• I emailed you directly
    I wanted to let you know I checked on BinkyBunny order of Critical Care and good news, tracking shows it is on time and should be delivered tomorrow.  Now I know that isn’t’ always the case so in the meantime here is a recipe that may help.  I emailed this to you too, but this may help anyone else in a similar…[Read more]

  • I am happy to to hear that things are looking up for this rabbit. I understand nervous and even aggressive rabbits. (though I know yours is not aggressive). But both are behavioral issues that can make them harder to find homes for.
    The white bunny Jack that is the BinkyBunny Logo, was so aggressive at first, that he became unadoptable and…[Read more]

  • I am so sorry as well for the troubles.  How challenging and heartbreaking.  It looks like you are doing everything you can. You have been given some good advice as for as suggestion on how to raise funds. Did the vet say what was wrong? ( I am sorry if I missed that). 

    I agree with A&B to be sure to separate the male. For the safety of the…[Read more]

  • JG-  The contact was a huge help.  It almost got it to the point of fully healed but then she learned how to knock it out of her eye with her 3rd lid.      It was one stubborn ulcer. 

  • I know this is quite late – I messaged you directly as well today.  Your bunny may be healed by now but this is for anyone else who may come across this info. 
    My previous bunny, Viv, also had debridement and it wasn’t nearly that expensive.  $2,000 for debridement seems outrageous. 
    It’s a fairly non-invasive treatment.  I wouldn’t even…[Read more]

  • BinkyBunny replied to the topic Difficult bonding in the forum BONDING 11 months ago

    I just wanted ditto what Dana said.   I agree that it is best to wait until you return since they were doing fine with you bonding them, and you were able to break them up before anything aggressive really started and that is key.  Bites can also turn into abscesses so be sure your grandmother checks for any lumps due to any bites that may have…[Read more]

  • BinkyBunny replied to the topic Sassy girl won’t play nice in the forum BONDING 11 months ago

    I agree with Dana – I trying to prevent the nipping is a good idea and giving her what she may want through petting, (grooming) right away may calm her down. 
    Based on her past she may need some calming reinforcement when she interacts.   (Wear gloves when you pet them both so that when your glove has Toby’s scent, you won’t get hurt if she nips…[Read more]

  • I was a bit confused by your last post — not sure if you are saying you are rethinking reporting them or not? The part where the dog is allowed to kill the rabbit is terrible. I strongly encourage you to report this. While yes, rabbits, being raised for meat, are considered livestock, and the laws surrounding their treatment are far from humane…[Read more]

  • BinkyBunny replied to the topic Better encloser in the forum HABITATS AND TOYS 1 year ago

    So it looks like we have a two main challenges to deal with:

    1. You are at the mercy of your circumstance with little control?
    2. The circumstance is — Dogs being allowed into your room even though you have specified they are not allowed in?

    My suggestions 
    Edited to add:  I know some of the suggestions re the same or similar to…[Read more]

  • Something just occurred to me. I know this happened in someone else’s care while you were gone. And being that it was only two days, it does seem a short time for that kind of damage to even be done by urine scald unless she was stuck in a litter box and it was never changed, but obviously that seems unlikely. Do you happen to live in old…[Read more]

  • Posted By naomi on 9/08/2018 2:34 PM

    responding from first to last.
    She has long quiks so its hard to keep her nails short. i keep them as short as I can and i never knew rabbits nails could grow so quickly!

    My bunny Aria has very long quiks, even though her nails are not that long. I thought i wasn’t trimming them enough but she just…[Read more]

  • I am wondering if this might be urine scald. (a type of chemical burn from urine exposure). What kind of litter are you using?

  •  UPDATE —Sea0014 has decided to keep this bunny.

    Please see https://binkybunny.com/FORUM/ta…spx#606901

  • You say a very light tap — so it might not be even seen as “discipline” by your bunny. Bunnies nose bonk each other to say hello. She may even think you are grooming her which may explain her then “grooming” you back. When bunnies groom each other, they are giving little licks, which also may feel like little taps.
    And even if you said No,…[Read more]

  • It is not uncommon for people to be set on a color, a breed, a gender of any animal companion they may look for.   But honestly, you seem to have been blessed with an amazing bunny who just needs love and is willing to easily give and receive it. 
    You said “She was the breed I wanted, a beautiful color, was from a family instead of a breeder,…[Read more]

  • You are not the only one who has done this, and you won’t be the last so this is actually a very good example for others to learn from to prevent these kinds of situations.  I am sorry you and your bunnies get to the be the “learning lesson”.  You certainly have taken ownership of the decision right away and it’s obvious you feel very bad. …[Read more]

  • I am so very sorry for your loss. I have lost a bunny in my arms, on the way to a vet too and I understand how awful it is.  I am so sorry you had to experience that. If you are able to bring Penny back later for the vet to do a necropsy, they may be able to figure out the cause of  death.  (Even then sometimes it leaves more questions than…[Read more]

  • BinkyBunny replied to the topic Lily and Cocoa in the forum HOUSE RABBIT Q & A 1 year ago

    Posted By Cocoa on 8/31/2018 2:21 PM

    That clinic has two vets. They both do dogs and cats but the guy also does exotics. Apparently he doesnt know that much about rabbits, just enough to do surgeries. They decided not to tell us this until they were half way done with her examination. About ten local exotic vets have seen the picture of the…

    [Read more]

  • BinkyBunny replied to the topic Lily and Cocoa in the forum HOUSE RABBIT Q & A 1 year ago

    Posted By Cocoa on 8/30/2018 7:36 AM

    Im setting up an appointment for the vet today. I may not be able to get my mom to agree that shes sick, but I can at least make sure they get to the vet

    This is good.  Keep us updated on what the vet says. 

  • BinkyBunny replied to the topic Don’t know what to do in the forum RAINBOW BRIDGE 1 year ago

    You said you have a job offer and opportunity to move far away from him. How soon? Obviously, your bunnies need to be safe asap — but it sounds like both you your bunnies need to get out that situation asap. I would continue to search for an apartment that does allow pets. You said it is more expensive, and they will most likely also want a…[Read more]

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