• Cecals are covered in very tough, extremely sticky mucus. It looks rather like cecal dysbiosis. There can be a disturbance in the assortment of poop into cecals and fecal poop. This can, for example, be an innervation problem or a problem with gut pH. I would keep him on the probiotics, it wont harm and it could help the disrupted gut microbiota.…[Read more]

  • It could just be him. Some buns are prone to weird poop. Hay is the most important food so he doesn’t actually have to have fresh greens. Fresh greens are a great addition to a bun’s daily menu, but not for buns that cant tolerate fresh greens. You could try and dry some parsley for him if you want to give him something a little extra. My bun…[Read more]

  • My bun Yohio watched over me when I had migraines. Hed lie at the foot end of my bed very still, all day long. I’m pretty sure he sensed I wasn’t feeling well, coz he didnt dig in the bed linen or come to nibble at my hair like hed do on “normal” days. Animals do read us very well, I think. Olly is obviously very protective of you. You are…[Read more]

  • You really need to discuss this with your vet. Are they rabbit savvy? Not all vets are, since rabbits are classified as exotic animals, and cats and dog vets as a rule dont have that specialization.

  • I’m sorry this happened. Young rabbits are notoriously difficult to sex correctly and thus often sexed wrong, even vets can get it wrong sometimes. Your doe is likely to survive, but there are of course never any guarantees. The size difference between the rabbits shouldnt matter, just like it doesn’t matter when a small breed dog gets…[Read more]

  • Bam replied to the topic Sore hocks?? in the forum DIET & CARE 6 months, 4 weeks ago

    How long has it been since you adopted him? Does he spend a lot of time in his cage? To attach a picture you press “edit” in the upper right corner of your post, then choose “attachments” at the very bottom of the page. Once there you upload a picture and check the insert picture box, then post. If you cant make it work, send or one of the…[Read more]

  • I think shes just excited. Much like when the fur on a dog’s back raises (piloerection). Many people think the dog is showing aggression, but it is actually only about excitement, of any type. It’s involuntary and cant be discouraged. Rabbits tend to show aggression when they feel cornered. Their first instinct is to flee when a situation…[Read more]

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    Even neutered rabbits often react to the increased amount of daylight in early spring. Its jokingly called “March hare syndrome”. There is some production of testosterone in the adrenalin glands, and there are many other hormones at play. Rabbits have a very active hormone system. This should pass, if it doesn’t, it could be a response to for…[Read more]

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    Hi Courtney! This is a very old thread, from 2010. We ask our members to not re-open old threads. You’re very welcome to start a thread of your own though, on this or another topic you’d like to discuss! I’m locking this thread now.

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    Medication can change the colour of bun urine. They can also spontaneously release porphyrines into their urine for reasons not fully understood. Actual blood in bunny urine tends to show up as specks of red rather than uniformly red urine. You can test the urine by dripping hydrogen peroxide on it. If theres blood, it will foam (a lot). If…[Read more]

  • I assume it’s only toxic if the rabbit ingests the bluebonnets, but a basket sounds like a really cute idea, plus probably safer =)

  • Thank you for the update, Dface! I’m so glad to hear it went well and no extra surgery was needed!

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    Thank you for this link! I made it clickable for easier access.

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    Im glad the vet visit went well! Rabbits that eat lots of hay drink considerably more. A rabbit needs 100 ml (cc) water per kilo body weight and day. If a buns get fresh greens, a lot of the water will come from the greens. So if shes been eating more hay she would need more water.

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    Sonn, I’m so sorry. I looked up the Volhard test. How sad that he failed, since you and he seemed to be getting along. Sad too that your landlord wouldn’t let you keep him as a pet.

  • Excessive drinking and peeing can be a symptom of many different ailments, ranging from very minor to really grave and everything in between. It is always an observandum and should be investigated. It can just to mention a few possible causes, be teeth kidney problems, diabetes (very rare though) or any type of inflammatory process in the body.

  • Buns can molt in patches. It’s not a sign of anything being wrong, as long as the skin is fine and smooth. You should be able to feel new hair starting to sprout in a week-10 days.

  • Since her spay, shes been eating less than she does otherwise, and also, it took a while for her to start eating. This is normal after surgery, a spay is after all a rather big operation – but it means there’s less food in her intestines. That leads to smaller and fewer poopies, they can be oddly shaped and dark in colour perhaps more moist than…[Read more]

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    It depends on Mars. If he is shedding and has normal-lenght hair, it could work. Be very gentle so it doesn’t nip his skin, buns have delicate skin. If Mars is a long haired bun, a Furminatir would just get stuck.

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    If your vet hasn’t found anything wrong with her, it could be that she gets bouts of gas. Gas is typically painful for rabbits and makes them refuse to eat. When the bun passes the gas, the bun is fine again, like nothing happened. This is fairly common in rabbits. You can give baby gasdrops (simethicone) to help relieve the gas. Making the the…[Read more]

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