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Bunny Toy Test


Bunny Toy Test

Fun DIY Toys to Inspire Curiosity, Exercise, and Play.

Finding toys that bunnies actually spend time with is challenging. Sometimes just a plain old cardboard box can be inspiration for a fun DIY project your bunny will love. Hay and a treat stuffed inside a cardboard roll, makes for an entertaining toy too.

Discover some great DIY toy projects that members have sent us or share some of your own!

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The Diggy Box II

We’ve showed the diggy box before made out of a laundry basket and newspaper, but a cardboard box and shredded paper is another fun option.  We can deal with the mess it makes because we have a shop vac nearby.  If you want to keep it contained try the laundry basket version (Scroll down to diggy box)


NOTE: The last couple of minutes is just extra time– just black, so ignore.