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    We’ve been a bit slack on the Christmas festivities this year. I love Christmas but we haven’t even got the tree up yet. No decorations, no Christmas activities etc. I really wanted to go to a Christmas market but have been busy and tired etc. I did take a brief walk by myself the other evening to check out some nearby Christmas lights, but we need another warm night before hubby and I go out for a walk to enjoy the local lights.

    I am pleased to at least be catching up with my sister and her family at Christmas this year. It’s been a while since I’ve seen them.


    Muj Mom N Bun

    White Rabbit… white Rabbit… white Rabbit… late rabbit… late rabbit… late rabbit… it’s almost the end of the month!!!

    I began saying I would hop in on time and as you see it did not happen! One thing after another… I sure hope everyone is having a wonderful December… I hope to be able to catch up reading some of the forum so I don’t appear too clueless… soon… but… I shall be back with a Naughty or Nice Pic for you all to decide…


    Muj Mom N Bun

    Wow… I must also admit that I also am not a fan of the over hyped market pushing “super perfect” holiday perfection you must shop your wallet off for your perfect family to love you for the perfect holiday spirit success…. no…. December is a royal depressing drag. I am also a December birthday and have been without my parents and that perfect family dynamic for almost my entire life… watching it only get pushed harder and harder down the throats of people… it’s so over hyped… market pushing… for Decades I actually mourned my bday… my therapist told me that I really needed to reshape it for my son, I raise him alone now, another axe in the not perfect family picture for any holiday season… I will take it! Thanks! Over a bad marriage any day! But… I went into the mall the other week and the stores were crazy!!! I mean, yeah, it’s sort of a good thing, bcz our economy needs all the brick and mortar sales in the last quarter it can get… but wait until you see all of the returns for weeks after the holiday!

    As far as my bday goes… it’s tomorrow… I don’t know if I will bake myself a cake… I usually do… and some Baklava… I don’t usually tell many people, and I usually let whoever remembers remember and whoever forgets forget… and I just be thankful for one more day. I look at it as the longest night of the year. It’s the winter equinox… which means after my birthday, we can begin to look forward to longer daylight coming minute by minute day by day. I have serious depression and Seasonal Affective Disorder is a real problem for me… it is really very helpful for me to look at the fact more daylight hours are coming… so on my bday, I look every year at the calculated sunset 15 days ahead and then another 15 days ahead… that really helps me get thru… that’s my bday present to me



    I cleared a coffee table and got a baby blue spruce. I just couldn’t do without a tree. He’s sporting one tiny garland and Chewie’s bauble from Kurotta’s mom. And I love it.



    We’ve only just put up our tree this morning, will be decorating it when hubby gets home from work. I also finally put some lights up on my collectible display cabinet, which also makes things kind of festive All of my shopping is done and presents are wrapped too.

    I’m baking today too, I haven’t baked in a long time, but my team missed out on the Christmas lunch at work due to our hours so I’m doing a few of my family’s traditional Christmas foods to bring to work on Monday. It also means that I’m making a gluten free version as well because the lady I work with has a slight intolerance and we have another team member who has coeliac disease so I have to be pretty careful if I label something as gluten free. It’s amazing when you start looking how many things actually have gluten in them. I have to make the gluten free version first so I don’t contaminate a spoon or bowl etc. Such a pain but boy is the cake in the oven starting to smell delicious



    Ayyyyeeee guess who’s sick in time for Christmas? This girl! I haven’t posted in here since the first so it was about time XD


    Ah crud, what a bad timing BunnyLass Get well soon!

    More news from the sick bay: my rheumatism is acting up due to bad weather (cold&constant rain). When I woke up this morning I couldn’t use my left arm. Luckily Bas was there and managed to do some basic massage on my shoulder, so it’s getting a bit better. I may be offline for a couple of days until I’ve had physio.



    oh poo… I hope you guys feel better soon

    Ellie, the weather seems to be wet and dreary everywhere ?



