• I think mine will be the same way as yours are about not eating in the car, I hadn’t even thought of that, I’m glad you brought that up! I always offer food to them in car rides but doesn’t seem like they take to it at all. My manager today had suggested lavender scent like essential oils as long as it’s safe for bunnies since it’s a calming…[Read more]

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    DarthVader – Interesting you mention carrying hay in the mouth as a possible indicator, cuz my foster Californian rabbit is for sure a boy (Before he was neutered, you could clearly see his manhood without even trying to find them & I have a video of him running around with a whole thing of hay in his mouth. He does this every now & then I…

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  • LPT – I think I could still make it work if they didn’t bond, but I really really am hoping for that! Technically, they are starting out a heck of a lot better than my Mimzy & Obi did xD Mimzy was a little monster I honestly thought Mimzy would never be able to bond & she did, & I think with these 2, my only concern is that Runa is still a baby…[Read more]

  • I completely understand where you’re coming from! I so very much wanted a girl bunny over a boy, even though I know I’m eventually going to want to bond the girl bunny with a male
    I will piggy back with A&B though & concur that female rabbits can often have a worse attitude than males! My girl Mimzy was my first bunny. My nearly 90 lb dog was…[Read more]

  • I guess this might just be hiccups…went to look up other videos & other people’s bunnies seem to be hiccuping quickly as well. Still want to get a wellness check on her nonetheless, but if anyone can help ease my worry & confirm they just look like hiccups, that would be great

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    Haha! I always called Mimzy & Obi my fluff nuggets So that would still make sense lol

    I used to not be too fond of the name Harper, but my mom has always loved it. But after searching for names, I started thinking on it & it’s really grown on me! & then found LaRue from an email my mom got a few weeks ago & thought it sounded adorable

  • Those are fair points I will wait a while longer to try & take her anywhere. Definitely want her to trust me & feel safe with me. We’ll see how she does after some more time to adjust to her new home ^-^

  • I want to be able to do more things with her than I was able to with my past 2. Like if I want to take her out to get photos with Santa or in a pumpkin patch lol, it will be less scary of a thing to do if she’s already used to going places. So in short, it will make mandatory car rides (like to the vet) or rides to get certain photo ops a…[Read more]

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    I have written down a long list of names when I was trying to find a name for my foster bun lol. Here’s a few from the list! Levi Domino Jarvis Kylo/Mylo Echo Merlin Olaf (Because he’s white xD ) Rowan Riot Sega Liam Or Harvey Good luck naming! I finally settled on Dax/Daxton for my foster

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    Seems pretty normal to me! My bunny’s ears were like that too, some are just more so than others.
    This is my current foster bunny’s ears…

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    Part lion head? He could have some angora in him, but definitely doesn’t seem like that’s all he has in him. He’s beautiful though! I love his eyes! Welcome to BB ^-^

  • She might get upset to begin with but she can’t get used to something if you keep it away from her That’s kind of what I did with my girl. Before I ever brought Obi to my house, I had gone to visit him & had Obi’s scent on me. So I don’t think it would hurt? I know when training dogs, if you’re trying to get them used to something they don’t…[Read more]

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    These are posted a bit late, but I took some adorable pictures of my foster for 4th of July! He didn’t mind the tie so much, but he kind of hated me for a little bit after having the outfit on I also submitted his picture to a bunny page on fb who was doing a mini July4th contest & he won!! He gets a little gift basket of treats & toys!

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    I’m late in replying! But I never realized the 2 breeds were so alike! I never really looked up Himalayan rabbits before, Definitely think he’s more Californian though, he’s a bit on the larger side of rabbits xD Maybe pushing around 10lbs. My Obi was right at 10lbs if I remember correctly As far as names, I’m definitely stuck on Odin or Otis now xD

  • Mimzy replied to the topic Meet my foster! in the forum WELCOME ! 1 year, 3 months ago

    I’m wondering if he’s mixed with something else but I just read that the colored points on Californians is determined by temperature. I guess if they’re kept in cooler temperatures, their ears, nose, & feet are darker, but in warmer temperatures, they are lighter. I was thinking he’s mixed because his points aren’t that dark & he has almost no…[Read more]

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    Haha, y’all are terrible! Definitely some pretty big enablers here Totally not helping haha! I originally would’ve wanted a different breed of rabbit, but he’s so cute & sweet, I can’t help but fall in love! We’ll see what happens  I’ll keep everyone posted 

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    Oh how exciting!! SO happy for you, congrats!! She looks so cute, & yes, almost in the same position your little Gypsy is in ^-^

  • She found a home for him! The lady’s friend is going to take the bunny. I guess the only downside is not knowing if it will ever be neutered but that’s not my business anymore. G;ad he found a home though. Hopefully they DO get him fixed, otherwise, he may get rehomed again if they weren’t expecting that behavior.

    I may shoot her a text…[Read more]

  • Mimzy replied to the topic I miss having a bunny in the forum THE LOUNGE 1 year, 4 months ago

    I know this pain! I lost my last one this past January & I am having bunny fever like crazy! In a way I just want some sort of small animal to care for but it’s definitely more of that bunny shaped hole you’re talking about. I’m in the same predicament as I’m supposed to be getting married soon & moving a few states away probably in about a…[Read more]

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    Professorzap, you might be right I fell in love with owning bunnies & still want to! Of course coming on here doesn’t help Trying so hard to keep my fiance in on the decision making for this cuz I don’t think he’s too hip on me getting really anything right now Not living together until after the wedding, but I still need to keep him in mind,…[Read more]

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