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Video Assignments

Get your cameras ready and send in your adorable photos and videos (via links to your video)

Let’s show everyone how curious, smart, and goofy House Rabbits really are!  Send your bunny photos BinkyBunny Include the name of your bunny and your member name.  If you’re not a member then I just use your first name unless you request otherwise.

HOW TO UPLOAD: You have to be a member to upload photos. (but don’t worry, it’s free to be a member and we do not spam you!) 

Just click the UPLOAD PHOTOS link below each gallery section. You have to be inside one of the sections.  If you don’t see the link below the photos, refresh your page.  Once you upload, we will need to approve your photo(s) first. We check uploaded photos once or twice a week, so it could be a few days before you see your photos in the gallery.  If your photos are too blurry or lighting is too dark and we are unable to correct the photos ourselves, then we will be unable to approve the upload.


  • FUNNY FACE (Vogue) – Get down low and capture those cute faces!
  • BINKIES & ZOOMS – These are tough to get!  Check out Photo/Video tips page, and scroll down to “Action” pics for helpful tips on catching a bunny on the move.
  • RABBITUDE & TROUBLEMAKERS – Does your bunny like to destroy the toilet paper in the bathroom, or steal your stuff and hide it?  Expose their dirty little deeds!
  • BUNNY BUDDIES – Bunny friends can be other bunnies, other animals, humans or even a toy buddy.  
  • FLOPS & LOUNGES –  Flops, superman poses and complete lounge satisfaction. 
  • PLAYTIME – What’ Digging at a blanket? Tossing a toy? Exploring a box? Clicker Training? 
  • RAINBOW BRIDGE – In loving memory of our fuzzy faced companions.


  • PHOTOS – Save as gif, jpeg, png. 
  • VIDEO – We can get video from you two different ways. Give us the link to your video on Youtube, Vimeo, or other video sharing website OR use a file sharing website (eg.,, etc) and send us a link to the file – the file must be mp4 (mpeg4), mov (quicktime), or fla (flash)