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    Haven’t found the time to post! Had to skip Thursday because the neutral area I use is a bathroom in one of my family members room. And I did not have access to it that day.

    Day 5 (Wednesday):

    GROOMING STANDOFF. No nips though. Sessions lasted 10 minutes.

    Day 6 ( Friday): 10 mintues.

    Best session in my opinion.

    They started the session off by putting their heads together. I really thought this was going to be another grooming standoff, but boy was I wrong.

    – around 3 mintues bun bun moved away from her and started grooming himself. He groomed himself a total of three times in this session.
    -Bunnie was sitting and just watching him. I petted her very relaxed during this.

    -Bun bun walked around the bonding area, and sniff around. He explored the area. He then groomed himself again.
    -Bunnie stayed where she was very relaxed.

    -around 7 minutes bun bun came back over to her and out his head down by her. She was calm with this. I petted their heads and went back and forth between their heads to swap scents. This is the only time I petted Bun Bun, he is super calm around her and doesn’t try nipping her.

    -I gave them a strawberry treat at 8 mintues. Bun bun groomed himself again after he was done. She then started walking around. Bun bun came over to me.

    -she would turn around once in awhile and hop over and try to nip Bun Bun on his side. I stopped this because I was scared it would lead to a fight because of the area it was in. This was the only part I was unsure if I did right by. She was very calm when she went to go nip, it was just how sentive the area she was trying to nip at. I ended the session with them putting their heads together again.

    I plan on increasing sessions to 15 mintues.



    Sounds good! Just having them be relaxed enough to groom themselves in close proximity to each other is definitely progress.



    I have been bad about posting, but I have a huge update so wanted to post it. I have been still doing bonding sessions, they are 20 mintues plan on going to 30. But today session was the best by far. Bun bun groomed Bunnie. Right on the cheek. He groomed her for about a minute! I plan on posting my all my sessions tomorrow, just thought I update this thread with good news.



    Woohooo! Good job!



    So today session went great. I was only able to do 16 mintues because of a cold going around my house, I have to take care of family. But today session was still very interesting.

    -Bunnie groomed herself being only an inch away from him. (She started grooming herself and yesterday session)

    -Bun Bun groomed her MUTIPLE times during this session. And he groomed her crazily. He would end up nipping her after two- three mintues of grooming. I’m assuming it’s because she has not groomed him, and he getting annoyed. Any time he nips she jerks away and usually walks off or puts her head back down.

    -Bunnie is very relaxed when he grooms her, she will actually lean her head more into him. Her eyes will be slightly closed or completely closed.

    – end of session she started grunting. I don’t know if it was because he was kinda ignoring her or if she was mad at the towel I moved back in place. She was calm at the end of the session. Ended with their heads together and him licking her a little.



    Sounds great!



    Yay! I am glad to see happy updates from you.

    My doe also was the stubborn one when it came to grooming. The annoying part was that even from the day after I got her she was giving me kisses but it took her a while to give those kisses to my buck. I get that their dynamic is different but it still can be so frustrating!

    I am pulling for you guys and am happy things sound promising.



    Thank you! I’m sure she will give in soon, she seems to enjoy herself when he is around. She only has ever licked me twice, I don’t think she is much of a human person like my male Bun is. That is why I think this bond will benefit both of them. Hopefully she will give in soon! I’m just glad one of them is grooming!



    Okay so I honestly have no idea what bonding session number I’m on, I have to go back and count the days lol! I been going back in forth between 15-20 minute session. My work has been crazy so it’s been pushing the time back a little. So I’m just going to post on what new things have happened and then post my 30 minute session I did today.

    New things:
    – Bun Bun grooms her NON STOP. Like literally half the session is him grooming her.
    -she will raise one ear up, and every time she does that Bun Bun will groom that ear.
    – she nips him any time he ask to be groom
    -she is grooming herself now, but won’t let Bun Bun groom himself. Any time he goes to groom himself she will walk over and place her head right under him and request to be groom, which he always accepts.

    30 minute session:
    -personal space means nothing to the both of them.

    – he groomed her and she will literally move her head so far under him just so he can groom the top of her head and ears.

    – Bun Bun cuddle into her side, his head a little under her belly. She did the same to him. They did this for 5 mintues. I relaxed on petting them during this. And kept relaxing petting them. The last minute of the 5 I stopped petting completely. They were fine for a minute until she nip him on the belly, and he reacted by trying to get her. I pulled them apart to avoid a bunny tordano.

