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    As far as I am aware lemon button ferns are classed as a true fern, the majority of which are non toxic. Some of the most common ferns that are toxic are Bracken fern, California fern, Cloak fern, Jimmy fern, Plumosa fern, Sprengeri fern, Lace fern and Maidenhair fern. However seeing as it is a houseplant and will likely be kept out of reach…[Read more]

  • While a lot of receipts are toxic (to humans as well) your rabbit will be fine. Mine manage to get their teeth an all sorts without any real ill effect. Try to avoid letting it chew anything with any form of ink on it as a rule as it isn’t good for it

  • Thanks for all the support, I figured it might be helpful if anyone is going through something similar to know how it worked out here (even though im sure is very much a case by case basis)

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    Is there a reason your boy hasnt been fixed? Like s&l said, bonding when only one is fixed is far more difficult, and can lead to more headaches than its worth. His hormones will effect her, and he will also likely be a bit of a pain as he’ll constantly have the urge to mate with her, which will make sorting out hierarchy a nightmare

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    Honestly I have tried all types of hay racks and feeders, and my buns just pull all the hay out anyway. Those types look great, but they end up being just as wasteful, as they need to be constantly filled in order for the rabbits to actually get the hay, and mine enjoy digging the hay out to find the bits they like. Only reason I use one is…[Read more]

  • Some hooms learn faster than others

    But they all come around eventually :p

  • A&B : I sounded like an insane person when I was looking for somewhere to live that was okay with rabbits… I also specifically looked at houses that i thought were ‘rabbit appropriate’… Even my poor boyfriend couldn’t get his head around that part of it! “This looks promising” “pfft Yumi will hate it… Terribly slippy floors”

  • Kurottabun-he seems in great form and is completely fine, I think it sounds scary, but he was acting so fine that it was reassuring, i just wanted to update incase anyone else goes through a similar experience! Q8-dont worry i laughed too, and he has zero regrets (which is why theres no more teddy for him) he hasnt learned his lesson AT ALL.…[Read more]

  • So I realised I never updated on this, and maybe it’ll be useful for other people in the future so: 1. Despite a huge amount of swelling, his scrotum did not rupture. 2. It was hugely swollen and was called a hemotoma, it did became darker hard to the touch as the blood dried, but it did not go neceotic. 3. It did shrink a lot over the next…[Read more]

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    I cant say this seems like a great idea for the rabbits. In theory you’ve put a huge amount of thought in, which is great, but rabbits get very sick very quickly. Most rabbit owners check food intake and poop throughout the day, and are always vigilant for bouts of stasis, which sometimes just seem to happen. In a situation like this your dad,…[Read more]

  • Sorry it went so horribly, but on the plus side maybe it’ll help your pair sort themselves out! (it took Peep and Yumi 2 houses and a field to get it sorted out!) Best of luck with it all though!

  • Grass, despite being their natural food source can cause tummyy issues in bunnies who aren’t adjusted to it, especially because they will easy it in place of eating their hay in most cases. Large changes to their system like that should be phased in slowly Pick some grass and introduce it to them slowly with their greens, building up the…[Read more]

  • Haha ladies always have such sass..! Good luck with the bonding though. My pair dont bother jumping, one doesnt see well enough and the other doesnt see the point…but we got a third bunny… And I had forgotten what a pain in the butt it is to have a spring loaded rabbit in the house!

  • Its very normal to worry, and there are some horror stories out there (but there are millions of totally perfect nothing going wrong stories that you just dont hear about!) Ask for pre surgery blood work to be done(it’ll cost more, but it might help alleviate some of the stress) I would like to second Wick in saying that neutering isnt…[Read more]

  • I’m so sorry about Terry, I missed the thread of him passing, it’s always horrible. Congrats on your new bunny! What a lucky little guy to have landed with you… I’ll never not be in awe of your bonding magic

  • Not keen or eager or anything..

    Can you blame me.. He seems so eager to meet the others (although i am aware being desperate for company won’t stop him from attacking them..) oh the weird ways of rabbits

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    A purpose designed rabbit cottage sounds like a dream..! I have seen loads of cat oriented houses but never rabbit ones. I love the coziness of cottages, and I’m huge into fire places /stoves. (i think peep would really love lounging in the warmth from one) I do think rabbits maybe attract similar kinds of people ?

  • Thanks for all the positivity guys! I do feel like the best intrest of Moink isnt being considered by these people at all. My boyfriend was with him yesterday, and when he asked for additional pain and anti inflammation medication, they prescribed less than a third of what he had been on… Q8-my mom said they same thing and it really unnerved…[Read more]

  • When my guy got it i ended up just doing a complete reduction back to just hay. Then i added pieces in one at a time. For my rabbit it was pellets that did the damage, but I know some people who have rabbits that struggle with fresh veg of any kind. Akin to ibs on humans, its not always obvious what the trigger is because it seems it can be…[Read more]

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    I love his lil light grey moustache!! Congratulations on the new family member! He’s really landed on his paws with you ?

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