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Don’t forget to add your bunny’s name in the description.


  • Keep camera close by and easily accessable.  You don’t want to miss a picture perfect moment by digging through stuff or looking throughout the house for the camera.
  • Prevent dark pictures: Position yourself so the brightest light source is behind you.
  • Get down on all fours.  Bunny faces are so cute, and they are best seen when you are down at their level.
  • Take tons of pictures. The best gems are found this way.


  •  Make sure light is bright and/or use the flash. This helps the camera focus, preventing blurred action.
  • Since many digital cameras can have a slight delay, look to see if your digicamera has the option of locking focus, so that when you take the picture, it clicks right away. For example, with mine, to lock the focus I push the shutter button down half way and wait for the action.  As soon as I see a binky, I press it down the rest of the way and it captures the action right away.
  • The bunny500: The best way to catch a focused picture of your bunny on the run is to pan with the action –  basically track it with the camera and click away.
  • Binky Catcher: Some bunnies begin to get that excited look prior to binkies or they binky at a certain time of day or when they are let out into a big space.  During this time,  just start aiming the camera.  For digital cameras lock down the focus if yours has that option, and of course make sure to have the flash ready.

Biggest tip – be patient and don’t get discouraged if you miss it over and over.   It’s like fishing.   The big catch will happen!