    -I tried to calm both of them down. He calm down faster then her. She was grunting for the longest time. I ended up having to pet her for awhile to calm her down.

    -Bun Bun requested to be groom, she replied by grunting and moving away.

    -I petted them both for awhile while they both were relaxed, they are half sitting half laying.

    – Bun Bun would groom her during this.

    The session ended with bun bun grooming her and her head being almost under him completely. No nips and I waited for bun bun to move away before ending the session.

    So I’m curious to know your thoughts so far, and if you think there is any I should change/do.



    Day 16: 40 minute session.

    No grooming

    -Bunnie kept biting the towels and digging at them, did this for 15 mintues before I finally removed them. Would nip bun bun any time he got near the towel she was nipoing at. She start grunting at the towels and that is when I removed them. I wonder i should change them out. I been using them since day one O.o

    -after towel was removed, they would put their head together, but Bun Bun would asked to be groomed not her. She usually responded by nipping him or moving away.

    -they both explored the bonding area

    – Bunnie nip bun bun while he was grooming himself

    -around 25 mintues they sat at opposite corners and literally sat there until the 37 minute mark. During this the only thing they did was groom themselves. This was the first time Bunnie did a full grooming session to herself in front of bun bun.

    For the rest of the 4 mintues they explored the area and bun bun asked to be groom by her.

    Bunnie never asked to be groomed this session. I kinda felt like a failure after this session because the others have gone pretty well in the last few days. Maybe I’m just overthinking it.



    Very interesting, as the session from Jan 25 sounds amazing, and then a bit of step back on Jan 26. Buns do certainly associate smells with things, so maybe the towels have made the area non-neutral at this point.

    I am having trouble keeping track of multiple bonding threads at the moment, but have you tried any stressing with them?

    I think at this point since you are getting some grooming and cuddling, you might experiment with less interaction with them from you. You might need a larger area or a more stressful area, but I sounds like they are pretty calm, and you could probably back off a bit?



    That’s what I thought. I felt very defeated after yesterday session. I completely changed the towels today and they seem to be much better. I want to be less involved, I watch tons of bonding videos and I honestly feel like I’m more involved then they are. Every video seems to just throw their bunnies into some bonding area, and let them do there thing unless they fight. But then again their bunny isn’t trying to nip 24-7.

    I feel like Bunnie nips all the time. She doesn’t do it hard, but she nips bun bun about 6-7 times in one session, and some I have to block because she goes for sensitive areas. I don’t have to worry at all about bun bun tho, because he literally just tries cuddling her or grooming her. I know nipping is for comuication, but i don’t think nipping him while he is trying to groom himself is really going to end well.. she even tries nipping me during bonding session. It really isn’t hard tho.

    I have tried stressing them but no car rides yet. I have been busy with work, so it’s hard to find time. I plan on trying one soon. Might try one on Tuesday.

    Day 17: 42 minute session.

    BUN BUN IS BACK TO GROOMING HER. I really think it was the towel.

    -lots of putting their heads together this session. I stopped petting bun bun. I only pet him when he come over to me. I’m still petting her however. Just very relaxed.

    -Bunnie keeps trying to nip him when he is grooming himself, this does not stop him from grooming himself. Any time bun bun butt is facing her she tries to nip his butt as well.

    -Bun Bun groomed her a lot this session, he will nip her after a minute or two of grooming her, which she will usually move away after that.

    – introduce hay and pellets into the bonding area. He ate both hay and the pellets (he loves food tho) she only ate smal bits of hay.

    -they explored a lot today during this session.

    -she never nipped him when he asked to be groom. But she did move away a lot.

    – she peed in the bonding area today, which was new. Maybe it’s because I added hay?

    -groom themselves an inch away from each other

    Sorry for my long post! Do you think I should block her nips more? I allow all of them (beside stomach nips) but I feel like it’s getting out of hand..



    That sounds like you’re back on track! I would replace the towels every session if possible!

    If the nipping is not pulling chunks of fur or leading to an immediate fight, I would allow it. If it’s not hurting you, it’s def not hurting them since it’s through a thick layer of fur.

    The asking to groom while the other bun is grooming is common! My pairs all have done this. It’s like they see the other bun grooming, and just try to sneak in and hope they keep grooming. It works surprisingly often for my buns, so I would allow it and see what happens.



