• Hm, wouldn’t that affect just the bottom of the nails? Or does the nail get removed? They only have carpet and tile flooring. There is a NIC cage and x-pen but the bars are not sharp. I sometimes hear them flying/falling off the second floor of the cage but that’s happened many times before.

  • Am currently having this issue with one of my buns, no crystals just excess drinking and peeing (to the point of fur loss). Started a year ago and it went away with medication but reappeared. We did full exam (multiple), pee sticks (multiple), blood work, and x-ray. Nothing found yet but he’s on medication and will be going on Chinese herbs soon too.

  • miaeih replied to the topic Bonding experience? in the forum BONDING 5 years, 9 months ago

    My first two were already bonded when I got them but I had to work with them a lot to get them used to my place and myself. I’m much more close to them than my third, who I feel is more like a stranger. The third had to bond with the first two but once that was done, he was good to go in my place. We never really had to bond because he just played…[Read more]

  • miaeih replied to the topic Bonded pair fighting in the forum BEHAVIOR 5 years, 9 months ago

    As long as they don’t get hurt, have injuries, I think some bonded buns just do fight. Mine fights couple times a year or so and when it happens, I wake up to a ton of fur on the ground. For the duration of the fight, they actually sleep apart sometimes but then act perfectly normal after the fight.

  • Go learn a craft if you don’t already know some and sell it. With the internet, it’s easy to make a little here and there; maybe not enough to cover everything for your bun but at least something.

  • Are there better veggies than others to try though?

  • Expect behavioral changes when you get back. I was gone for almost a month and my buns were mad at me for a while after I got back. Other than that, I don’t think there’s anything different compared to shorter trips.

  • Are they constantly fighting? Can you describe what you mean by “fighting horribly” and is this the same as what happened when they were boarded or was it different there? Did you have them before they were bonded and what were their personalities like? The reason I’m asking some questions is that mines actually have horrible fights, tons of…[Read more]

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    There are many items my bun loves to chew but put them right next to a wire, and the wire will get it each time. Wires are just too irresistible (and perhaps so are any other rubber items)! My wires not only have cord covers, but are also blocked off. It’s not that your bun is attracted to human things, those items you mentioned are paper…[Read more]

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    What was your plan when you originally got him? It doesn’t seem like there’s a sudden change in circumstances. Does he have free range of your bedroom? What’s his personality like (some buns are more aloof and some buns are very social)? For social buns, I think it’s neglectful to not get them a friend. Some shelters will do the bonding…[Read more]

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    I bought mine at Bed Bath and Beyond as well as on Craigslist. For the ones from Craigslist, I did end up with some that had larger grids (and my dwarfs can completely fit through them). I still used it to build my condo but put them in the corners and I cut up some blanket/towel material and zip tied it to the grids. Those corners are my buns’…[Read more]

  • miaeih replied to the topic Cube Condo Question in the forum HABITATS AND TOYS 6 years ago

    I have a partial 4th level on mine (only reason it’s partial is I intentionally left a panel out horizontally so that I could store some items there). There are no issues with stability but I have dwarfs. On top of that level, I even put a carrier on it for storage and it’s more than strong enough. Each level is a grid tall but the levels are L…[Read more]

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    Food only works if your bun is food motivated and/or not opinionated/emotional. How big is the cage? Is it inviting – toys, treats, etc?

  • miaeih replied to the topic Chubby Bunny…. in the forum DIET & CARE 6 years ago

    Go see your vet and get an accurate assessment. If they really are chubby, exercise and cut back on the pellets or perhaps there’s an issue.

  • What exactly are you trying to do? Bond with your bun or give him company or…? All buns are different. Some really want attention / a friend / love and others are more independent and could care less. You just have to spend time with him to figure which end of the spectrum he’s on and work with him in a way that works with his personality.

  • Ha, very familiar with this issue. The cost of electronics that have died are in the thousands which is why they are only free roam when I’m home… but yeah, the presents that I’ve woken up to. It’s amazing how my bun hasn’t died yet; I’ve gotten horrible shocks from handling her… projects. The bitter stuff doesn’t work on my bun. Those cord…[Read more]

  • miaeih replied to the topic Is he playing? in the forum BEHAVIOR 6 years ago

    It really depends on the bun, their personality, and overall context. Jumping away is not necessary playing. One of mine does this because he doesn’t like pets. Nose nudges is a good thing. That means he likes you and wants your attention but again, doesn’t necessary mean they want to play with you. It can just mean, look at me, or a passing Hi.

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    Few days!! Yes, expecting too much but since he’s a baby, should definitely be quicker than my yrs =). Still have to work though.

  • miaeih replied to the topic A couple of handling questions in the forum BEHAVIOR 6 years ago

    How long have you had him, baby or adult, and how much time have you spent on being with him? Mines are adults and it’s taken some time to have them open up. Each day it gets better and better but I would say one took a year while the other one took two. This was with really hard work with both (first the first few months, they’d never come to me…[Read more]

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    Thanks for that link! They can get white hairs *shocked*!

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