    To Ellie and Q8, thanks you guys. That means a lot, no seriously it does.

    Anyway, Hoppy Holidays to everyone!


    Tony's Mum

    Well it’s rainy and cold and crap but I’M FINALLY ON MY CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS so I am in a good mood. I got the buns some special hay and this morning I found Mellie sprawled out napping in it, so it’s safe to say it’s a hit ?



    ? Sounds like it…



    I haven’t been posting much of late, because well, without Clover it’s hard.  And lately all I seem able to see is sad stories. 

    That said, I love this place and all in it.   You folks (And the hoomans you’ve enslaved), are my daily inspiration.  I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season and the new year is brighter than the last one.

    Bless you all, and consider all your noses booped.



    Happy Christmas everybun!

    In typical fashion I’m sick for the day! I flew home yesterday (to spend it with buns and family)
    and I think I got some contaminated airport food (Ive been vegan a few years so pretty easy to happen) oh the joys!

    Advantage is that I got a heated throw blanket for Christmas, so the bunnies are snuggling in with me ?



    Aww… Happy Christmas bun and all. ? Bladesmith, hugs dude. Dface, get better soon (being vegan or even veg is so hard in transit… )


    Asriel and Bombur

    Merry Christmas every one and buns!

    Bladesmith: You get a big bear hug (I know that grumpy exterior is grumbling, but that soft interior is smiling!)
    Dface: I used to be vegan for quite a while and traveling was a nightmare! I used to just get lots of snacks and eat them on the plane or I’d stay safe with a bagel. I have some medical issues and now have a special diet, which conveniently also makes eating out easier than ever xD

    Spent the weekend with the mother in-law and John’s sister, which was surprisingly pleasant for a change. Christmas day John and I just hung out with the boys in our pajamas all day playing board games and video games, which I absolutely loved. We rarely get much time like that to really just be together doing something we love and just having down time, so it was more than welcomed. Tomorrow I turn 27, and it’ll be much of the same thing as Christmas. Weird to say, but I’m actually really looking forward to my 30s!



    Happy birthday A&B!
    That sounds like an idyllic weekend tbf, board games bunnies and pyjamas – life goals.
    Thanks Q8, unfortunately I have a cold now… Grrr

    We’ve finally set a move date with the rabbits (Saturday)
    Went and got them checked in the vets and got critical care and some calming tablets that we are gonna try get into them.

    Its an 8 hour trip (3 hour ferry crossing) and a 4am start, so its a pretty big ask for 2 little floor potatoes, so we will need a lot of good vibes for it!

    Ive researched vets in the areas too incase we need emergency care, but hopefully it doesnt come to that!



    Dface it sounds like you’re well prepared, I hope that the move goes well

    Heading up to my sister’s tomorrow for more family Christmas catch ups, will see her family and my Nanna as well as my brother and his family who we saw Christmas Day, it’s going to be nice, but it will be an extremely long day, 2 and 1/2 hours of driving each way, plus tiring Christmas food and family catch ups

    I was hoping to sneak a nap in today, but I’m not sure I’m going to get the time which is a shame.



    Happy belated birthday, A&B! Your xmas day sounds idyllic to me ☺️ Hope your bday was the same.

    Dface, best of luck with the move and I hope the floofs just loaf through the whole process


    Asriel and Bombur

    Dface: floor potatoes xD accurate description. Good luck with the big move and let us know how it goes! Fingers and paws crossed no stasis incidents in transit!

    Az: as exhausting as the day will be you’ll enjoy that extra Christmas spirit! I think Christmas really is more of a week long affair until New Years. Enjoy the time while it lasts xD but I’m so with you on the naps!

    Thanks for the birthday wishes!! The day was filled with Mario Party 3, Knights of the Old Republic, Bird Box, Super Mario 3, and lots of keto goodies (I’m looking at you cookie dough ice cream pint). Tonight John and his friend are taking me to Buffalo Wild Wings to celebrate. My friends are all scattered through the ends of the country, so I rarely get to see them, but his friend Joe is a blast, so it’ll be fun.