    I am now replacing the towels every session. They seem much happier with that. Also I have exciting news…. Bunnie (kinda) GROOM BUN BUN. I was so excited last night I almost cried.

    Day ? (18 I think) 40 mintues

    -lots of exploring the area, very comfortable around each other.

    -Bun Bun grooms Bunnie every time she requests to be groom.

    -they are now cuddling. They cuddle head by head. Where his head is under her belly and she is the same way. Not all the way under but lean into it. They haven’t flopped, but they are VERY relaxed sitting.

    -Bunnie allows him to groom her all over. Neck, ears, body, head, basically anywhere.

    -Bunnie will start some of the cuddle sessions.

    -Bun Bun was grooming himself and Bunnie slowly crept under him. She really had no concept of personal space. She was almost under him completely where I could barely see her face. Bun bun ended up stop grooming and started grooming her. It was very funny looking. Lol

    -She randomly lunge at Bun Bun and grunted, no nips tho. This happened once and I have no idea why because he wasn’t even near her.

    – they are now grooming themselves right next to each other.

    -Bunnie is still a little uncomfortable with him being near her when she is agasint a wall, but I’m sure that will improve over time.

    The session ended with Bunnie slowly lifting her head when Bun Bun asked to be groomed. I swear I thought she was going to nip him, but she ended up licking him 4 times before placing her head down and asking to be groom.

    Seriously I almost cried when this happened! I’m still petting Bunnie VERY relaxed when she is near Bun Bun, but it’s really her back I’m petting. I plan on stopping it like I did for bun bun. I’m trying to ease out of it tho, instead of stopping all together. Everyday I’m petting her less and less.



    OMG that is amazing!

    Sounds like a major breakthrough! Way to go!

    I would repeat that exact same type of session a couple days, and if all is still going well, start increasing the time they are together.



    Day 20: 40 minute session.

    Not nearly as great as the other day but still good.

    -they did lots of exploring at first.

    -Bun Bun kept asking to be groomed and kept getting denied. He started rejected Bunnie when she asked because of this.

    -he groomed a bit, not nearly as much. He would lick her a bit then asked to be groomed. They went back and forth with putting their heads under each other.

    -I am only petting Bunnie when she is cuddling Bun Bun or he is asking her to be groom now. I only pet her bottom now.

    -Bunnie nipped him during cuddles, I believe it was the lack of grooms that caused her to nip. I took as her basically saying “no cuddles for you if I don’t get groomed” lol

    -she asked to be groomed after this which he walked away from.

    -they ended on cuddling and her asking him to be groomed. Which he licked her three times then moved away.

    I think bun bun still kinda wants dominance but Bunnie is standing her ground on it. I believe the other day went so well because Bun Bun gave in a lot. He didn’t reject her once and he let her be in charge. It’s clear they still have to work those things out, but I believe it’s going well. How much longer do you think bun bun will keep trying for dominance?

    Also, Bun Bun is now doing her terrible habits of digging at my carpet -.- I was hoping she would pick up on his habits of not digging at my carpet and eating my baseboards.



    Hard to say how long it will continue, but it does sound like they are on track.



    So I need to count to see what number session I’m on. But I have been doing them everyday since my last post, only missed one day. Session are still 40 mintues.

    I introduce lettuce back in the sessions to see if she will eat it now. She does! She will eat it in front of him now, they do not get territorial. I noticed they stick to their own pieces they will not eat each other pieces. Today she was requesting to be groom why he was still eating his piece. It was so funny because he was literally eat the lettuce on top of her head.

    I stopped petting a lot with her. Still petting a bit. She will lift her head a few times while he is requesting to be groom. But she usually will request it herself, walk away, or lightly nip him all of his cheek. The last one has been more common.

    She nips him a lot when she wants to be groom. She does this a lot when he is grooming himself. She still won’t groom him.

    He grooming her more and more. By more I mean EVERYWHERE. He grooms her literally every where. They both have laid out, not flopped but laid out. They both will groom themselves in front of each other. They cuddle a bit too (head by stomach)

    I wondering if there is anything I can do to speed up the process (I’m not on a time limit or anything I’m just excited) . Or if I should just move on to litterbox sharing, water bowls and stuff. Should I increase session? I kinda feel like the 40 min sessions are the same things over and over. Maybe if I go longer she will groom him?.



