• There are several sites with lists of bunny names. They might be more confusing than helpful, since there are a lot of names to consider. Sometimes, you really do have to live with the bunny for a few days, to come up with the right name. In case you want to check out the bunny name sites, here are a few that I found:…[Read more]

  • When rabbits have gas, you can usually tell so by their posture. They may be pressing their belly into the floor or they may keep shifting uncomfortably, but it’s also possible that they may react differently. Your bunny could be having gas or he could be having short term gut slow down. The infant simethicone is something good to always have…[Read more]

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    You can also use horse stall pellets, available at Tractor Supply stores, feed stores or horse supply stores. Here is the link for Tractor Supply. https://www.tractorsupply.com/tsc/product/tractor-supply-pine-pellet-stall-bedding-40-lb?rfk=1 There is even a rabbit pictured on the bag, and I see that many of the reviews are from people who use…[Read more]

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    I saw a post about that on one of the rabbit rescues I follow on Facebook. My rabbits get kale every day. From now on, I will only get it at The Fresh Market, or any other store I can find that sells organic kale.

  • You can’t always go by weight to determine if a rabbit is overweight or underweight. Here is a site that helps to determine if a rabbit is the correct weight. http://www.therabbithouse.com/diet/rabbit-weight.asp Depending on the site you go to, you will see different weight ranges for a Dutch rabbit. His current weight fits into many of the…[Read more]

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    Thanks for the suggestions. We will take her to the vet to discuss our options. Have you ever done a hygiene clip for your bunny? I did a quick google search and found that you can do it for cats and dogs, but maybe not bunnies.

    None of my bunnies have ever had a hygiene clip, but I have seen posts…[Read more]

  • Have you had any discussions with your vet about getting a hygiene clip for your rabbit? That can be helpful when a rabbit has a chronic dirty bottom. Is it possible that your rabbit is in pain due to the limp? If so, low doses of a pain reliever, such as Metacam might help her be more limber and more able to keep clean. Sometimes butt baths…[Read more]

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    You can buy aspen pellets, which would be less messy than the shavings. Aspen Supreme is one brand. That’s one of the litters that I use. It’s sold at Petco, and I assume some other places. If you buy wood stove pellets, make sure that they are the plain ones, with no accelerants. Those are very economical, only a few dollars for a 40 pound…[Read more]

  • That’s good news!

  • You can research what wildlife rehab groups are in your area and contact them for advice. They often take in orphaned baby rabbits and care for them until they can be released. Even though you have a domestic rabbit, they could still tell you a good diet to feed it, and should have some care tips for you.

    I don’t know if a bunny this age…[Read more]

  • Have a good variety of her favorite greens and fruit on hand after the surgery. Sometimes, a rabbit doesn’t want pellets, but will eat veggies. You may even want to have foods on hand that she’s never tried before, like mint or other herbs or rose petals. The surgery, anesthesia and pain meds can affect their appetite. Some rabbits may come…[Read more]

  • Until both rabbits have been spayed or neutered, and you have gone through a regular bonding routine, they are not bonded and they should be kept separated – no playtime together. An unneutered male can start obsessively humping the female, and that can lead to fighting and severe injuries. Or there can be territorial feelings which lead to…[Read more]

  • Tommy is precious!

  • You may not have good litter box habits from either rabbit until your male is neutered. Even though the female is spayed, she could be reacting to his hormones, which is causing her to pee and poop all over. Neutering the male should help him with his litter box habits and it will hopefully help the female too. Until the male has been neutered…[Read more]

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    Some rabbits just prefer to be on the ground/floor. I have had rabbits who never jumped on the furniture, while other of my rabbits would jump on the sofa or a chair at times. One past rabbit used to jump in bed with us. Some people would be glad that their rabbit never jumped on furniture. There are posts here where people say their rabbit pees…[Read more]

  • Rabbits at flea markets are usually sold at too young of an age and frequently have health problems. By buying, a person also encourages the seller to keep breeding and selling. Have you tried going to petfinder.com to see rabbits available in area shelters or rescues? You may have to travel a little outside of your area to find rabbits in…[Read more]

  • There was a rabbit at the Sanctuary where I volunteer who had megacolon. The vet suggested that he get krill oil every day. I don’t know what quantity he was getting, but I may be able to find out. There are krill oil pills, but they are very hard to slit open and extract the liquid. It’s easier to buy containers of krill oil. There are some…[Read more]

  • There is always a possibility that a rabbit will chew on anything in your house. Will this air mattress be going into a different bedroom? If so, you could just keep that door closed all the time.

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    I found a big white feather in a bag of hay a couple of weeks ago.

  • Hello and welcome to Binky Bunny! Being siblings does not guarantee that rabbits will bond. If you get one of her siblings now, or any other rabbit, you will have to keep them separated until both have been spayed or neutered, then recuperated from surgery, and allowing time for the hormones to abate. Do you have the room to house 2 rabbits…[Read more]

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