• I don’t remember but iirc, the problem was that the amount was more akin to what you’d give to a cat or dog than a rabbit. I don’t think 1.7 is as bad, since that’d be more for extreme pain, but I don’t know for sure.

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    I’m lucky enough to have a wonderful vet, but one of my buns recently got stasis on a Saturday evening, so I took him to an emergency vet, who was absolutely terrible. Because I’ve been through stasis with another bun at my great vets, I knew what Atlas needed and I asked for it, and point blank…

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  • If it’s broken or a strain, you *need* to take her in. Whether it’s a strain or a broken bone, it’s extremely painful for a rabbit, for one, so she’ll need painkiller. Second, if it’s broken, it should be put in a splint or something so it’ll heal properly. I’ve gone through both a broken bone and a sprain with bunnies. The latter turned out…[Read more]

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    You can always spread the pellets out. We give ours half her pellets in the morning and half at night. That way, she gets something to look forward to. Plus, buns will always act like they’re starving if pellets are involved .

  • First off, thanks for taking them out of a bad situation.

    Second, bunnies are prey animals. It can be hard to gain trust if they’ve been hurt before. There’s different accounts of how to do it but even just sitting there with them and ignoring them until they come see you is part of the process. It’s also worth keeping in mind they generally…[Read more]

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    Guinness sprained one of her feet hopping out of her pen. It took two months for her hop to be mostly back to normal, but we were also feeding her oxbow bone supplements for much of the time before and after. She was still shuffling her weight on her feet for a while, though she was alright otherwise. One of the things about sprains are they…[Read more]

  • Bleu’s gone now. He continued to fight to the very end. The vet had to give him three shots to help him slip away since he hung on for over an hour after the first shot. It hurt but we were told the infection was just too far and it’d basically eaten away the bone already and he likely only made it through to this far thanks to being on so many…[Read more]

  • Worse news. I’m not sure how to go now or how to prepare mentally…

    The vet took him in for surgery but they found he had an infection in the bone, which they said could’ve been from a lot of things since the mouth’s a dirty place and infection was always a concern of this procedure. They gave us two options: finish putting the wire back in…[Read more]

  • Thanks, he’s certainly trying! We took him to the vet’s for a checkup to prep for his surgery appointment and he got to run around the room for a bit while we waited. There was many, many foot flicks when he realized where we were.

  • Disheartening update. Bleu got his wire stuck on his yoke and pushed the wire up in his mouth, so it’s not holding his jaw properly. We couldn’t get surgery redone right away because a storm of bad timing, from them not having a proper wire in stock to the vet who does these procedures not in till Monday. Our regular vet offered to try but she…[Read more]

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    Humping is usually fine but I generally a ) don’t allow if it goes over 10 secs (which is usually a warning to Guinness to get off Bleu at this point) b ) no face humping, since if bunny being humped bites it’s going to hurt.

  • Bleu’s decided he’s tired of getting nothing but critical care every day (jokes on him, he’s still getting some)! He’s taking a valiant effort of getting down whatever hay he steal from Guinness’ rack and slowly but determinedly chewing down what he can and dropping the strands he can’t. We actually bought him some alfafa hay and lined his box…[Read more]

  • @ bam: That’s an interesting idea. Will ask vet if it’s okay to give when I see her tomorrow, since Bleu’s eating the CC but I feel bad since he clearly WANTS to eat other things like his hay and pellets, he just can’t.

    @meridiian: It’s so hard not to let her visit! She sometimes circles the bars of the pen and follows where he’s sitting. I let…[Read more]

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    A Prayer for Poops /o/

  • Bleu says thanks for the vibes! He’s taking the critical care at least (he tried eating his softened pellets and had to give up because he was too sore), so now we pray for poop.
    It’s…a lot of mixed news. According to the vet, Bleu basically got the bunny injury lottery because he not only broke his jaw but he also broke it in the one spot that…[Read more]

  • I’d simply ask: what’s more important to you? A bunny with the great personality who enjoys physical affection or a girl who may or may not have those things.
    I have a male and female bunny. Aside from them expressing their horny periods in different ways (namely, one flung pee at me and the other sat beside me and THEN pissed at me), you…[Read more]

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    Also going to chime in that things go bad *fast*. I was a teen when we had one of our Rainbow buns, NimNims, but I wasn’t there for when she passed. However, my mom was watching her and when I asked her later what happened to NimNims she said that NimNims wasn’t looking too well
    for days while I was away on a trip but she’d only been thinking of…[Read more]

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    I’m in Canada. Our buns have been able to have the tap water without any issues.

  • I think it’s very mature of you to take the middle road. Personally, I would’ve left a far less pleasant note around at this point. However, good on you for making he effort with the bun anyway.

  • @jersey: They have pretty well-padded areas (lots of blankets and playmats) but the problem is their sore hocks came from before we adjusted the flooring of their run areas :/. They were starting to improve but the bald patches haven’t grown back so something caused the hocks to come back (possibly weight gain, int he case of Bleu). @ Q8bunny:…[Read more]

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