Published On Tuesday, August 4, 2020

MAJOR Site Update!

Over 18 months ago we started a site update. We thought it would take a few months, but once we got into it, we realized we underestimated the work. So what was updated you ask? Everything! -Some of the new goodies include:
  • A new modern look
  • Built on WordPress
  • New Home Page
  • New Store Page
  • New Mobile Compatible Store
  • Mobile Friendly Site (though we will be continuing to perfect this over the next few months)
  • New Video Gallery
  • New Photo Gallery
  • New Blog
  • Updated Forum. Along with a an easier user friendly look, photos and avatars can now be uploaded again, along with other fixes of annoying forum glitches. You will probably fiind different issues.
  • and more (stuff we can't even remember as our heads have been buried in computers for so long)
And though the functionality of the site is complete, (though we expect to deal with new glitches), we will continue to work on the site within the next few weeks to provide up to date information and advice. We are so very happy to have the rough stuff behind us as we are exhausted!! This latest update has been the most time-consuming and expensive yet; But you can help support us by shopping in our BinkyBunny Store! A big thank you for your patience and support! Binky on!
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