• Hello there and welcome! Be careful with the new baby bunnies. Unless they’ve been altered/fixed, you might wind up having more than 3 bunnies. Have a vet check the new babies over, find out exactly how old they are if you can and make sure to get them into the vet at the right time to have them spayed and/or neutered. Too many times a pair…[Read more]

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    Hello! A Netherland Dwarf? Expect a lot of Napoleon-esque attitude from him. If you have a SO in your life, you should try snuggle time with the three of you. Otherwise you might get a bunny who gets very upset whenever it’s not just mom and him. You could also try to have the SO bribe him a bit with some stray pellets or a very small…[Read more]

  • When I had a vet visit in the middle of the day or they were spraying for bugs at my apartment complex, I’d often bring my rabbits into work with me. I was one of a number of cubicle workers but I would let my rabbits hop on out into the maze of walls (with my supervision of course). They’d go exploring, visiting people and making everyone smile…[Read more]

  • If you feel that the spurs should be taken care of, and it is something that happened in the past, then I’d say to ask the doctor to reconsider doing the work. The spurs, since they formed, probably aren’t going to go away. Although we want to put trust in the doctors, and we should as they have a wide range of knowledge, we are with our buns a…[Read more]

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    You can also try Orchard Grass. Just as good for bunnies as Timothy Hay. Doing a half and half mix of Timothy and Alfalfa for five days, then a 75/25 mix for the next five days and perhaps a 90/10 for another 5 days and you’ll soon get to just hay. I don’t want to sound cruel but a bunny will eat the hay when they get hungry.

  • Has it really been less than 6 months? It feels like a couple of years. I don’t mean to come here again and reopen this wound of mine but it’s just amazing how slow things are going. I have thought about adopting another rabbit but my life is still so disorganized, I want to wait until I get things settled. Actually get my bedroom back and…[Read more]

  • Thank you all for your words. It’s just so hard, walking past the bedroom door and habitually looking in to see what she’s up to only to see an empty bedroom.

  • Thank you all for your words. It’s just so hard, walking past the bedroom door and habitually looking in to see what she’s up to only to see an empty bedroom.

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    First off, congratulations on knowing your limits. Too often people will continue to struggle because others can do it, why can’t I? But each rabbit is different and it may just not be a good fit. It doesn’t sound like you gave him 3 days and gave up. Secondly, kudos to you for not simply surrendering him to a shelter but trying to find a…[Read more]

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    Just don’t have any saxaphone music about. My rabbits freak if I open up a soda near them.

  • Also, if they’re in a new area, they may be simply marking their territory with the poops. It can take a couple of months before they decide that the place is theirs and lessen the poops. But all that hay definitely can cause confusion. I am also curious, is the floor cement? Do they have a place to go that isn’t hard? If not, you may want…[Read more]

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    Rabbits don’t thump in their sleep. They may make some leg twitches or he could have had a bad dream. I’ve seen some rabbits wake up in a panic. Normally they only thump when they are either afraid or mad. It could be that he is sensing the storm coming and that is what has him upset. Or it could have been something very brief that jut got…[Read more]

  • Talk to a lawyer as there may be more that you can do to him. Although a lawsuit wouldn’t bring Oliver back, any monies you got you could donate to rabbit shelters. People like this need to know that such things have consequences.

  • Thank you all.  I can’t believe how much his passing has affected me.  I mean, he was never really friendly to me and was sort of just ‘the other rabbit’ with Maryann but when he had his episode, all of that changed.

    Maryann is doing well.  She doesn’t seem to miss him although (and I can’t be certain of this as I don’t know where things were a…[Read more]

  • Although I appreciate all the sentiments and I do not mean this in any bad way, I would ask people to refrain from saying he’s in a better place/better off. He wasn’t suffering from a terrible disease in extreme pain. He basically had a limp when he walked and was fine when hopping. He was in no pain. Although one can never be certain, I…[Read more]

  • the story was meant to feature those two types of bunnies.when they’re so low on adoption simply for their looks, I figured that any sort of image boost might help. I mean us as bunny lovers understand it’s not the fir it’s the bunny that wears it. But not many others know that

  • Yup, that pee is fine. If it had bright red in it – the same color as our blood – then you’d want to go to a vet immediately. Blood in the urine usually looks like a when you mix oil and vinegar – the blood doesn’t immediately mix with the rest of the urine and you can see some ‘streaking’ color in it. It can be hard to notice in litter though.

  • I would find her a new friend asap. You won’t be soiling the memory of Dude, you will be finding a new friend for Sandy and also saving another bunny and giving them a forever home. Find a rescue/shelter that will do dates to see who she might like. It can be tough to do for you but it is what’s best for Sandy. Note that not all rabbits…[Read more]

  • I just heard and thought I should come on and offer my condolences. As a SaveABunny volunteer, I remember Vivan. Although sad, I am always happy to hear about a bunny whose last years were spent in a forever home with loved ones – of both the two and four legged variety.

    Here’s her original adoption notification from SaveABunny.  She was with…[Read more]

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    A picture of the scene of the op…
    BTW, the arrow towards Dono is suppose to say “Henchbun”

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