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    I took a two day break, actually took a vacation so had time to de-stress. I bonded them for an hour and this session was back to normal. Grooming from bun bun, flops. I did not include the water bowl or toys in this session.

    Bonded them today, this went on for 30 minutes and was not the best session. Bun bun barely groom, ran away from her a lot and actually came by me and started grooming me. Which made her mad and caused nipping, I tried to distance myself so he would stop coming to me, but Bunnie nipping was not the greatest today and it was starting to lead to both bunnies being mad. I did force cuddles in this session to calm them down, this seem to help for about 10 mintues and then it was back to nipping and bun bun ignoring her request to be groom and trying to get to me (which he couldn’t cause I blocked myself off). I ended it with force cuddles. I let them get relaxed before I ended the session.

    I’m not understanding why it keeps going back in forth all of a sudden. I am going to be stress bonded them all next week. Car rides and the basket method. I have made plans with my family member to drive me around with them.


    Just wanted to say, its been wonderful to read your bonding journal! I read it all in one sitting, and I gotta say that even with the back and forth, the progress made from the very beginning is enormous! Youre doing an amazing job! Bunbun is quite the little diva, and Bunnie is the embodiment of the > emoji, hahahahaha! Your bunnies seem really awesome, and I cant wait to see them eventually bonded completely! Keep trucking, best of luck!


    Hi, so I know it’s been about a week since I last posted. I’m trying to figure out if my rabbit have mites or not right now. What I’m wondering now, is it still okay to bond them during this?


    Hi there,

    Hmmm, not sure. I actually wonder if maybe brewing mites might have triggered some of the back and forth you were seeing? If one bun is ill, it can affect the bonding process. Not sure if mites would be enough to trigger that, or potentially the stress from bonding triggered the mites?

    I think it’s your call. If they seem to be doing worse, I would wait till the mites are treated.


    After taking a break for three days, I did a test session and man it was so cute. Bun bun groomed her the second he saw her, she kept wanting to be groom as well.

    Saturday I wanted to do a full day but things came up and I could only do two hours. Kinda bummed about that. However I did introduce a litter box.

    Today I am doing a full day session, I’m currently in the middle of the sesssion as I’m writing this. They both are using the litter box, not together but they are using it. They are both drinking out the water bowl, once again not at the same time. Lots of grooming from bun bun so far, nothing from Bunnie but she is leaning her head into him a lot and relaxing a lot next to him.

    She is getting more comfortable with him walking passed her. She has calm down the fur pulling and nipping.

    I will update more later but I was wondering if you think maybe next week I could try overnight? Also check my profile picture out, it includes a picture of Bunnie. I don’t think I have showed her yet. I have no idea what breed she is. (Probably a sassy breed tho)

    As far as my mites issue I still don’t know if they have it or not. However, I am just treating them like they do have it. Im cleaning their areas and giving them treatment for it. It doesn’t seem to be affecting their bonding sessions.


    The session was 6 hours long. I wanted to go to 7 but I revived a call from the vet and had to handle that which ended it an hour early.

    The rest of the session was a lot of flopping and exploring. Bunnie stop nipping him when he passed by her real close. I had some snacks with me and one of them happen to be a banana, which the second I opened it I was rushed by two rabbits. They both were trying to get on my lap to get the banana. Thought that was funny and cute. I ended up putting some of it on bun bun head. Only in one spot. Bunnie groomed him and actually groomed him in other areas as well, such as ear and cheeks, and I did not put any banana there. There were a few groom request from bun bun after this which she accepted. I’m pretty sure the banana was gone at that point too, as I didn’t put a lot on.

    I ended the session with them flopping away from each other.

    So I still have no cuddling, and no using water bowls or the litter box at the same time. And Bunnie is grooming bun bun, just a couple once in awhile licks (without banana). Besides those things, they are completely fine with each other. Obviously I don’t think I can put them together just yet, but at what level do I need to be with these things where I can put them together? Basically, does she need to be grooming him everywhere and crazy like he does her? Do they have to be cuddling before they are put together? And do they have to use the litter box or drink at the exact same time to be able to be put together?

    I feel like I’m very close to having them bonded, I’m just missing a few things. Honestly I had lots of moments today during the session where I was doing something else (video games, on my phone, drawing, or even laying down) and I didn’t have to worry about them doing something crazy.

    (Also this isn’t the first time I used the banana, the banana is what got bun bun to start grooming again. During that time I stopped posting and from my last post, Bun Bun stopped grooming. The banana seem to reset them within one session. It has been back to normal ever since and it’s been a week and a few days now. I did try stress bonding during the time I stopped posting and it was very odd. I personally felt like it didn’t change anything. I did a 20 minute car ride with them, and I kinda felt like to stressed Bunnie out a tad to much.)


    That’s great news.

    It’s funny, you say you don’t think stressing helped, but to me it looks like these have been the best sessions so far? So I wouldn’t be so sure it did nothing.

    Keep up with the long sessions. You’ll want to see cuddling, sharing food, sharing water bowl, and generally able to scramble over each other without incident. This might not happen until you push for an overnight or full day though. Not all buns share litter box, but they shouldn’t get nippy over it.


    So for the water bowl they have to drink out of it the same time? They are alreadybokay eating together and stealing food.

    I will try my best to do a full day (maybe overnight if they seem to be doing good) on saturday, hopefully nothing last minute comes up. As far as the cuddling do I need to see a full on side to side cuddle, or is a half body cuddle enough? And with the grooming, does she need to be grooming as crazy as he does? Or is a few second grooming enough?

    Like I said I feel like they are super close, they just are missing a few key things. As far as this week I can’t do super long session, I can fit in an hour maybe 2, during week days, but I’m hoping this weekend I’ll be able to do an all day plus overnight and maybe an all day Sunday session as well. Going to be painful but if it gets them bonded it will be worth it! Lol.


    With the water, it might just be they aren’t thirsty at the same time? You just don’t want to see one chasing the other away from the water.

    You have made a ton of progress, so try not to rush these final stages. In my experience, when they are fully bonded, you KNOW. So if there is any question or uncertainty, you aren’t quite there yet.

    You have done amazing with them, keep it up!

Viewing 9 posts - 126 through 134 (of 134 total)
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