• They are both fixed. I’m curious though as to why she didn’t start bothering him until they were already together for 6 months or so. After initial bonding sessions and that week or so of the process she wasn’t mounting him or chasing him at all until recently. Any idea why it has randomly started after so many months or only positive behavior? 

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    I did do the formal process. They bonded quickly but I did it the normal way with multiple short sessions and got longer as they became more bonded, it just didn’t take long

  • So I had a great deal of dental trouble with my Benny. When he got to be about 7 months he got stasis and we realized it was because his teeth had gotten so long that he couldn’t eat enough hay, and he was in pain so stopped eating, drinking and got stressed so stopped pooping. We trimmed his teeth and hoped that it wouldn’t happen again if he got…[Read more]

  • My bunny does the same thing. She’s way more vocal than my male rabbit, I’ve only ever heard him make noise when they were bonding. Anyway, Bailey loves sneaking into my closet and when she does she’ll thumb and grunt, it’s like she’s showing off that she snuck past me in there. She also thumbs and grunts after I let her go after grooming her.…[Read more]

  • That does make sense! Since he’s been sick he’s been on pellets more. My vet said free choice but I’ve been giving him about 3/4 a day. For about a month while he was really sick he wasn’t eating any hay so totally lines up! For the last few weeks he’s been eating a ton more hay, pretty much back to normal so maybe his messy butt will be fixed…[Read more]

  • My vet always suggested removing pellets from his diet and after some research and thinking I decided they just weren’t necessary for him. It wasn’t really in reaction to the stasis. I read somewhere that too many pellets could potentially contribute to stasis and since Benny is so sensitive I just eliminated them.  

  • Thanks guys! I’m defintely going to check out the northeast Bunfest!

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