
        57. Invented extremely elaborate tricks to make your bunny voluntarily eat their medicine? (making a cocktail with a shot of grenadine; chopping up the tablets, mixing them with sugar and hiding them in food; etc.)
        58. Entered your bunny in a Toughbun contest?
        59. Had your bunny place in the top 3 toughbuns?

        60. Do you know what a binky is?
        61. Have you had to repeatedly explain what a binky is to other people?
        62. Do you tend to use bunny language to express yourself? (ex. you stomp when you’re angry)
        63. Have you ever written a limerick about your bunny?

        64. Do you know which veggies are bad for bunnies without having to refer to anything?
        65. Know which ones are high in calcium?
        66. Know which brands of pellets are good quality ones?
        67. Know what each percentage of protein, calcium, and fat should be in an ideal pellet?
        68. Know the names of the most prominent bunny vets by heart?

        69. Have you ever special ordered pellets or mail ordered them?
        70. Special or mail ordered hay?
        71. Not noticed that certain rooms in your house look like a hay barn?
        72. Convinced a pet store or pet supplies place to stock bunny safe litter?
        73. Ordered a Rabbitat or a similar bunny condo?

        74. Built a bunny condo?
        75. Bought merchandise from Busy Bunny?
        76. Have more than $10 worth of bunny related paraphenalia (clothes, candles, etc.)?
        77. More than $100?

        78. Have you ever put off socializing because you felt that you weren’t spending enough time with your bunny?
        79. Had your friends complain that you spend more time with your bunny than with them?
        80. Had your SO complain?
        81. Asked houseguests to leave because you needed to spend more quality time with your bunny?
        82. Had people stare at you because you were providing dialog for your bunny?
        83. Let your bunny sleep on the bed?
        84. Let your bunny sleep on the bed even though they like to pee on it?
        85. Kicked your SO out of bed because there was no room for your bunny?

        86. Have you ever baby talked to your bunny?
        87. Baby talked to your bunny in mixed company?
        88. Did the moo-ing thing to your bunny?
        89. Did the moo-ing thing to your bunny in front of polite company?
        90. Dated someone because you liked their bunny?
        91. Dated someone because your bunny liked their bunny?
        92. Refused to go out with someone because your bunny hated him/her?

        93. Bought a fan or A/C because you were worried about your bunny overheating?
        94. Smuggled your bunny to or from a place that doesn’t allow rabbits?

        95. Smuggled your bunny aboard an airplane?
        96. Drove cross country because it would be more comfortable for your bunny than going by airplane?
        97. Have you ever corrected your vet on bunny medicine?
        98. Had your vet ask you for input on bunny medicine?
        99. Made major changes in your lifestyle to accomodate your bunny’s needs?
        100. Have you seen other people react oddly when they hear about the depths of your bunny-slaveness?

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