Published On Tuesday, May 26, 2020

What our Customers are saying.

Yuki from MA says about Cran-Rose Mix, "This is the number one all time favorite!!"
Customer from Maine says about Full Foliage Wreaths: "This is an absolute favorite of all my buns. The leaves are devoured immediately and the wreath is enjoyed for days. They should sell these things by the case!"
Henx from Illinois, Review of Litterbox Screen & Litterbox Screen Kit:  "This changed my life! I used to sweep the dining room 3 times a day because our little Bradley dug in his litter box ALL THE TIME and wasn't happy until the contents of it were all outside of the box...along with little puddles of pee! After many unsuccessful litter switches, box switches, etc. we finally had this screen recommended to us. The day it came home it went in his box and everyone has been much happier. He's happy that he doesn't have to be subject to dirty litter and I'm happy that I'm only cleaning once a day. It doesn't seem to hurt his paws (my major concern-he does like a thin layer of hay on top, but that could just be him being a pig)--he was sleeping in his litter box the other day! He never does this, so my worries were alleviated. No accidents either starting the day this screen was installed. Thank you!"
Customer from Chicago, Review of Bunny Surprise Bag: "I got these for my bunnies for their first birthday. They loved them and I loved watching them dig in. Every part became a toy. They are still fighting with what is left of the bag. Highly recommended."