• I can’t imagine that one foot with no claws would cause a huge amount of problems – perhaps you could get a big rug or something for his area. I don’t think most rabbits would tolerate a little boot, it’s likely to distress him. Have you thought about whether you’re going to bond him with your two existing bunnies? He’ll need some time to…[Read more]

  • This is why bunnies should always be separated until they are spayed and neutered, regardless of sex. They are often sexed incorrectly, and they are also likely to fight. Please ensure that they are separated from now on, at all times. Rabbits can get pregnant again immediately after giving birth. As for the safety of her giving birth, that…[Read more]

  • It sounds like it could be gas. Simethicone is totally safe, it doesn’t get absorbed by the body, so it’s fine to give with other medications. We would normally suggest 1ml of Infacol, which can then be followed up by a second and third dose of 0.5ml an hour and two hours later if nothing has changed. If the third dose doesn’t help, then it likely…[Read more]

  • It’s not really safe to leave a bunny unattended for days at a time. Rabbits are social animals, and sometimes just loneliness can be enough to cause them to stop eating. If he suddenly stopped eating pellets then he may have a dental problem. The extra salad could be giving him the poopy butt.

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    I’m sorry, are you saying that you leave him entirely unsupervised for 3 days at a time? Of course if you leave a bunny with 3 days worth of pellets they’ll eat them all in one go. You’re lucky that he hasn’t got gas or stasis from doing that and died with no one to look in on him for 3 days.

  • It’s good you’re not planning on getting him a friend, as it’s very difficult to bond an unneutered bunny, and likely impossible if he’s humping a lot. I tried pet rememdy as a calming plug in when I was bonding my buns. Personally, I hated the smell of it, and I didn’t think it had any effect, but I do know other people that have had good…[Read more]

  • Maybe it would be slightly less bad, but it’s certainly not good for them. Like you say, bread should be avoided because of rabbits’ very sensitive guts. There is absolutely no benefit to feeding them bread of any kind.

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    What are you using as bedding? Is it similar to what you’re using in the litter trays? Most of us here use fleece/rugs for the floor, and wood or paper pellets in the litter tray. This helps them to clearly differentiate between what is litter tray, and what shouldn’t be peed on.

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    You can’t bond them while the male isn’t neutered. Neutered bunnies will act hormonal around unneutered buns. I suggest stopping all face to face bonding until a month after he’s been neutered.

  • Unfortunately there’s many things that upset bunnies’ bonds. I had to separate mine recently after a vet trip (that they all went on together) when my female decided to start bullying the males. Moving house, a new pet, more space, less space, even just spring have all been known to upset bonds. Happily, rebonding my bunnies was much quicker the…[Read more]

  • If they bonded ‘very easily’, perhaps they didn’t properly sort out all issues during the bonding process. As A&B says, you’ve posted a few times about them having problems with their bond, so they might not even be bonded. It sounds like the male is very tolerant, so where another bunny might cause fights (which would make it easy to say…[Read more]

  • The poor baby certainly looks quite sick. Thanks for doing so much for him. When you take him to the vet, maybe you can ask their professional opinion? It may well be that he is too sick to ever live a happy life, but it may also be that with dedicated treatment, he could live a semi-normal life. If the vet thinks that treatment could help…[Read more]

  • It depends on the breed! If a bunny is a lop or a lop cross, then sometimes their ears take a while to lop, or they can move them up and down at will. My lionhead/lop cross bunny had sticky up ears until she was about 12 weeks old, then one day one suddenly lopped, and by the time I was home from work the second one had too. She can still lift…[Read more]

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    I understand your concerns, especially with the added risk of a heart attack. I would at least call the vet and ask for their advice – they might think that it’s essential and worth the risk to bring her in.

  • Is he picking her up and holding her? Or does she come over and do it spontaneously? It sounds like he’s holding her and she wants to be put down to me.

  • Oh dear! Well I’m glad they’re separated now Head over to the bonding forum if you need any bonding tips when you’re ready

  • Is she peeing on herself at all? It’s worth making sure that the vet checks for EC, which can cause excessive urination and kidney problems in buns. The test isn’t very reliable, so some vets will just treat on suspicion.

  • Is Saffron spayed? An unneutered bunny can make a neutered bun act hormonally. Bunnies can also just get extremely angry about another rabbit being in their territory. My female bun was absolutely furious when we first brought the boy bunnies home. She hated them and was very angry. I know you say you waited a week, but that’s still moving…[Read more]

  • Ugh that’s so annoying. I hope the move goes smoothly, I’m sure the boys will handle it like pros. I know moving is such a drag though, so I hope it’s not too stressful for you.

  • Yeah, he sounds sick. Rabbits don’t pee on themselves to make a point. EC results often produce false negatives, so a previous test doesn’t necessarily mean he doesn’t have it. What country do you live in? There’s lists of specialist rabbit vets for a few countries that I know of

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