    Sounds like you are ready to start increasing the length of the sessions!

    I wouldn’t add a litter box yet, but I would try for an hour, then an hour and a half, then 2 hours, etc. Pet less and less so they go to each other for comfort.

    You’ve made great progress, good job!



    Plan on petting less. I just need to get over that fear of her turning a nip into a fight. She just so quick to nip him hard sometimes it worries me, but honestly her nips have looked like light nips, which I assume is more of a communication nip. She has been very demanding of him grooming her. Feel bad for him lol!

    So I have a question. The bathroom I am bonding them right now, is not my bathroom and is another family member bathroom. It’s a hallway style bathroom. I would love to move back to my bathroom, which is a big bathroom, that is more comfortable for me, bigger area for them, and gives me access to bond them any time I want. They haven’t been in there since my first ever bonding session where I had no idea what I was doing and she was still having affects of being spayed. Right now the only thing that may have their scent in there is their extra blankets.

    If I was to remove the blankets and clean the floors to get rid of scent, do you think they would have an issue with it? This is the only way I’m really going to be able to do more then an hour. Honestly an hour is pushing it in the other bathroom. Like I said my other family member has been real nice, but the only time I’m able to bond them in there is after I get home from work, which is late because I have a afternoon job. This is also the bathroom I plan on moving them into when I finally get to do overnight stays.



    I don’t think it would hurt to try the new space. You can wipe all the surfaces down with a white vinegar solution and add fresh towels/blankets so it smells new.

    You can start them in the original space, then move them to the other bathroom together and see how they do. It might even be good to change up the space.



    Plan on trying it tonight. Just got done cleaning it. Kinda went crazy with making sure everything was clean, so hopefully they won’t notice.

    Their recents session have been the same. I’m petting Bunnie less but she is nipping more. She is VERY demanding of being groom. She will nip him a lot just so she can be groom. She nipped him on his leg the other day ago because he was grooming himself not her. Should I stop some of those nips? Or let it be. He doesn’t get mad but I can tell he isn’t havent it. She is pulling a little fur out too. Not crazy amounts, but she nip some fur out of his cheek yesterday. He is getting a tad annoyed of her not grooming so he will lick her once then ask for her to groom him. Which she responds with a nip.



    If it’s just a light nip, allow it. If it starts being big chunks of fur (or it leads to scuffles), stop the nips. Try to use a loud sound and see if that stops her.



    Session was 30 mintues because I pulled a muscle and could not bend down or sit that long. -.-

    – I had hay for this session in hopes they would eat next to each other. Kinda have a little nice eating session. Thatnkidna happened. Bun bun ate it like crazy but he loves food. She would eat a bit but she would wait for him to have a little distance from her.

    – he groomed her for a long time.

    – he keeps trying to put his head under her belly for some reason. She DOES NOT like this! She would rather move away, or try nipping him real hard. I stopped those.

    -she is still trying to bite his butt anytime it gets to close to her face.

    -she is still demanding grooms and nips him lightly a bunch of times until she gets groom.

    – I made a mistake I had hay on my shirt, so my instant reaction was to give the hay to a bunny instead of knocking it off me. I tried giving it to Bunnie but she wouldn’t take it, probably cause Bun Bun was by her. Bun bun kept trying to eat it so I was decided I’ll give it to him. WHELP Bunnie did not like this, she lunged at him and yanked out some fur. Nothing crazy but I had to say no real loud and pet her to calm her down. My bad! I learned my lesson.

    -ended the season with him grooming her.

    She is never happy when Bun Bun ask to be groom by her, she usually nips him when he does that. Is there anything I can do to change that? I can tell he is getting a little annoyed. Often times he will lick her a bit then request it. And if she nips him he will not groom her for a bit. Which kinda angers her more causing her to nip more.



    It sounds like they are communicating, so honestly I would just keep it up as you have been. The little nips and lunges are how they are establishing their rules, so as slow as it can seem, you just have to wait.

    The way I read things is that Bunnie wants to make good and sure that BunBun knows shes top bun. He is grooming her, which is great, but his requests to be groomed back are a dominance display. Eventually she will trust him enough to groom back. But what you might see eventually is that he will stop asking, and then she will stop nipping and lunging. Then she might actually groom him back. But at this stage she still doesn’t trust him enough.

    So yeah, stubborn buns! But just keep it up and be patient!

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