    A&B- I watched bird box the other day, thought it was a really cool film!

    Thanks for the good thoughts guys! We arrived today after a grand total of 12 hours..! They were little super stars, especially Peep who really took it in his stride.
    I get terribly sea sick, so I spent the ferry crossing lying beside their carrier with the door open.. I think it was more helpful for me than for them!

    Yumi gave me a bit of a scare, when her temperature started to drop and she started showing symptoms of shock – but we caught it early enough that a few miles cuddled up in my jumper had her back to her normal level of car stress.
    She also ‘cries’ during stressful situations (her eyes weep excessively), it makes doing these things to her all the more terrible!

    But we arrived and everyone is eating and drinking, and pooping (pooping everywhere bar the litter tray it seems!)
    The relief is monumental!

    …I guilt bought them a cat tower…



    Relieved to hear it Dface! I had intentions to pop my head in and wish you luck beforehand but I was too late. Really good you were able to turn things around for Yumi so quickly. Hearing her cry would freak me out!
    I hope they settle into there new home smoothly.

    Happy belated Birthday wishes, A&B! It sounds like it was celebrated just the way you like it.



    Dface I’m very glad that you all made it safe and sound, and I do hope that you are feeling better now and that they like their cat tower

    Visited my sister and her family yesterday, got to spend time with them and my Nanna, it was really lovely and especially exhausting. Jasper ate a mountain of food today to make up for a few missed meals yesterday lol.

    Apollo stepped in a cecal today and I only found it after it dried, so he required some extra attention and a foot sponge bath, lol. He handled it pretty well but overall wasn’t impressed.

    For those who are familiar with the kitten Jasper saga and her being the wrong gender etc, she’s scheduled to be booked in for her spay this month and I just got a message from the breeder saying that if we book into their vet that they can pay for her spay, which is really nice. It’s technically the right thing for them to be doing, but I wasn’t expecting it or going to ask them to do it so I thought it was generous that she offered out of the blue. I’m terrified for her to go under but I know it will be fine.



    Az – sometimes I think it would be nice to be an ignorant owner of pets, so you dont have to have all the worries associated with knowing all of the unlikely but still possible things that could go wrong.
    Ignorance really is bliss!
    Its nice that they offered, I think I missed the story of how you ended up with a misgendered cat though??

    Yuck. Ceacals are definitely the down side of owning rabbits. Peep has managed to get some of his on his little moustache.. That was an awful day ?

    I took the rabbits screen away from their cage today, and now that she has had her naps, and regained her confidence, Yumi is determined to get out into the room and claim it for herself (by peeing on my couch presumably)
    Peep has not noticed, bless him.

    My boyfriend is flying in tomorrow so we’ll get to spend new years in our very bare looking house (it came unfurnished) but Im still excited to be welcoming in the new year as our own little family ?



    Chewie is verry annoyed with me because we’re experimenting with new litterbox setups. I’ve been getting a lot of footflicks. lol

    Happy Binky New Year to everybun! We’re wishing for a home of our own and continued good health.


    Asriel and Bombur

    Happy Binky New Year!!!

    Q8: what set ups are you doing the his highness is not fond of?

    John and I are moving in a month, so we’ve been brainstorming options for so many things for the boys. We’re moving in with friends who have 5 cats and 6 guinea pigs. They say the cats don’t bother the pigs, and would be fine with the buns in the animal room, but I’m skeptical. One of the cats is a terror. Our room is a little smaller in the new place, so we’re downgrading our bed size so the boys can have more space. We loved the pen Antar has in their thread. So we’re thinking of getting one for each of the boys, especially cause it’ll help Bombur with his EC issues. We’re also planning to get Az a cat tower because that bunny just loves to fly, and I want to give him everything he desires.

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