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  • I agree. ^ Rabbits are too often mis-gendered. Even a vet can get it wrong when they are really young. The testicles descend genreally from around 2-4 months of age. However, with some rabbits it’s really late (someone here said their rabbits didn’t come down until 8 months old). And some are male but the testicle don’t descend.. So,…[Read more]

  • Do you know how old the rabbits are? You got them as babies or was their age unknown. Also, Im curious as to how the vet established the lionhead is 3 weeks pregnant.

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    My four rabbit are now all over age 7 and have never been bathed. Rumball (now passed away) was almost 12 and never had a bath. They still smell like lovely hay.
    I recently shampooed Goosey’s front legs as they were snotty and he isn’t able to groom them very well. He sometimes gets a yeasty smell as there are wet areas under his mouth due to…[Read more]

  • This is unfortunately a position new rabbit owners find themselves in often. Mis-sexed rabbits that reproduce once they sexually mature. If you can, do try get them feeding from the Mum. Can you have someone hold her then you can hold each kit to a tear underneath? If you can get them to suckle, it will help her produce milk if she…[Read more]

  • That would have been a difficult decision to make. And a mature one. Kudos ! As I said before, I think it would be unfair to yourself also. Only being able to see them part time. Have you ever thought about volunteering to help out at a rabbit rescue? Or any pet rescue, for that matter?

  • Hi Abbey It is good you are giving this a lot of thought before bringing home rabbits. It’s a bit of a difficult situation for you living part time in both homes. A common dilemma for a lot of young people. [q]So, I really want your opinions on what I should do and if it’s okay if I do what I mentioned above. [/q] As mentioned by LBJ, t…[Read more]

  • Was he taking the syringed CC readily? It might be you have to tweak the flavour of your substitite a bit more to make it seem like CC. I have the apple/banana flavour here and I don’t really smell banana. I can sort or smell apple and mostly the wheat germ. Perhaps try with a little apple. Pumpkin, as suggested. Pineapple j…[Read more]

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    Yes, this is all very typical of the onset of hormones (bunny puberty) so it isn’t you!! Have a look at the BUNNY INFO tab at top of page. Under the heading BEHAVIOR it covers what you might experience with a rabbit in this phase. It usually means we have to restrict them more but it’s temporary. I do wany to float the idea that Ali…[Read more]

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    I suppose there are plenty of rabbits living with stones and owners are unaware. Rumball (now passed away) had one and who knows how long it was present?! I only became aware of it because he passed it. ?

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    That’s promising that he has good energy levels. With weight loss, slow & steady is the key. Too rapid can cause fatty liver disease. Great that he has some buildup flushed. That should help keep bladder health at optimum. Abdominal fat does complicate things but there has to be cases where surgery is performed r…[Read more]

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    A second opinion could be worthwhile also.

  • PUPPY!!! Aw Sonn, he’s sweet! He actually has a “wise old soul” look in that second pic. Looking forward to hearing about your journey together.

  • (((((Moink))))) Love the name, btw! I hope you can avoid the surgery. From anecdotal accounts of scrotal haematoma, other owners seem to say it took at least a week to resolve.

  • Happy bunniversary, Elara! May this 2nd year be just as lovely. She’s a delight, LPT.

  • Tommy ! Welcome to BB handsome boy. LPT, these pics are adorable. Evi looks enamoured with the new fur baby. @LBJ, yes! Elara is Elara Moon after all. Since his homecoming date was also in February like Elara’s, does that make him a rare (impossible) February blue moon?

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    Hi Orejona
    Im sorry she is having ongoing issues. What antibiotic has been helpful to overcome the infections? How long is she typically on it each time?
    Have you had any xrays done? This could show if there are any stones or sediment build up at all.

    No crystals in her urine sounds unusual to me. Rabbits should pass some sediment. Is…[Read more]

  • Thanks for the advice everyone.

    It appears the OP doesn’t wish to post further so Im locking this thread for now.

    @Jamieleeuf, if you would like to have the topic unlocked, please message myself or one of the other forum leaders and we can do that for you.

  • It’s just so in-built in them to do things like this, but it can be so annoying! It’s why edges of door frames and base boards are favoured by rabbits. 
    There was another question like this not too long ago.  I suggested covering the parts they are chewing with something like this:
    Image result for angle profile lengths
    Right angle lengths of galvanised steel.  Could you find some…[Read more]

  • Thanks for reporting back, Aimeenb45! It’s really good to hear these positive updates. It does help validate the usual advice given. It will hopefully encourage others that are currently facing the issue you were.

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