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    My bunny always wants to know what I’m doing so she follows me everywhere. If she’s in her pen she’ll pace to try to be as close to me as possible. If we’re in the same room she stops following me but as soon as I disappear she starts looking again. We have a lot of tile in the house and she hates tile so half the time she can’t follow me. Also…[Read more]

  • My bunny loves attention. She loves being picked up for snuggles and pets. She follows me around but also has her own time (middle of the day) where she sleeps in a house I built her. She can’t follow me everywhere since we have a bunch of tile and she refuses to walk on that. Think hippopotamus on ice. However, I’ve been very sick recently. I…[Read more]

  • If you are able to ask the previous owners about the bunny that’s amazing! Most people aren’t that lucky. My dog was a rescue and we don’t know why he doesn’t like certain trucks or men with baseball caps. We can only guess you know?

  • My best friend and I both have bunnies. My sister has one too. My best friends bunny is deaf and if you approach her she can spook if she didn’t see you. Like if I round a corner and she’s right there, she gets scared and runs for her safe place. She’s skittish around pretty much everyone and she only likes my friend because she gives her food. So…[Read more]

  • I’d just give her 1/2 cup of alfalfa pellets mixed with a small amount of timothy pellets. Our adult rabbits at the shelter only get 1/4 cup of timothy pellets a day, so I’d be comfortable starting mama on 1/2 cup, but I’ve never done this so someone else might have a better measurement idea to start with. Anyway, you cut back on the alfalfa…[Read more]

  • There is a HUGE difference between raising livestock and raising pets. Anyone who has not done both has a really hard time understanding the other side. I really dislike people who joke about cooking/eating house rabbits or any pet rabbit. If I raise a heifer with the intention of it being a pet, I would be extremely distraught if it became a…[Read more]

  • For the nails, you could use a bunny burrito (swaddle the bunny in a towel like a baby) and poke each foot out individually. Please be gentle when maneuvering each foot in and out of the burrito. The burrito is super helpful for both owner and bunny because it helps the bunny feel secure and if they do struggle, the swaddle should be snug enough…[Read more]

  • At my rescue that I work at, we’ve had bonded pairs get returned to us within the same month 2+ times. That’s a lot of traveling and new places for bonded pairs to withstand within a 4 week period. I feel as though, if the bonded pair are traveling together in the same crate, and being equally put in the same amount of stress, they should find…[Read more]

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